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  1. 10 hours ago, lovecarnation said:

    i already rewatched until ep.58...LOL.. it's nearing to ending. after rewatched for the 2nd time, i'm still feel so annoyed with fake folian ( feng jing fan ) i don't know but i'm really don't like her character and her acting at here. :lol:( i'm apologize for my comment about her ) . I was very impressed with the scene when Fuyao opened the third seal where the phoenix flew out from her body, it was so amazing and whenfuyao remember again all her stories in childhood were very heartbreaking and how the little Wuji came to her life and from that moment she felt happy and still believed there was hope and happiness in her life but unfortunately they separated because the cruel xuanji empress know where the place she is hiding and want to  kill her and the litlle feng jing fan want to take the leaves Mystical gold who Wuji give to Fuyao but luckily she was helped by Uncle Zhou. from childhood feng jing fan was very cruel, her character resembled her mother the xuanji empress, feng xuan who could sacrifice her own child only for the throne and position in the kingdom. they both are same.


    i like the conversation when Wuji comes to see Feng Xuan then Fengxuan accuses him of poisoning her and threatens to inform Emperor Tianquan that his son want to kill her and disrupt the kingdom of Xuanji, Wuji reprimands her if he twill tells the 5 kingdoms that Empress Xuanji actually doesn't have phoenix in her body and because that Lava in Xuanji almost dried up  and it's been a disaster for Xuanji and confirmed to her that Fuyao was what he saw as more important than his own life, and one word form fuyao could not be compared to hundreds of soldiers or steel from Xuanji. I really like the way Wuji loves fuyao, and his angry expression is very handsome ... LOL ... even though he is angry he has his own angry expressions which don't have to be over acting with bulging his eyes.


    i really love our wuji, he is really so perfect , doesn't care about his flirtatious expression, his smile, his anger, his silly, sad or when he fights he always looks very handsome:heart:

    Yeah, the same thought on Folian, like mother like daughter. They are cruel and greedy. Fuyao and Wuji childhood memories are very solid. He gave her hope and happiness, he made her believe there are also good people in the world. He is the first person who taught her to read. Imagine it is always your parents or your close family who teach you to read or write. But she learns everything from him. How meaningful this is to her. As a viewer I am really touched by this. They were supposed to be together since young. He met her again after they grew up but he already became attracted to her from the beginning. Of course, if it is yours, it will be always yours. The conversation between Wuji and the queen impresses me to the core. I want this kind of man, the whole Kingdom is not even equal to one of my hair strand. I really like his facial expressions in that scene, serious, strong, committed, sharp, and fearless. 

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  2. 6 hours ago, lovecarnation said:

    i'm sorry i want to post and share with you all my dear , my favourite ost.lyrics in this series...LOL



    Singer: Lala Hsu 徐佳瑩
    Album: Yi Ai Nan Qiu 一愛難求
    Title: Yi Ai Nan Qiu 一愛難求
    English Title: A Love is Hard to Wish for


    你懂什麼 三界有什麼好
    Nǐ dǒng shénme sānjiè yǒu shé me hǎo

    What do you know? What is good about the Three Worlds?
    若無貪嗔 若並無煩惱
    ruò wú tān chēn ruò bìng wú fánnǎo

    If there is no greed, if there are no worries,
    又怎能叫我 一步三回頭
    yòu zěn néng jiào wǒ yībù sān huítóu

    How can I turn back three times with one moving step
    為愛愁為恨求 為情把魂魄都丟掉
    wèi ài chóu wèi hèn qiú wéi qíng bǎ húnpò dōu diūdiào

    Love makes me feel sad and desire makes me feel hateful ,I have even lost my soul for love
    要我愛的那個愛我 只要那一個愛我
    yào wǒ ài dì nàgè ài wǒ zhǐyào nà yīgè ài wǒ

    I want the one whom I love to love me
    I just want that only one to love me

    你用什麼 換這一愛難求
    nǐ yòng shénme huàn zhè yī ài nán qiú

    What can you use to exchange for this difficult yet precious love?
    若無病弱 若永無蒼老
    ruò wú bìngruò ruò yǒng wú cānglǎo

    If people have no diseases and weaknesses, if people never get old,
    又怎叫花火 孤身逐星斗
    yòu zěn jiào huāhuǒ gūshēn zhú xīngdǒu

