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  1. I love how so many of us keep coming back to this thread. I feel like how I was when I first started watching dramas more than a decade ago; I first watched the Taiwanese drama ISWAK while it was airing and I have been watching Asian dramas since. But, probably, this is the first time since iswak that I have been so invested in the story and the characters. I keep coming back to read comments and reviews from people just now watching the show and it's exhilarating reading each and every positive review-- almost as if I was the one who worked so hard on this show haha. Anyway I just hope viki picks up the license for this show so that I can watch it again. I'm really missing it now and am mad that I didn't rewatch it earlier when a bunch of you were. Curse you Warner Brothers for taking away dramafever without any notice!!!!
  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhh you girls!!!!!! Dramafever is down forever!!!!!!! How am I supposed to do my rewatch now??????
  3. Yesssss!!!!! Thank you for this GIF!!!! I think there are even more shirts. I'm missing this drama all of a sudden, especially the scenes where she's avoiding him! And then also keeps looking for him at the same time! Oh and I neeeeeed to rewatch the baseball scene!!!!
  4. Thank youuuuu!!!! hehe now I guess I have to do a rewatch after all to catch all her shirts. She’s had a bunch
  5. Hey everyone!!! Still rewatching parts of the drama just like the rest of you guys! I think I'll give it a few months before I do a complete rewatch as most scenes are still fresh in my mind (I did watch each episode 2-3 times while waiting for the new episodes each week lol!) Did want to ask though -- can someone make a GIF of all the slogan shirts that Mi Rae wore? That would be sooo awesome. She wore some great shirts with great messages! Also, is there a jealous KMR video like the jealous DKS video?
  6. So I watched the BTS wrap party scene with the JWR hug lol. Just cause everyone was talking about it. But I think we have to take it into context that they were all watching the last episode together and Hyun Soo Ah plays a main role in this episode. It's kind of natural for her to be part of the hug at the end because she filmed this episode very closely with them. In fact, I would go so far as to say that SA was sharing the role of first lead in this drama with MR, with much more of an impact than sunbae or Hyun Jun or any other side characters. Her storyline mirrors Mi Rae as she seems the antithesis of her but in reality they are so alike with one another. Super props to the actress for being so amazing at her role. We genuinely hated her character so much we couldn't even enjoy an innocent hug lol
  7. As always, the episodes have been great. Episode 15 also had some amazing moments between the OTP but sounds like I'm the only fan of this drama that got a teensy bit tired of MR's constantly back-to-the-past sob story. Not much but a teeeeensy bit lol. I'm so glad the drama finally utilized Eun's character. In the webtoon she's central but in the drama she's just kinda there -- until episode 15. So glad to see that actress in more scenes. She has the greatest facial expressions. No one seems to have mentioned Ye Na... In the beginning of the series that character was soooo annoying with her constant chasing of DKS. But towards the end she has become one of my favorite characters in the series. In the beginning she seemed like a person who only cares about looks! But she is suchhhh good friends with Tae Hee and Yoon Byul it's amazing. She's always supported them even if it was with truths about how she found them to be pretty and stylish but not everyone goes for that style... Sorry don't know how to word this, but the scene where Yoon Byul tells Ye Na and TH she has a crush on sunbae comes to mind. Anyway, I really like her character and the actress. I want to see more of her. I'll be sad to see this drama end. Whenever I've loved a drama I don't know how I'll survive not seeing more of it but then eventually those feelings wane and all ends up being okay. But right now I still want to see 123456789456713 episodes of this show just like another poster said. Also, to the person who floated the idea of fanfiction-- let's do it!!!!!! I totally want to read English fanfics of KS and MR!!! It'd be great if the webtoon writer could do more "extras" for this couple. A sequel on how things go when MR and KS marry and have kids would be amaaaaazing -- very curious as to how she ends up raising a child who may not look "super beautiful". I wish I could communicate with the author and make this request! It might not be everyone's cup of tea though. I've not been a fan of watching the behind the scenes of this show but of course I can't stop myself from seeing the images posted on this thread. I'm sad that Im Soo Hyang has already changed her hairstyle. She's giving herself distance from her character and while I 100% understand that, I really didn't want to see that picture before the airing of the final episode. I've never been part of Soompi before for a series and I think in the future if I like a series as much as I liked this one, I probably won't join a forum. I'm just going to pray it gets aired on viki so I can fangirl the actual scenes vs the actors. It disappoints me that the characters are not "real". I mean, I don't care about the actors/actresses but the drama is important to me. Seeing these images changed my feelings about the show so I'm not happy about it But I do really enjoy reading everyone's perspectives A LOT!!! To all those who wrote such detailed analyses or insights into different scenes-- THANK YOU. And thank you for giving me a place to express my feelings - positive and negative - as well. Love to all my MIIGB chingus!!!
