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  1. Try to add a VPN. You can just watch it on Mango TV online if you turn your VPN to China
  2. Staff: Ni Jie, can't you just lean on him and look at him a bit. Nini: I'm not leaning! Kun: Lean! Nini: Are you gonna hide my light?! Kun: Oh my old waist. Can' you use some strenght? Nini: Look how thick your waist is! What are you afraid of?! Kun: But I'm tired!/I have no strenght! Kun: Where do you want me to put my hand? Staff: Are you sad that it's only filming Kun? Kun: Of course she will. Of course she will be sad! The moment she sees me, she will be so sad... the fact that I'm so good looking Nini: *Burst out in laugher* Kun: When she saw how different we are of each other. How can she not be sad? I'm even sad Nini: I found my match/opponent (In narcissism) Kun: Please, you were never my match (Meaning he is way more narcissistic than her) Kun: Record me first! Why are you filming my hand? Add another camera Nini: Male actors are so hard to serve. So hard. There's only one camera filming me, did I say something? Nini: Do I need to act even more relying on him? Staf: Yes, yes, yes Nini: You disformed my face Kun: Your hat is poking my face Nini: Oh my old waist
  3. Bai Jingting plays Gu Nanyi. He is an actor. He's famous for always playing the second lead. You know the term second lead syndrome? XD He's that kind of guy. Also his role Gu Nanyi is one of the most popular characters of those who read the novel. I still remember when they first announced that Bai Jingting would play his role, people were saying that he was even not good looking enough to play him. So you can understand how popular his character in the book was. He also is one of the main cast of the show Who's the murderer. It's one of the most popular web variety show in China
  4. The BTS of the crying scene of Gu Nanyi who's also known as the autistic bodyguard who doesn't know emotions It's rumoured that he will appear in tomorrow's episode
  5. I had to watch the first two episodes three times to get it, but I think I've figure it out. You're not the only one btw. A character map was even spread on Weibo to make it clear for everyone who haven't read the book yet.
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