    How can we describe lives as 'fireworks'?, I will go on chasing the stars in the sky alone by myself
    為人瘦為心留 為夢把運氣都趕跑
    wéi rén shòu wéi xīn liú wèi mèng bǎ yùnqì dōu gǎn pǎo

    I am losing weight for someone and I am staying here for one heart
    I have even frightened away my luck because of my dream

    要我美的奪他魂魄 一直在他心裡閃爍
    yào wǒ měide duó tā húnpò yīzhí zài tā xīnlǐ shǎnshuò
    I want to stay beautiful so that his soul will always think about me
    and I will always be shining brightly in his heart

    有道說 此生所求 不過翻雲覆雨廝守
    yǒu dào shuō cǐshēng suǒ qiú bùguò fānyúnfùyǔ sī shǒu

    There is a saying
    What I want for my current life is just to try my best to stay with my beloved one even I need to
    求若不得 執念懸心 眉頭緊鎖
    qiú ruò bùdé zhíniàn xuán xīn méitóu jǐn suǒ

    experience many hard times
    If my wish cannot be fulfilled, my heart will become stubborn and I will feel very desperate

    有道說 來世若求 唯願寒蟬仗馬參透
    yǒu dào shuō láishì ruò qiú wéi yuàn hánchán zhàng mǎ cāntòu

    There is a saying
    What I want for my next life is just to keep silent and take things easy
    夢為心囚 賜我愛著 半生著落
    mèng wéi xīn qiú cì wǒ àizhe bànshēng zhuóluò

    My heart is imprisoned by my dream
    Please give me love and mercy so that I can go through my half life

    你拿什麼 來對這詩一首
    nǐ ná shénme lái duì zhè shī yī shǒu

    What can you use to make a perfect match for this poem?
    若無坎坷 若不曾跌落
    ruò wú kǎnkě ruò bùcéng diéluò

    If there are no hard times, if I have never fallen down,
    又怎能得自我 不顧他人說
    yòu zěn néng dé zìwǒ bùgù tārén shuō

    how can I become able to ignore what the other people say and be myself bravely
    為自守為己謀 為雲煙過眼都可拋
    wèi zì shǒu wéi jǐ móu wèi yúnyānguòyǎn dōu kě pāo

    I want to protect myself and treat myself well
    I can give up all those things which do not last long
    要他眼裡心裡的我 絕無可能再有一個
    yào tā yǎn lǐ xīnlǐ de wǒ jué wú kěnéng zài yǒu yīgè

    I want to make his eyes and his heart become occupied by me only
    There should not be another one anymore

    有道說 此生所求 不過翻雲覆雨廝守
    yǒu dào shuō cǐshēng suǒ qiú bùguò fānyúnfùyǔ sī shǒu

    There is a saying
    What I want for my current life is just to try my best to stay with my beloved one even I need to
    求若不得 執念懸心 眉頭緊鎖
    qiú ruò bùdé zhíniàn xuán xīn méitóu jǐn suǒ

    experience many hard times
    If my wish cannot be fulfilled, my heart will become stubborn and I will feel very desperate

    有道說 來世若求 唯願寒蟬仗馬參透
    yǒu dào shuō láishì ruò qiú wéi yuàn hánchán zhàng mǎ cāntòu

    There is a saying
    What I want for my next life is just to keep silent and take things easy
    夢為心囚 賜我愛著 半生著落
    mèng wéi xīn qiú cì wǒ àizhe bànshēng zhuóluò

    My heart is imprisoned by my dream
    Please give me love and mercy so that I can go through my half life

    有道說 此生所求 不過翻雲覆雨廝守
    yǒu dào shuō cǐshēng suǒ qiú bùguò fānyúnfùyǔ sī shǒu

    There is a saying
    What I want for my current life is just to try my best to stay with my beloved one even I need to
    求若不得 執念懸心 眉頭緊鎖
    qiú ruò bùdé zhíniàn xuán xīn méitóu jǐn suǒ

    experience many hard times
    If my wish cannot be fulfilled, my heart will become stubborn and I will feel very desperate

    有道說 來世若求 唯願寒蟬仗馬參透
    yǒu dào shuō láishì ruò qiú wéi yuàn hánchán zhàng mǎ cāntòu

    There is a saying
    What I want for my next life is just to keep silent and take things easy
    夢為心囚 賜我愛著 半生著落
    mèng wéi xīn qiú cì wǒ àizhe bànshēng zhuóluò

    My heart is imprisoned by my dream
    Please give me love and mercy so that I can go through my half life

    I like the song and the lyrics very much. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  3. 21 minutes ago, rinkyu said:

    @ilmm I loved reading your comments. And I wasn't a fan of Ethan either until Legend of Fuyao. He's so perfect as Wuji, I can't think of any other actors that can fit the role.

