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  1. The note that KJH wrote is: "To the princess of the Roman holiday" If you have seen "Roman holiday”, the American romantic comedy movie, you will discover there is a similarity between Encounter and it. During a trip to Rome (Italy), the princess decided to flee the supervision of the entourage to discover life in her own way. In that journey, the princess fall in love with a reporter. Together, they wandered around the alleys, turning the streets of Roma, and then when she return to the palace, the summer days in Roma become the best memories in Princess Ann's life. The role of Princess Ann in "Roman Holiday" has given actress Audrey Hepburn the Oscar of the Best Actress in 1954.
  2. @khxyThank you for your analysis, love it ! @ahdrianaa I have the same question . Anybody here kn that?
  3. Encounter's OST Part.1 will be released tomorrow at 6 pm KST ( Sr, idk how to post pic here ) U can watch live here http://m.tving.com/live/C00551 And here https://m.tv.naver.com/cjenm.tvNencounter/home
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