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  1. credit to @shinhsarchives Twitter These cuties!!! Yes to LJH and SHS movie or drama...I am all for!!!! LJH kind of gives me YSJ vibes though, but less of a nervous wreck LOL. Why oh why does SHS only get to pick from this year’s military discharges? I personally want her to someday act with Won Bin, because I think that is her dream and was/possibly still is a goal of hers? I think she would look good with all masculine men like Gong Yoo or Jung IL Woo as well? From the military releases this year, I would also love to see her with Ji Chang Wook or Joo Won, and maybe Taecyeon(based on looks/height only, next to our girl..have no idea about his acting chops). I love Kang Ha Neul, but am not sure if he will suit SHS....
  2. Wow you guys sure do keep this thread going! Thanks!!!! So many goodies!!! Found this BTS of our girl and the 3017 men Happy New Years to all of you who are past midnight and onto 2019!!!! Whooohoooo!!!
  3. Yes agreed with everyone on the fact that there are so many beautiful moments in HOD for our SHS! I came here right after I saw news about L of Infinite to see what everyone’s opinion is on him as an actor as I don’t know anything about him. Glad to see that everyone is mostly okay with him? Because our girl is so tall, I had to first check out his height...we are okay there since he is 180cm according to Asianwiki. @kokkuri33 Victory contents does have a bad reputation according to events related to Park Hae Jin’s drama Four Sons. So if they have anything to do with this drama she’s looking over...I really hope she’ll pass on it. @meechuttso thanks for the physical qualification pic of L! Lol @immorethant I agree on seeing her in a happier role or even better a bada** role. @mylovekge I agree 100% with JCW!!!!!!
  4. @kokkuri33 and @immorethant omg finally someone that is a fanboy of SHS...just for you curious souls I think this is his instagram I’m so excited for her first time as MC right!? This will be the first time ever that I will sit through an entire drama award show Just to watch SHS, it will be so worth it Adding...posing next to SHS past crush..I think he’s legit fanboy!
  5. Woo Seori moment? I’m sure it was made as a mismatch, but check out the shoes...ahhh makes me miss 3017 https://mobile.twitter.com/a31010038/status/1069116726598483969/photo/1 credit to above @immorethant thanks for links!
  6. @immorethant and @kokkuri33 Thanks for the in depth analysis! You guys are on top of it! I feel so much better after reading your thoughts and interpretations. Soooo gorgeous!
  7. https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2018/11/he-hymn-of-death-pilot-ep-1-spoilers.html?m=1 So this is the first time I have ever seen people insulting her diction and acting Is it that bad? I wouldn’t know regarding the diction part, so please, anyone, enlighten me...I could have sworn she had awesome diction! Because this is upsetting to see...hope this doesn’t sadden her too much. They can’t deny that she’s gorgeous at least!
  8. Credit to owner Love her smile So I am hearing news of Lee Jong Suk working with his ideal... and all I have to say is #whenwillSHSever #WonBin #willpatientlywait I am so forever thankful to Won Bin for making our girl pursue acting. It would be her dream to work with him one day or maybe let’s start with a CF since he seems to love doing those primarily @meechuttso Leave it to you to know everything! Also thanks for plain Jane English...I needed that lol I have never looked forward to a Tuesday as much next Tuesday!!! Thanks everyone for news, translations and pretty pics!!
  9. She finally updated!! I don’t know what, who or where but I’m sooo happy. I follow Nam Ji Hyun on insta as well and she updates so much I’m jealous @kokkuri33 I got the Elle magazine in and no new pictures. I was looking at Bae Doona’s spread and am hoping SHS can be cover and center spread styled like that one day... Sooooo excited for her new movie!!!! @meechuttso Thanks for the movie thread!!!!!!!! You are on top of it!
  10. Throwback #MAMA2016 You guys are really keeping this thread alive! So we are doing gifs now cause I can only retrieve them @titania1000 Why are you restraining yourself from posting? We all love SHS here...post away! You might influence some people who are missing out on not watching SF!!!! For you... Credit @heena7770 on Instagram I found this article on the story of YSD and KWJ through Twitter http://mengnews.joins.com/view.aspx?aid=2449429 I really am hoping that Hymn of Death doesn’t create imitators... I’m not a big fan of the storyline and am just watching because of I miss SHS so much
  11. Just in case, I’ve been putting pics first.... My favorite for this shoot...she looks effortlessly cool but gorgeous at the same time. @immorethant The Elle magazine is pending arrival but I’ll let you know if there’s anything that wasn’t already posted once I get it!
  12. Ahhhhhhhhh FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! I personally love her WKorea photoshoot!!! I actually bought the Elle magazine as well. All personal preferences but she’s beautiful no matter how they dressed/make her up SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  13. I love this shoot from WKorea!!! @meechuttso Thanks so much for the Elle interview translations and SHS article headers! I am especially happy about the fact that she has so much to smile about nowadays Thanks for explaining her loss at Seoul Awards and that her presenting was a big deal. I at first thought she went knowing she would lose the actress award, but wanted to give the award to her drama...but that didn’t happen and I noticed she left right after presenting the award. BTW...we will not call your locating SHS landmarks stalking ok? @immorethant who dared to say she was ugly! She’s a natural, girl next-door, one-of a kind beauty....try that for a header! @kokkuri33 Agreed with your top 3 highlights! I’m going to add that she got to sit next to “Jennifer “ and Joo Ji Hoon @Ni Wen Love that pic of her trademark gesture....but she has soo many trademark gestures right?
  14. @immorethant Perfect first pic to post!!!! Can’t ever get enough of her even in duplicity. @kokkuri33 I’m not sure I like the way they put on her make up in two of the pics, so I agree that she does look a little not herself. I wouldn’t go as far to say she looks like SHJ though lol. I feel like she looks best with little makeup. That being said I think they were going for American style makeup? Although, I and others I know here definitely don’t put on that much makeup ...so Kim Kardashian style makeup? I am ready for Hymn of Death as well but I feel like it won’t come out until next year at this rate
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