    Knowing that both of you & @lovecarnation still rewatching the drama made me happy because I'm not the only one :lol:


    I used to be like this but I've mellowed down. Last time I was so obsessed with Japanese drama Hana Yori Dango and I made a promise to myself to go to Japan and take pictures at Ebisu Garden Place and I did. My point is there's nothing wrong with being an 'obsessed' fan, it's a proof that the drama is doing well :D. Now I'm thinking of going to China and visit the studio lol :sweatingbullets: 

    Thank you so much for thinking the same and for thinking I am not stupid to be this obsessed. Really appreciate that, I am so touched. Yes, of course I am thinking of going to China as well. 

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  4. On 9/10/2018 at 10:06 AM, lovecarnation said:

    today i will give my report again...LOL. i already watched until ep.37, and after i rewatched again this series , have many parts i just understand when rewatched again :D and now i'm feel that actually the story on every kingdom is not not long and boring likes some people feel in tiansha, because i started understand why the author or director give 10 more episode in tiansha , its maybe because they want to explain the problems that occur in Tiansha and how Zhanbeiye rediscovered his grandfather heirloom sword , how he solved a problem of the poison bees in desert geya with fuyao and his subordinate, and how he must asked for helped from troops in desert geya.

    actually every kingdom has their own problems which have impacted to Tianquan, so for that the emperor of Tianquan asked delegates from each country to discuss the problems that occurred in their respective countries, like taiyuan have a problems with  water disaster that befell their kingdom when xunyuan ren will be died, and because wuji and the others help, finally the taiyuan disaster can be solved.

    Xuanji itself has their own problems, where their lava is getting drier and it is due to the fact that the Queen of Xuanji's position doesn't have a phoenix on her body.

    every problems in 4 kingdoms already impacted to tianquan ,so Tianquan itself was also hit by a disaster where their winged tree foundation had begun to collapse because tianquan is the heart of 5 kingdoms ( but the qiong ye has been divided because of the civil war)


    and oh yeah, after rewatched again I just found out that the Tianquan Temple was in the forest where Uncle Zhou helped Fuyao open the 4th seal and the place where the deer god was, if tiansha i think is in tianmenxu the place where wuji and fuyao fight with themselves. taiyuan is in the place when wuji helped fuyao to open her first seal with dragon armour, and xuanji is in the place when fuyao open her third seal and the phoenix appears from herself


    and what i want to say is legend of fuyao really have a very interested and amazing story if we can understand his rule story ( i say it because yesterday i see at dramalist , have 1 reviews user said that he/she ( i don't know she is girl or he is boy :D) really don't like this series because the story so i think he/she really not understand this series rule of story) but i not comment on dramalist because i can't find the people who likes me very antusias and very love this series so much, and i'm very satisfied with the fuyao rating in dramalist, because i think it can be 9....because fuyao have a very good story, great main role ,support role , the ost and music which very fits perfectly with each scene, and of course fuyao is the first historical drama i've ever see have many clothes and good fashion for each players, expecially fuyao, her dress and fashion is very good, not matter she wears a man or woman clothes, everything is looks good and perfect for her.


    so i think actually legend of fuyao is not enough just 66 episodes, i think it will be satisfied if the director can add 1 or more episode for the ending.. or they can make fuyao season 2..LOL:joy: so we can see our perfect WuFu Couple again, can see their child and of course their amazing love story again:heart:

