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  1. You do not worry sis. I am a allergy. I hate people who smoke. If he is a man who smokes regularly, I wouldn't love him. He used to smoke for his career and society. He is known in the entertainment industry as a person who loves clean health. Throughout the past, he never made me feel disappointed that loved him.
  2. "It was an unexpected romance because it all started as an innocent friendship. However, as they got closer and started supporting each other, it turned into love."
  3. HEY !!!!!!! I am PSJ' s solid fan and I love PMY too(You can check out my old comment that I always support and protect PMY.) because she is the person he loves. I accept all the criticisms of bad things about PSJ. I never protect PSJ in the wrong way. Facts are stubborn things. If you don't like others talking about PMY in the matter that it is not true. But you shouldn't talk about PSJ like that too. If you don't like PSJ, you shouldn't talk about PSJ in the prejudice or if you don't know about PSJ, you can ask me. I can give you the right information. PS. I think this place is suitable for people who support PSJ and PMY. (Not one)
  4. Do you believe? I read his interview. It made me cry. I have always been monitoring his developmentin in the entertainment industry. I love him like my brother. He never let me down. I am very proud of him. I will support him forever
  5. To PMY I want to send my concerns to you. When I watch this CF and drama of you, I do care about you. You were very thin and your eyes didn't look as bright as before. It may be because you is tired of hard work and looks like you is resting a little with your busy schedule. PMY!!!!!!! >>>> Take care of yourself >>>> Go easy on yourself! >>>>>Don’t work too hard! >>>>Take care of number 1! >>>>Stay healthy! >>>>Go and put your feet up >>>> Please I’ll always be by your side and I’m behind you all the way From JINGJAJA (PSJ's fan)
  6. If you observe, PSJ does not move any time during her drama on air. I know that PSJ will try his best not to snatch the limelight out of PMY. It means that he is ready to support her work. No matter what kind of relationship they are in. He has a warm heart.
  7. I don't interested and care about what their relationship. Choice the answer is what? I love everything about the drama WWWSK because it's about PSJ who I love. No matter which part of the DVD they are cutting out It made me a little disappointed too. But now i'm ok. PS. I am PSJ's solid fans but I never call shippers as fake fans. I admire all shipper. They have good wishes for the ones I love.
  8. I understand them. I am PSJ's fan. I will just blame his agency. I will not refer to other agency.
  9. I am very disappointed with PSJ's agency. They insulted my judgment in viewing. If you will cut this content so much. You should not allow it to be produced in the first place.
  10. Do you have a way to contact their agency? I think it's not fair to consumers who have already paid for the product. Even though they insist on changing the content. But they should be blamed.
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