  8. Definitely not looking forward to this show ending!!! Why isn't this the drama that gets extended by 1-2 episodes??? All them dumb dramas usually do!!! There's so much story left to tell!!!! I'm surprised no one has mentioned the scene where DKS is waiting at the bus stop for KMR and is trying out different poses to look cool for her LOL. I laughed so hard at that scene and just had an overall "awwwww" moment. So adorable. Then he sees her and is just awed by how beautiful she looks. Did anyone else notice he didn't tell her "you look great"? Need a psychoanalysis of that haha. Anyway. Lots of great scenes in these two episodes. I'm also happy that they finally showed more of the perfume stuff. She bought the perfume for him!!! They didn't show the name of the perfume though!!! Eeek! Excited! And they also showed him noticing the candles!!! That was my wish for the past episode where he drops her off home! Yes!!! Loved it haha. He wanted to sit on her bed!!!! And then the candle making scene!!! He actually liked her from day 1... He noticed her. That gave me a conflicted feeling. Did he notice her because he thought she was attractive and wanted to protect her? Or just because he can't stand the weak being bullied? But I did like that scene!
  9. Well I don't know if it's just me but I personally found I don't enjoy watching the BTS for this show at all. Nothing against the characters but the BTS are showing iconic scenes and how they are filmed and it takes away from the scene for me. For example the BTS from ep 1 where Chan Woo pushes Mi Rae and Kyung Seok catches her. That scene really pulled me into the show but then I (accidentally) saw the BTS and it showed how even the hand position with which he holds Mi Rae was directed and then rewatching that scene took away the initial impact it had for me. So I can't watch the fancams or BTS :S On the other hand, reading the manhwa has been a way to cope between each episode. I'm still amazed how well the drama has been faithful to the manhwa. Despite loving the drama to bits and pieces , there are things I wish were done a little differently... 1) The scene where KS drops off MR to her room, and then he looks around at her room. In this scene I wish they had shown a little more of her room, especially her shelf of perfumes... It would've shown that he has noticed her love of all things perfume-y. 2) Ji Hyo in the beginning says that she likes "hot" guys, not cold... That really stood out to me because that was her excuse for not liking KS and why she kept putting SA and KS together. But in ep 12 when asking MR her "type" she said she likes the cold one? I don't get it. 3) The scenes during the festival/MT where KS shows up to take MR's place as server, they should've shown an extra 4-5 seconds of him eavesdropping or hearing MR tell TY that she wants to take a break. The director just had KS walk on to the scene. Same with when he just walked over to the table with the dating game. They never showed him listening into the girl's conversation or the booth girl asking him to come over. Those were missed opportunities to show the viewers his feelings/POV of wanting to take care of and protect MR. It felt too sudden for him to just show up. 4) This might be controversial, but... The festival episodes made such a big deal about the short skirt but MR constantly wears much much shorter shorts all the time. Normally I wouldn't care about the clothing but it takes away from the episodes where the uniform skirt was considerably longer than the shorts she was wearing even the next day when the drink-spill happened. Even in ep 12 she's wearing like a black boy short underwear lol. When she went to work at that home shopping store she showed off her cleavage and her boyshorts and the coworker gave her a comment about her body. I guess I just don't get why it was such an issue then to wear the uniform clothes? Have a few others that I might post later
  10. Yes yes yes!!! I completely agree!!!! I love seeing how strong Mi Rae is and that she's good at sports and everything. She just wasn't given the chance to show off her talents.
  11. Yes I agree. I personally LOVE the scenes where she cries, they're very genuine and really made me like both her character and ISH herself. Beautiful.
  12. I just logged in to ask the same question! Are we never going to get that rain scene???? I was so looking forward to it!!! Loooove this series so much. For the first time in my life I searched for live streams for this show and though I was only able to watch the middle half I felt such a satisfaction finally being able to watch a new episode after watching and rewatching the previous episodes. Haha I think the non-confession confession is just like the webtoon. There's another high feeling of satisfaction that the drama is doing GREAT justice to the webtoon. The important scenes have all showed up so far. Personally can't wait for the scene where she gives KS perfume! I will say one thing I really wish this drama was on viki so we could fangirl on each scene "live". I have both Viki and Drama fever subscription but some dramas like this one really require live stream fangirling.
  13. I'm surprised people don't like the scene where he says sorry to Soo Ah. It shows that he is a kind person at heart who really learned what his mom taught him when he was young. He has no problem apologizing when he realizes he was in the wrong or that his actions or words may have hurt someone. Look at how many times he apologized to Mi Rae. No surprise he would apologize to Soo Ah and gave her a second chance. It's this good character of his that makes it believable that he doesn't care about good looks. Also, he told his mom that "why can't you apologize if you think you've done something wrong"? Same when he told his friend to apologize to Jung Boon. It's a recurring theme and I really appreciate this theme in the drama.
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