    I intended to reply to your status some time before but I just didn't have time yet. So sorry if I am late now. Totally agree with everything you said. I also rewatch Fuyao, and of course I understand more why the story happens the way it is. Of course, there are some details which require some more explanation, but as I can comprehend every logic in one go, such details are not needed for me. There are people who feel the story is lacking but it is just a matter of preference. There is no wrong or right when it comes to preference of what we like or don't like about the drama. Everyone is entitled to each of their own opinion. However, my opinion is I am totally in love with the drama. There can be some inconsistencies or plot holes, but the more plot holes the drama has, the more I love it. Why? That's because despite all the flaws, the drama still keeps me going, still make me go crazy, still make me obsessed, still fascinate me to the core just because of the chemistry of the leads, other character interaction, bromance and friendship, and thus I appreciate the drama even more. Wuji is best male character in my drama history. Wuji and Fuyao are the best couple among all drama couples I have watched. Yang Mi never fails to impress me, and Ethan proves all my prejudice against him wrong. I was reluctant to start the drama at first because I held a biased prejudice that Ethan can't act without never seeing him act before, but my bad, I am totally wrong. What nonsense opinion I had, Ethan acting is brilliant, either his fighting scene, his emotional scene, his chemistry with other characters, or his flirty or serious or comedic scenes. His performance is awesome to the point I feel that this role is tailored made for him only, and no one can beat that. Now I have become his fan completely to the point that I don eat chocolate because it is too sweet and I don like too sweet things, but I tried to find and just bought the chocolates he endorsed. Now I am learning to drive so I could buy a car that he endorsed as well. I know I am like a crazy obsessed fan but it is hard to stop. Of course, I don mind and I understand other people who have different opinions when it comes to like or dislike the star acting since we can never expect people to have the same thought as you but I will really appreciate those who share the same thought as me. I used to say I have a hate and fear relationship with Fuyao and it is true. I hate Fuyao for ending so soon and I fear Fuyao will prevent me from watching other dramas because Fuyao is so good. I am still having drama withdrawal symdrome and still watching Fuyao again but the more I watch, the more I appreciate the drama. Yeah, to add on, the costumes are really good. I like every costumes they wear and they slay them all. I also like the music, quite emotional and fits the story well. Fuyao will be aired in my country some time soon. I will ask my family to watch it and we all will share the same love with Fuyao.

    Once again, Fuyao and this forum are one of the best things that happen in my life. Love Fuyao and love you guys.

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  5. 53 minutes ago, lovecarnation said:

    i already rewatch until ep.13.. i'm feel so funny with this scene LOL.. do you all remember this scene? look at wuji's face expression when he laughed ,he  is really very naughty :joy:







    I really like this scene. These two are really lovely dovey. Lolzzz. I love Wuji teasing and playful with her chin. And I love Fuyao's reaction as well. She slightly shoo away his hands, but She doesn't show she dislikes it, which I like even more. Even most, Wuji never fails his chance to tease with Fuyao, touches her, and gazes at her with such longing and loving eyes.

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  6. 15 minutes ago, lovecarnation said:

    I just rewatched fuyao from ep.1. Now i have finished ep.6. I' m very happy now can rewatch again fuyao. Can watch pur wufu love story again from they started meet each other , wuji as xuan yuan ming always help fuyao. Actually, from first time wuji meet fuyao when they scramble fruit on xuanyuan mountain , he already have little feel with fuyao, and interested with her, and slowly that feelings xhange to like until love. At ep.6 can see wuji already fall in love with her but maybe he was still not fully aware about his feelings. Btw, i feel sad too with this scene,which when fuyao managed defeat her senior but confess she was lose, because on her heart still have senior and she was so hurt , she has been betrayed... i sad not because the senior, i sad because can feel how dissapointed fuyao with her senior but no problem because have wuji. Wuji is the best gentleman who can lost his status be a emperor at tianquan and prefer fuyao and placing fuyao more than his own life... wuji is the best....

    I am rewatching Fuyao as well. Rewatching the whole episode again and rewatching my favourite scenes. Glad to hear you are also rewatching. I don know when I can move on. I really can't. 

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  7. 4 hours ago, Liting1 said:

    Today's my birthday! I get to share the same birthday month with Yang Mi! If you want... send me or post some cute Wufu gifs or YM or/and ET gifs as a gift! No pressure or obligation! Love you all Wufu/YM/ET fans! Thank you for still being active in this forum! You all are such great supporters! :wub:^_^

    Happy birthday to you. Wish you all the best. So sorry that I don have Fuyao gifs as your gifts because all the gifs and photos I have are already shared here, and so I don want to embarrass myself. Anyways, once again wish you and your family all the happiness and success. Oh and Happy birthday to Yang Mi as well. Love you too.

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  8. 22 minutes ago, phoenixfire25 said:


    The way they lean on each other shows so much about their love. :heart:




    (credit - twitter post)

    Agree, I can see how much they love each other here. I can see they have really come along way, experience thick and thin together, always trust each other, always understand each other, always sacrifice for one another, always protect and care for each other. Their chemistry and acting are brilliant to the point that when they cry, I cry. They smile, I smile. When they are hurt, I am hurt too. Agree with what you said above, Yang Mi and Ethan is irreplaceable as Fuyao and Wuji. Exactly my thought. It is really rare to find people who have the same common interest like you and understand what you are thinking. I am glad to find you and other fans in this forum. Fuyao and this forum are ones of the best things that happen in my life. 

