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  1. Very unsatisfied with where the drama is going. I hate noble idiocy. So stupid.... So unrealistic.
  2. Now that they are "dating" (although they have been already for a while), I really hope it is Jun who tell her his real age, but typical dramaland, I doubt it. Actually, for sure, she will learn in the most disadvantageous way for him and maybe yes, she will be hurt or upset...
  3. Question: which C drama is that one? I actually like age gap difference, be in a way noona romance, or a relatively older man with a younger woman, but it depends on how old and how mature the characters are... So, anyway... I am just curious on the one you mentioned.... Lol
  4. I was very, very but very surprised.. Really, didn't see it coming.. I thought, yes, he is rich, but I really believed he was 24 years old. Now, I don't mind he being younger than her, I know she won't mind much either, but people around will judge and meddle. Anyway... this is Shopping King Louie's writer, so in that regard, at least I feel safe, the drama will still be fun and warm. Love them!!! He might probably be already 19, which is no longer a minor... and dropped out of high school indeed, because he couldn't deal with his parents pressure... B
  5. This drama is so cute!!!! I have come back to watch a Kelly little bit of Shopping King Louie, because I really like the fluff from this writer! I am ready to have fun with this one too. Episodes 1 and 2 already made me cry and laugh. Let's go for more!!!!
  6. Chingus, I am honestly resigned SA and JY are meant to suffer. After ep. 12, I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to suicide, mostly JY! And I know it sounds exaggerated, but man... they are so trapped in a nest of serpents... very toxic environment... trapped with no ways out. JY's father is such a trash person! His mother is such a loser... SA's destiny in the classical music's world so cursed, simply because she started later than the others. The reasoning everybody is giving you is: you can only be this and in this time. Anything else and you are worthless.
  7. Watched ep. 11 and for the time being I have to say: I love our dimple couple, but I dislike almost everybody else . Man, they are sooooo toxic!!!! It is disappointing! I mean, about the show in itself… But at least, Kim Min jae and Park Eun bin are saving the show. Really, why, why, why all these so called teachers have to be so trashy?? Even Jung kyung with all her selfishness is a better teacher than all of them together! Speaking of, I liked how she managed to defend HH in front of bloddy professor Song (song is her name, isnt it?) and told her some truths… I wish all thes
  8. I agree. Plus, they are Koreans. Although there are more liberal Koreans in both, dramas and real life, the truth is most people there are rather conservative. You can feel it from their language, body language and overall behavior. I have Korean friends and I have shared with other Asians, I even kissed one Chinese once (for a long time)... and I can feel how they are conservative in a different way westerns can be conservative and for whole different reasons. Even though SA and JY are now dating, I can see how in the first months of their dating time they would still use formal l
  9. 28 is young! I am at least 10 years older. But anyway... my Ajusshi is a masterpiece with or without Lee Sun Kyung's range of voice, but hey! Not without him! Yet, let me tell you, it is totally something different than Brahms... you'll have to watch out in order to find out. It is a masterpiece because of the journey that the characters have to do, the outcome, the feelings, the subtle nuances in the main relationship and the interpretations.... the overall message. But then again, it could also not be your taste. I can highly recommend it. If you have read the novel Daniel Deronda
  10. You haven't watched "My Ajusshi"? I don't think there is a sexier voice in dramaland, than Lee Sun kyung's... But if you are young, I have to agree... Kim Min jae's will be the deal. Still, I recommend you to watch my Ajusshi... just, not now... because it is a drama with a darker mood. Greetings!
  11. Wow, I really like your insights. Thank you as well for saying the differences in the way JY confessed his "I like you"'s... I understood there was slight differences in the same expression, but I don't know Korean, so... your explanation confirmed what I suspected.. I hope from now on they start to talk banmal with each other
  12. Well, I am here to give my cent for ep. 8. Wow, although I liked the end, I felt it was a little bit anticlimatic, but well... at least JY finally came to SA. I was actually surprised JK was nice in the master class. I am upset everybody is so eager to judge everybody's talent or lack of. I am in expectations about the romance but I am afraid they will suffer... Oh no, so many things. But this drama keeps me crazy waiting for every Monday and Tuesday to come
  13. This drama is my new delight. And Song ah my new introverted favorite lady. I really wonder how the romance will turn out.
  14. Somebody help me. In different websites it says the drama was extended to 46 ep. In Dramacool there are supposedly those 6 plus episodes waiting to be subbed... And yet, the drama really ended in ep 40??!! How can it be??? I am disappointed. I was waiting for more happiness and not just one picture of all of them together at the day of papa Li and He Mei. It is so... short and simple. Why are they not giving me the new dynamic with HM as a stepmother?? What happened to Can can and HZ's friend??? I am upset....
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