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  1. I’m kind of glad because it seems like their filming schedule is too tight. Like they had to work through Christmas and New Years. The more time they have to film and edit, the better and more satisfied ending we get. Just wishing the cast and crew happy filming
  2. I have a strong feeling the Chairman/grandfather knows about Gil Oh Sol’s mum because why else would he not let Gil Oh Sol fall in love with his grandson. Plus his expression and action when Sungeol’s mum was like: ‘the girl’s actually not bad’ to Sungeol’s Grandfather seems like he was slightly irritated. I think this issue will affect Sungeol a lot with a burden on his shoulder even though he doesn’t like his grandfather. Maybe after finding out the truth, Sungeol will feel scared and shocked and will hide from Oh Sol and she will be the one who is forgiving, seeing Sungeol as Sungeol and not as the chairman’s grandson, telling him not to feel burdened. AND THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER OR that it would happen the other way around where Oh Sol can’t handle the truth and runs away ... and idk what will happen next BUT IK THAT.. even after Sungeol is healed from Oh Sol, he will return back to how he used to be when Oh Sol isn’t in his life (and most likely grandfather would realise that Oh Sol is his grandson’s only cure) But whatever happens I’m just really hoping for a very satisfied and happy ending
  3. I don’t think secretary Gwon knows any ill intentions the grandfather has planned (who freaking wants to utilise Gil Oh Sol to treat Sungeol’s problem YET doesnt allow them to develop a relationship WHICH Oh Sol has no choice but to follow his instructions for her donsaeng) Now I have a really negative view of grandfather who I see as ultimately self-centred and HE BETTER SAY SORRY AND HAVE SYMPATHY WHEN HE FINDS OUT HE’S THE ONE WHO CAUSED OH SOL MUM’S DEATH BECAUSE IF NOT ... but do you guys think the grandfather would have done a background check on Gil Oh Sol and already knows bout it? Idk maybe I’m making it too complicated having watched too many dramas LOL From what I see Secretary Gwon supports their relationship wholeheartedly and finds both of them adorable. She kind of senses that perhaps Grandfather told Oh Sol something that shouldn’t be right. I feel so bad for Oh Sol because she obviously likes Sungeol BUT can’t admit it and is definitely gonna fall for him more when he’s gonna make her fall in love with him “no matter what” WHICH will bring out Sungeol’s manly side and make all the audience be like (squealllll) and put Oh Sol in such a hard position
  4. Omg thanks for the translation ☃️ @stroppyse AHH THE LAST LINE !!! I think Oh Sol already fell for him tho hahahah Just one thought ~ he said he had no dating experience THEN HOW ON EARTH is he being the ultimate dream BF every girl wants (buying her expensive jewellery < well looks like he is thinking of buying her something expensive >, his action to intimidate Oh Sol < you know the classic pushing her to the edge and hands on the wall ... I nearly screamed out loud when that happened >, etc. AND THAT LAST LINE OF THE PREVIEW) and WHILE WE ALL SQUEALING FOR THE UPCOMING INTIMATE MOMENTS BETWEEN THE TWO ... I can’t help but think that there is 6 more episodes left ... I have a feeling our hearts will be aching as the main characters face the difficult problem from Oh Sol Mum’s death in relation to his grandfather ... but I must say overall.. that I’m really impressed with how every episode is going. While the first two eps seemed a little stretched in terms of a romantic comedy drama ... the rest up til now is perfect. I must say this drama is quite underrated and none of my friends watch it ... and you know the pain of having no one to talk to about this drama .. so thanks whoever made this forum <3 (sorry this is my first post in this forum while staying silent for 70+ pages so Imma still ramble FEEL FREE TO JUST PASS TO THE NEXT POST it’s ... long .. yea) BUT MAY I SAY THE CHEMISTRY FROM BTS VIDEOS OF THEM 2 ...WHOO! like I’m 100% sure Yun Kyun Sang doesn’t have a GF ... coz their interactions bts is just so cute And I just love Kim Yoo Jung so much ~ her acting is so amazing .. obviously same as with YKS im surprised this didn’t go over limit ... its been awhile since I’ve written this much ... anyways good morning, good afternoon, good night and if you’re reading up to here ... WOW YOURE AMAZING ... how did u manage .. MERRY CHRISTMAS Y’ALLLL hope your having an awesome time wherever you are (hehehe God Bless) After proof reading .. I realised I typed ‘may I say..’ like 3 times .. why did I do that .. okay im internally freaking out .. how do you change your name? Can someone please help me? AHHHHHH
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