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  9. 4 hours ago, rinkyu said:


    I think your list is similar to mine :D


    The good girl is lying on the floor moment / bath play :w00t:



    Jiang Feng's shocking face :D



    Wuji's saving Fuyao on his way back to his palace



    Talking about the scene where Wuji rush this way from the palace to save Fuyao, I still miss his 10x speed move. This is a cool scene. He is really hot and handsome here. 

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  10. 5 hours ago, lovecarnation said:

    yes... i totally agree with you.. i'm very interested with @ilmm and @Di~ discussion too, but i don't agree Fuyao didn't get hype enthusiastic in mainland or overseas, because until now i can see how many people still post about the photo or videos of fuyao, even though that series has finished aired and their comment and discussion about this series, and many of them is very miss this series, miss our wufu couple... and feel so lost because this series has finished aired , besides that i see who is comment this series is from different countries, some from vietnam, some from thailand, some from indonesia, some from korea, some from america, some from brazil, some from mexico and maybe some form anothers country, so how can we say fuyao it's not popular in overseas? and in mainland who say it's not popular too, how many people on weibo enthusiatic too with this series? and we all know Ethan's Followers increase greatly after fuyao..so i'm believe also in mailand fuyao is popular too and got a warm welcome too from viewers.


    i'm very agree too with @rinkyu rating is not guarenteed for one series too, high ratings not always make you like that drama. so i'm personally same with you. actually, i'm very choose to wach drama, because sometimes have good story but i don't like the lead, i can't continuos watch too, but if i like the main role but the story not interested for me, i will dropped out too.

    but i'm very like fuyao, the main role, the support cast, story and its views, i'm totally love it. so although the rating of fuyao will be very high or not. fuyao will be my best mainland c-drama now and wufu couple is always be my best couple and no body can replace their place in my heart.LOL..

    Well said. Exactly the same thought.

    4 hours ago, phoenixfire25 said:


    Well said :thumbsup: I wanted to say the same but couldn't put it into words. Thank you :kiss_wink:


    Since the discussion is over, can we continue our game? Share your thought of most funny and most irritated scenes from LOF. I want to post mine but don't have that much time, will post at evening.

    My pleasure to be here with you and all of you. Of course, I also have my own favourites. Let's share together in the evening.

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  11. 4 hours ago, rinkyu said:

    I watched PA until the end and then felt sorry for myself afterwards :sweat_smile:


    @ilmm  @Di~ It's refreshing reading what you guys been discussing. I actually don't really care with drama ratings and I don't even watch those most talked about dramas (until maybe months or years later). Ratings do not guarantee that you would actually like a certain drama but it definitely can be a good indicator. Of course the higher the ratings get it is beneficial to the directors, writers, actors, etc. 


    It is a matter of preferences imo. Personal preference is still the best tool in assessing which dramas to watch and to like.  Sometimes I watch dramas for their actors and if the plot not compelling enough then I just drop it. 

    Totally agree. Can't argue with what you state here. We have exactly the same thought. 

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  12. 14 minutes ago, Di~ said:

    I’m on Yang Mi’s supertalk everyday when fuyao was airing and I didn’t feel the hype. That’s why some of yang mi’s fans were frustated that bees (that’s what yang mi’s fans are called) didn’t show enough enthusiasm. Maybe it’s the other way around on Ethan’s side. Well you can see from this forum, the ones that really love fuyao are mostly his fans or wufu fans. And yang mi’s fans (on weibo. I corrected my statement here) don’t care about her co-stars or wufu at all. 


    Ethan seemed to promote this couple but Yang Mi clearly didn’t. Yang Mi only shared  things about Fuyao, her many disguises etc but she never shared anything about wufu. 


    Yeah I know we cannot compare Fuyao and TMoPB in number of viewings directly because of the reason that you stated clearly but I still think that fuyao would not be as successful as TMoPB in terms of number of viewings. It’s not just a hunch. It’s what I concluded after I saw how fuyao declined in number of viewings more and more each week after episode 36. For comparison only, Sweet dream’s number of viewings only declined in its last week (after at least 4/5 of the total episodes). Same as sweet combat etc. Fuyao’s number of viewings started to decline in the 5th week. 



