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  1. Thanks so, basically I got around 30% off for letting them using my pics on their ig page and also paid with cash. The total I gave for my surgery was 9mln krw.
  2. Hi everyone! I’m now 6 months post op already. Got zygoma reduction with buccal fat removal at Regen PS in September last year. So far, I’m very happy with the progress of my results and just wanted to share my experience with you. English is not my first language, so please forgive me my grammar lol. I started my research on a good place to proceed v-line and zygoma in Seoul and found a lot of positive reviews on Dr. Oh Myungjune from Regen. Since my time was quite limited, I decided to make an appointment for f2f consultation and reserve the operation day beforehand, therefore I deposited 30% before coming to Seoul. I know, it’s not the best thing to do when you travel to another country for a cosmetic surgery, but I was quite confident in my decision and frankly speaking, have no regrets not. The total I was quoted after a real consultation was actually a bit higher that I thought and understanding that cheekbone reduction was the procedure that I really needed, I decided to get only zygoma reduction this time. The surgery was scheduled the next morning. I was quite nervous and couldn’t sleep the whole night but I think it’s quite understandable. So, I was under general anesthesia for about 3 hrs, the surgery itself took around 1 hour or so. When I woke up, I was already in my recovery room. I clearly understood what was happening just couldn’t talk. Nurses there were very friendly and helpful. I was very swollen and had a lot of bruising. I had to go for post op care once a week for two weeks. They cleaned the area on the first week and removed the stitches on the second. The last week of my treatments was also followed with meeting Dr. Oh for management control. I think my healing and recovery were quite smooth in general. I had no complications or issues. Followed all instructions and could fully return to my normal life style after about 1 months. So, overall I’m very satisfied with my decision and experience. I’m very happy with the result I got and can’t actually imagine if everything could go even better. BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER AFTER
  3. huge, juicy, fatty and extremely delicious burger with double cheese and pans! omg... I still smell it
  4. listen to sad music and try not to talk to anyone... in my opinion our sadness can go to other ppl... and I don't want make pl be sad bc of me
  5. when I was in Korea for the first time, I was shocked with pineapples and corn on PIZZA!!! but it seems like of them and my friend said that she already got accustomed to it... idk how it's even possible...
  6. if you don't like smth about him just say it directly... there is nothing wrong to want someone be changed and if he doesn't want to change for you, than why should you be with that man?
  7. sleeping... I'm actually starting to think that I experience some kind of depression... maybe it's because of so long winter this year??
  8. I currently fall in love with Jennie - SOLO... omg she's the best!
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