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  1. hahahahahahahahaha My husband woke me up from my dream. And told me to cook for my daughter Ok, I should wake up from my dream.
  2. I accept that I started to focus on PMY because PSJ. But now I feel that I might like PMY more than my PSJ. OH!!!!!She is so cute. Importantly, I love her dog too.
  3. haha just joke... I mean, he always likes to post photos on his IG when going abroad. Except Phuket
  4. I heard the news that Park Min Young will have a Chinese drama after the drama "HPL". This year she worked really hard.
  5. I saw the clip when he arrived at the Bali airport. I was very worried and concerned about him. It seems that fans are not very organized. I hope that the fans will be more comfortable for his work.
  6. My husband just feels annoyed because I like and crazy PSJ so much..... look like more than him.HAHA I used to force him to take me to LA to find PSJ. Not like that. He said PSJ touched PMY's breast Because he wants me to be angry. He likes to pretend me. Actually, he must accept that he is ranked second in my heart. Because the number one in my heart only gave PSJ.
  7. My husband doesn't like Park Seo Jun. Because he was annoyed that I watched WWWSK every day. He likes to say that PPC are in relationship to make me feel angry, haha. He didn't know that I was a PPC shipper.
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