    I have stated my opinion so okay I’ll stop here. And thanks for the discussion too. 


    It is fine. I think we come to understand each other now, and I am glad with that. Agree with what you said above. Yes, Fuyao has its flaws I admit that. You are correct, rather than a drama fan, my hype is more on wufu couple fan and Wuji fan. The chemistry of the couple and the acting are the reasons that keep me going not the story line itself. 

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  13. 21 minutes ago, Di~ said:


    let me reply to you 1 last time. 

    Story of Yan Xi’s palace is solely broadcasted on Iqiyi from the start. 


    I agree that webseries are getting more successful but they hadn’t been more succesful than TV series before. Even the most successful one like a love so beautiful only had 5.5 billion views. The guardian has around 3 billion views. Legend of yun xi has around 3 billion views. They are far less than TV series like sweet dreams that has around 7 billion views, sweet combats that has around 8 billion views. Why? Because a webseries is usualy only broadcasted on 1 platform (this is already a disadvantage). So when a webseries gain more viewers than a tv drama, it should be considered as a very huge success. 


    I never said that fuyao is not successful but you seem to want it to be more successful than it actually is. Let see why I don’t consider fuyao as a HUGE (I just want to emphasis the word) success. Firstly it’s not the most talked about drama when it’s airing. It maybe was for the first two weeks and people were still talking about it in the third and the fouth week but then it died down. You know what scenes got the most attention? Some of fuyao’s important scenes. The she almost got raped one. The please open the yao city’s gate one. Secondly people on weibo (even yang mi’s fans) were not that enthusiastic about it. And honestly this what made me sad the most. It’s Yang Mi’s hardwork for goodness sake. Thirdly you can see from the ratings.


    I’m only being honest here. I know you all want Fuyao to be the most successful drama ever. But well IMHO it’s not 

    Allow me to reply to you one last time as well. I hope our discussion stops at here. Rating is one indicator but I rarely judge drama based on its rating anyways. So now Let's forget rating and all any other dramas since we can't compare them together anyways. Maybe I misunderstood your statement cos I thought you said Fuyao is not successful at all, and I apologise for that. But please let me make myself clear. Never in my statement did I intend to say Fuyao is the most successful drama nor did I want Fuyao to be the most successful or did I want it to be more successful than  it actually is. What i say is Fuyao exceeds all my expectations and to me the drama has made a great success. However, I also said others may not feel the same since their expectations and their experiences of the drama are not the same. Some fans and I may feel the hype about this drama but not to the level as the most talked drama, but it has some hype in there. But I never desire it to be the most talked either, and it doesn't need it to be because this much is good enough for me. Of course Fuyao is more famous than some dramas but less famous than some other dramas, which is expected. Nothing is perfect, but this level is already good for me even not for others. I hope I made myself clear this time. Anyways, thanks for chatting with me throughout this time, and I hope our discussion ends here and really appreciate if you won't continue further.

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  14. I have a hate and fear relationship with Fuyao. I hate it for finishing so soon, and I fear its withdrawal symdrome prevents me from watching other dramas.

    Whenever I saw my Wuji in distress, I always scream, "How many times has Zhangsun Wuji been hurt, been harmed, and tortured? How long before a man like that has had enough?". Quoted from Mission Impossible 6.

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  15. 4 hours ago, cukubidu said:

    haha...:lol: i know what u feel because when we love our couple. we can't see  her/him pair with other actor.....me too :wub:


    seriously...I watch LOFY because YM...I also watch TMOPB because her too...

    before this,I feel M & YM (in TMOPB) is my lovely couple I have ever seen because their acting in TMOPB is very good...really superb
    but right now , my heart always crazy for wufu couple :lol::wub::lol:

    noooo....don't do that .....we must love our wufu couple 4ever :lol::lol: haha

    My heart is with Wufu couple as well. I don know when this will end. Or maybe it is endless. 

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  16. 46 minutes ago, Di~ said:

    Of course fuyao had decreasing number of views in those 3 days for when no new episodes were released. But still it aired for 60 days. And you should also compare it with TMoPB or any other shows after 60 days (eventho they finished airing days or weeks before).


    As for TMoPB, of course it’s not really the whole china was watching it. But it managed to create a buzz to be the most talked about drama of the year. And you can feel the hype. That’s what a popular drama all about. 

