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  1. I have a feeling she signed for the drama, I saw her hair cut short on her instagram page
  2. OMG! I totally agree with you! After watching episode 4, your theory makes so much sense. Yoona is very likely the antagonist and the probable reason as to why Ra Yeon died. I'm thinking the manager had something to do with it to, perhaps not the murder aspect but he was probably key in Ra Yeon and Philip's relationship breakdown. I'm guessing the grave Eul Soon visits is Philip's mum's? I have a question about the dumpling situation. So the owner who passed away is it Philip's mum or someone else? Eul Soon seemed distant as she revealed what the building next to her house was. So before Eul Dumplings opened, it was Sung Joon and family's shop and then it came under Eul Soon and Philip's mum's ownership? I suppose the real question is how on earth did Philip's mum and Eul Soon form a relationship? Is it guilt? Did Eul Soon lose both her parents due to her bad luck so Philip's mum went to her out of guilt and left him with his dad? SJH's acting is a tinsy bit dull in this drama but I suppose it's because her character is sort of a tough nut? She has to display emotions quite quickly as her character is quite a quick thinker. You should watch My Wife is Having an Affair this Week (aka listen to love), she's very good in it. The evil/cheeky smile he gave after telling Philip he's a ghost almost certainly makes me believe he is one lol
  3. I haven't watched ep 4 yet but here are some thoughts that I have: 1. Is the girl in the white dress Yoona? 2. Man in black could Ra Yeon's brother? Avenging her death? The ones below I think have already been covered 3. Is the ghost Philip's mum? She said she wouldn't come back as a ghost right? But maybe this is irony? 4. Did Eul Soon steal Philip's luck first? "I'm not sick anymore"
  4. No no! You're not missing anything! I'm only speculating I'm not too sure whether this is the actual story as the drama still has a lot to reveal but to my understanding, he was kidnapped by Ra Yun, who tried to kill him as she took her own life and this was all done by a fire - or there was a fire at some point. So my thinking was perhaps Eul Soon saved him from the fire and left just like how she saved him from the mud slide and left and he doesn't remember anything.
  5. Hello everyone, I just made an account Do you guys think Song Jihyo's character, Eul Soon, saved Philip from the fire? Because when she saved Philip this time around, she was nowhere to be seen afterwards and even Philip was told that it was a man who saved him...so I'm wondering if that's what happened 8 years ago. I also have a question, why on earth did Yoona (I think that's her name), Philip's girlfriend, ask his manager to tell him that she went to Tokyo? Did she also tell the manager to tell Philip that it was a man who saved him? What is she planning, she seems jealous and perhaps agitated at Philip's lack of affection. Maybe she started the fire? and the plot twist may be that the Ra Yun is trying to protect him from her? Or Philip and Yoona may have been caught cheating (seems unlikely) by Ra Yun who in turn did the murder suicide however Ra Yun doesn't seem to have the obesession that Yoona has - or at least we haven't been shown it anyway.
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