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  1. I saw this premier zhu yilang's new drama, but i'm looking for the premier guardian...but isn' there, can anyone help me to find
  2. I hope you right @valerie86 it make sense if they got new project. About zhu yilong, you right again, he's so thin now, i hope he is always healthy
  3. I can't wait to watch it @valerie86, it's ok it's not bl or bromance, i feel so sad for shen wei feeling lonely in 10.000 years waiting for yunlan and can't be together...kkkk...just kidding
  4. @luthien 1989 it's so sad to hear you have lost interes of china drama, there is so many good china drama
  5. Hi everyone, is that correct zhu yilong and bai yu got banned, can't be in one frame just like xu wei zhu and huang jingyu in addicted...please tell me, is that correct??
  6. I agree with you @antennatomars, Bai yu with mustache and beard make him handsome more
  7. Hallo, any body here know the new drama of zhu yilong, rhapsody summer dream... Correct me if my english wrong
  8. Thank you valerie86, i'm sorry if my english so bad, i'm from indonesia
  9. @litopanda, you are same with me, i'm looking for another zhu yi long's film beside guardian, i love him...i want to follow all his film
  10. I don't care if the novel said shen wei is seme, for me he is still uke...kkkk
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