    I think I also feel the hype of Fuyao actually. Fans are crazy about Fuyao also. Maybe a lot of people don feel the hype but also a lot of people feel the hype. I am following ethan and Yang Mi, and I actually notice the hype there especially Ethan. Idon know TMOPB views after 60 days but I don think it is double the view since the view trend will be automatically decreased, let's just say it is the same as Princess Agent of 40 billion views after it airs. But then it still can't be compared, because If you say I should compare Fuyao to TMOPB after 60 days, then I should say I better compare Fuyao which air on a single platform with other tv dramas not a webseries which air on a single platform and have the same period of airing so I can have like to like comparison otherwise I would compare apple to orange like right now. Anyways, it is fine. Like I said previously, different people have different opinions to define success and everyone has their own benchmark. It has been nice chatting with you and thanks for sharing and discussing with me.

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  17. 5 minutes ago, Di~ said:

    Iqiyi. We are not able to watch it on tencent. It’s solely broadcasted on Iqiyi. 


    It’s a webseries. Tell me a webseries that has more than 6 billion views? It’s usually a series that also air on TV that can gain more viewers. It’s not vice versa. So yeah it’s definitely more succesful than Fuyao. 


    I still don’t consider Fuyao as a huge success. Even Yang Mi’s fans on weibo are not that enthusiastic with fuyao. Maybe that’s why I don’t consider Fuyao as a huge success. 

    I just saw it on Tencent some time back, so I just couldn't figure it out why it is only through iQiyi now. But this is not important. Webseries don usually have high viewers but I think they are picking up recently.  Also, like I reply previously, this drama is a huge success and I know that. I can say this is more successful than Fuyao. But of course there are mixed opinions on it because there are many who say since the online is the exclusive distributor, the online view is the hit but if it is also aired on tv, the view will be split. But of course I don say this is not successful. I know it is successful or even more successful than Fuyao maybe by the buzz it gets. What I mean is just because this drama or other dramas are more successful, it doesn't mean Fuyao is not. Just like me, I don have a lot of money as Bill Gates or such but I also consider my life is successful. But it is fine actually. Different people have different opinions and they have their own benchmark to define success. Fuyao also has its own success to my opinion. I don think we should proceed with this discussion since it is not going anywhere anyways and no right or wrong here. It is just a matter of opinion. I understand different people have different opinions over things. It has been nice chatting with you here. Thanks a lot for discussing and sharing with me.

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  18. 40 minutes ago, Di~ said:

    I forgot to answer this. TMoPB aired daily, 2 episodes on sunday until thursday and 1 episode on Friday and Saturday 


    as for how many views fuyao might get if it’s broadcasted on 6 platforms (full force), I guess that it would not be as successful as TMoPB. Fuyao didn’t create much impact as TMoPB did. When TMoPB was airing, it’s like the whole china are watching and loving it. But it didn’t happen the same way for fuyao. 



    of course the number of days matters, the reason is simple, the number of views is counted everyday. And 60 days are twice as long as 30 days. It would definitely get more views in 60 days than in 30 days. 

    No one knows the soup is good until you taste it. The same thing for Fuyao, no one knows what happens to the views since it hasn't broadcasted through many platforms yet. But if you are just sharing opinion, I could share as well that it can happen. Nothing is impossible but still Who knows since no one has tried it yet? Regarding how many days, I don think it matters. I can say that TMOPB airs daily, that means more view increase daily as well. But Fuyao only airs 4 days, that means the view only increase for those 4 days when the new episodes release otherwise it remain stable. I have Tencent also and I observe that the view is not active much when no new episodes release. So I don think the days matter. But you can say Fuyao airs a week longer since Fuyao has 8 episodes more if both have the same schedule of airing (Fuyao schedule) but 1 week won't make much difference. Regarding the whole China watch or not, I am not sure. but I know Fuyao has a disadvantage of World cup in the first month it is aired and it is not aired on the prime time either, and it air exactly on the time the World cup is aired. So the buzz is more around World cup rather than Fuyao, but I appreciate Fuyao picks up the buzz later. I have a lot of friends in China as well, all of them told me their surroundings are crazy over Fuyao. I don say Fuyao is more popular than TMOPB. I just say both dramas have their own charm that people could enjoy. Also, both have their own sweet popularity and memories in people's heart. Once again, I feel like we should not spend time comparing these two anymore since they can't be compared. I will just enjoy both dramas and remain a good memory in my heart.

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