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  1. Welcome to the forum sis. Have fun and continue to support ppc. Please stop arguing here when you say that everyone here because love and believe in ppc and time will be something to prove yourself that Why are you here?
  2. Thank you sist. I understand that you want to protect them, just like all of us here. But I want you to stop arguing in here because it makes this atmosphere not fun for us.
  3. Two bracelets he wears throughout this period and seem to be important to him. The first one, his friend bought for him. The second one, .... bought for him.
  4. I intend to post her account. For she to know And let other people here know. You do not worry I intend to delete posts within 48 hours.
  5. She intended to post in her IG show it was obscene with Seo Joon to Min young. Her thoughts are dirty. ps. don,t quote photo sis
  6. As far as I know , Pictures from ig were not selected by the producer. The producer and PSJ talked about the format of the event before fun meeting and every pic is chosen by himself. And of course he had to ask her permission first.
  7. It is difficult that they will buy a set cake from the same shop from many shops in Seoul. We should wait to see because PSJ said that only time can tell. We should give them personal space and ask that we wait patiently.
  8. As PSJ once said that Only time can tell. We've been waiting patiently for more than a year...and I believe we can wait continute... Waiting to see ... ps. @duopark Please do not refer to others shipper in here. thanks
  9. It's an old article and it seems that it is not the whole truth. You should not give importance to this website.
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