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  1. So I made my brother watch WWWSK (this is his first Kdrama to watch) and whenever a LYJ-KMS scene was on, he would say, “aren’t they together??” Or “they should date in real life” My brother is 100% straight so this is a straight guy’s opinion haha.
  2. It looks like a drink. I agree with some shippers here. I wouldn’t ask someone to check something out for me (in this case, smell) if that person and I aren’t comfortable with each other. I think we can all agree here that they both feel comfortable with each other off-cam. They’re either really close co-workers or they’re dating. I choose to believe the latter I trust the fancams, and not what they do in front of the cameras. Haha
  3. I think we all noticed how PSJ is so manly now, after WWWSK! I mean, his vibe and the way he acts, he’s totally giving the “I’m ready to get married” look (lol forgive my delulu mind ) Him being “stiff” last night when they left the venue, not waving to fans as much as PMY, I think is because of the manly vibe he’s giving off.
  4. I would prefer #2 because PPC marriage is our goal as shippers Also i’m enjoying the ride as their shipper because there is mystery. That is why I would prefer them to be ninja and drop hints once in a while, and keep me guessing. But whatever they decide to do, of course i will respect it.
  5. Yes!!! The fact that they left TOGETHER is a hint. I believe that both managements had an agreement about this and they’re really testing out the waters. I really hope it turns out well for the Kmedia (gawd theyre not exactly easy to please, are they). I also hope that our PPC knows that here in our own little shippers world, they have our blessing LOL
  6. Because PSJ's dog is named Simba and everyone was bugging them why their dogs have basically the same names! (and same breed ) Coincidence? I think not
  7. I'm not entirely sure what she meant by that because I'm not sure if the english translation is 100% correct. But from my understanding, "Because you, like actress Park Min Young, we cried together and was hurting too" MIGHT mean that fans saw themselves in PMY, because like the fans, PMY is a real person. She hurts and cries too. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. What she said is open to interpretation though. I think it's best we hear from a korean because sometimes translation in english is different from what they really mean.
  8. @twoparkcouple Did you have an opportunity to take a photo with her? I'm so happy for you, i wish I were there to show my support to her
  9. Thank you friends for sharing these posts!!! It makes me so happy! She's so hot dancing and it's so funny that her special guest is Leon Please continue sharing posts about her fan meeting, I'm loving it!
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