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  1. I feel almost the same. It cannot be my drama of all time, because that would be Kdrama "my Ajusshi", or Korean version of "Mother", but Le coup de foudre is definitively my most favorite Chinese drama. And I will also rewatch soon
  2. I have just finished this drama and it has become my best Chinese drama ever. And I have watched good ones like "Boss and me" or "my amazing boyfriend",-just to mention a couple. Anyway... best C drama ever!!!! I will rewatch.
  3. OMG there are still people lurking around here… And I never managed to read all the comments, but I have the thread open in my cellphone!! I don´t comment often, but I love you all, guys...Thanks so much for loving this drama so much as me! Kisses to everybody!!! Sadiesmith, you are great!
  4. I can totally relate to you. I feel we have had so much stress, lies, hiding, impersonating, office politics and so, that I really need to have more fluff and simply them together... get to know them better, and get to know how they function together...
  5. Sh and Jh are the same, hiding their worries behind a smile, and suffering by themselves.
  6. I liked it that he actually move his arm as to regain blood circulation, because it was realistic. Yes, some positions are romantic with the loved one but if you remain in that position frozen in time, it becomes uncomfortable, and by sleeping the same. You just cannot sleep with someone or part of someone on top of you or part of you, unless it is a cat or your baby, and yet, some babies are really heavy LOL... That is why I also liked when she asked him if he was not uncomfortable kneeled down in front of her in the playground spot, because yes, very gentleman and pretty, but if he stays like that long, it will hurt, he is a human. I really enjoy these realistic scenes. Jh one time even said he had to go to the restroom. I thought, it was the first time maybe in all my drama watching that the hero said he had to go to the restroom to be human (said it at least in front of the damsel). It was interesting for me. It was pretty good.
  7. Thanks for your answer. Yes, he also gave me creeps, mostly in ep. 11... like he would definitively try to kill somebody (JH actually). He is very upsetting!
  8. You are right, chingu. I also saw something a little bit interesting in his character at the beginning, but he is turning not only evil but boring. The writer should have thought it better. I mean... let's be realistic: a guy like him, those looks and money and power... will he be so obsessed as to become practically a stalker?? He should have friends (even if it is fake money friends), and other women trying to capture him, and he should go to the gym, and have a life on his own... Sadly, writer-nim is turning him into a typical second lead with no personality and no work except annoy our OTP, and no life and no deep motives, except being selfish and whiny and evil. That is: a very cartoonish character... boring.
  9. I know... I also would have her rather fighting for her work, and so far I think she is doing it, but... if it comes to the point where she would have to give up her position, I would want her to keep her dignity, letting them know she is also very happy without it. Maybe I didn't use the right words, and I know nothing about business. Is she has shares, even though she may be removed from her seat as CEO, she still has a voice and means of living through the hotels, but, again... for me it would be interesting if she loses all that, or sell it and move on, and prove them, she doesn't belong to their world.
  10. Actually, for me, it would be interesting if she loses the hotel. I don't have any doubt she will be successful with another kind of job or another business. But mostly, I would like CSH to scream at them: you can't buy me. Take the money, I don't care. It would be interesting she marries KJH and actually become middle class with him. It would also be a reversal of the typical fairy tale where the couple are not only incredibly handsome but also rich. Why do you have to be rich to be happy? I would like her to prove everybody, she can be perfectly happy with less. And leave the evil ones enjoy selfishly their rotten wealth by themselves alone LOL.
  11. Thank you a lot to all the chingus commenting on this thread. I don't comment to much because I am a slow reader, and I want to read everything before I answer, but whenever I want to say something or answer a post, someone has said it before, and better than me! LOL But it is ok. Thank you @bebebisous33 a lot, a lot, for your analysis. It is really a pleasure to appreciate the beauty of this drama, explained so well those symbolic elements that we feel, but we cannot described very well if we were asked to. I also studied literature in the university, but my major is basically applied linguistic, I only had literature workgroups, workshops, seminars and extra classes. I was so passionate about it, I even wrote a novel (although it is not good), and I won a couple of contests, but boy, you are great writer!!!!!!!! Congratulations! I have a disadvantage with English because it is not my mother language. Whenever I would have to write a paper about any topic in English, I can do it but with big effort. So, I appreciate reading somebody else saying what I would like to say. I am enjoying this drama a lot because of this website, and although I am in another k-drama forum, I like it here better. So... Just a small words of appreciation. I am still on page 244 (out of 277 up to this point), so... I am still behind. But having fun also with the comments, so thank you. Thank you all!
  12. Soooo guys, what do you think??? I am afraid JWS has turned evil. It seems like he represents the wolf of the illustration at the beginning of the episode. Honestly, I am happy that the bad ones don't have much screen time in this drama. It is like the author is focusing in the love story. Yes, other things happen in their lives, but the focus is everything related directly and only with the love story. That is ok. I am excited. But.... I am amazed as well how come momster in law hasn't done anything, "protected" by the contract, in order to ruin Sh's life.... And now it is JW who is turning evil? It is like, she decided not to want to have CSH back as daughter in law, and left her be. But JW, who was protecting her, is now so threatening.... ???? I am even afraid he will try to kill JH, and his actions ep. 11 gave me that vibe. Like... He will be able to, because he is blind by jealousy, but blind in the most psychotic way... I don't like it. And I hope whatever he tries to do, he won't succeed or at least, that he won't cause big damage.
  13. I am not going to disagree totally with your comment but allow me to give you another possibility: if JH would have confessed straightforward like he had said he missed her or such things, just like he had been before, and WS would have confessed more round the Bush, people would have said, JH won the game of love because he was "straightforward", and SH understood him better. This makes me think it is not a matter of confessions, although I must recognize Ws's confession sucked (plain, in a non expected visit to her office in working hours, not romantic at all)... it is a matter of feelings and relationship. Sh is already in love with Jh, and that is why she is happy with his confession (she had to be), and even if he wouldn't have said it, she just knew it, whereas WS telling her totally out of the blue that he likes her, after all the horrible marriage and divorce and all, it was too shocking for her to even take it seriously. She was taken aback, and she didn't like it, due to the bad history behind. Ws didn't lose the game because of a straightforward non romantic and bad timed confession, he didn't "win" because it is he.
  14. Oh my G... this is hilarious!!! I gave my first laugh in 2019!! Thanks a lot!
  15. I am afraid you say this because you have no idea how Cuba really is. I badge a friend living in the Havana. I know, if you have money, you can live there pretty good and it is pretty safe, but there is still sooooo much injustice, so much poverty, so much social conflict... I wouldn't recommend anybody to live there.
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