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  1. New post from "DramaCurrent" Highly anticipated KDrama “Prometheus” has suddenly become more bust than blockbuster. News broke today that the remaining main cast, Jin Goo and Park Ki Woong, have joined Ha Ji Won in leaving the drama. The exodus began on October 10 when Ha Ji Won announced she would be leaving her role as female lead. She explained her reason for leaving was simply a scheduling conflict. Still, her departure came as a great blow to the production, especially since the role was written with Ha Ji Won specifically in mind. Then today (November 27) Jin Goo and Park Ki Woong announced they will also be leaving “Prometheus.” Their agencies so far have refused to comment on their reasons for leaving. What Happened to “Prometheus?” While it at first is puzzling that three, highly professional actors would bail on a drama they committed to months ago, a recent press release from MBC may give us a clue. It was originally thought that “Prometheus” would air on MBC in 2019, but the line-up released by the station in early October excluded “Prometheus.” MBC explained in their recent press release that they had never committed to airing the drama. MBC’s decision was made just prior to Ha Ji Won’s departure. With MBC out, “Prometheus” has been left without an air date, broadcast station, or main cast — and with a dubious future. It has been sad to watch “Prometheus” fall into ruin. There were so many reasons to be excited about this drama: the espionage story was fresh and intense (see below,) the cast was incredible, and the budget rivaled many Hollywood movies. But with the cast gone and broadcast stations playing hard to get, it doesn’t seem like we will be getting this spy-thriller any time soon. Source: https://dramacurrent.com/2018/11/27/ha-ji-won-jin-goo-and-park-ki-woong-leave-prometheus/
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    Exciting News! DramaCurrent is hosting their monthly KDrama TwitterChat on Monday, October 1 at 7-9pm CST! They are going to talk about everything we love about Korean Dramas with us(current dramas, tropes, OTPs, Shower Scenes, Favorite Actors/Actresses, anything KDrama goes!) Join in the fun! DramaCurrent's Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/DramaCurrent More Info: https://dramacurrent.com/2018/09/30/kdrama-twitterchat-tomorrow/
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