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  1. People really attacked Perth just because he said he's a guy who likes girls? Lmaooooo I had to laugh. Some "fans" need to chill down a bit, just because one acts in a gay series doesn't always mean he's gay. I mean, Perth is only 17 and his acting is SO GOOD that some people fail to differentiate between reality and fantasy. *sigh* Those reporters are nasty af too, I mean I know it's their job but it's a sensitive topic (and that guy is a child (!!!!)) so maybe they should tone it down a bit on the questions. Thank god my baby is mature and professional, he answered them so smoothly. Btw, is my gaydar the only one vibrating for Mean too?
  2. Pete is too much in this episode, his shyness, cuteness yet also really wanting Ae at the same time hdhhdjdjdknxxjkd I'm losing my mind over these two. I get why Ae couldn't keep his hands to himself this episode, Pete was being so damn cuteeeeee.
  3. He's so cute (╥﹏╥) And that comma hair tho urghhh he looks so boyfriend
  4. Urghh I've always love your analysis. I agree so much about Tin, poor baby has been hurt so much that he turned that way. Can't wait for his character development. And yes, Ae must have been really hurt by what Tin said about him being not worthy for Pete and not being able to provide Pete for whatever he needs. I'm interested to see how Pete comforts Ae this time, since Ae has been bothered by this since the last episode.
  5. Ae seriously needs to stop sweet-talking, it's not good for my heart, they might turn into cotton candy from how soft they were from his words
  6. I just realized that Pete got kabedon-ed twice in this episode. First, by Tin and then Ae in the locker room. OOF.
  7. I was smiling and squealing the whole time, this is worth every wait and every tears
  8. Didn't expect Tin to be talking about those things about Pete and Ae, I thought he was talking about his own self and problems in the bathroom He's making me so upset now, Can should hurry up and tame his man lol
  9. Any update or official link for the eng sub? I'm getting antsy just sitting here and searching for the subs everywhere lol
  10. Fun fact, I haven't watch TWM lmaoooo but I really wanna watch it tho, I'll make some time to watch it. Bad Romance is the prequel right?
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