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  1. In my opinion, Jojo break up with Sun Oh because she doesn't want to get hurts, she already like Sun Oh deeply and afraid that she will always rely on Sun Oh, depend on him and she afraid that someday Sun Oh will left her. When life getting hard, Jojo glad that she has someone who loves her. She already made a promise to herself that she won't crumpled, so before it happen she broke up with Sun Oh. I'm as reviewer feels that it's not fair for Sun Oh, he doesn't know what his mistake and we see that Jojo is actually struggling too, so actually we are not satisfied about their separation and we already growing to love them both. If only they make it like a common teenage broke up, I would very glad Jojo goes with Hye Young. But they make it us pity Sun Oh and love Sun Oh and think that Sun Oh deserved love that he yearn. Sun Oh is a bit selfish because he wants Hye Young will always by his side and HY 'cheat' on him because he likes someone else He wants to get the woman so HY will be broken and can back to him again (it's a selfish and foolish action, I know, but it's cute at the same time ^^) but he end up liking the same woman as HY. Sun Oh always feels that he would never been loved by anyone especially by his family and only Hye Young who loves him for the entire life so you would understand that he doesn't want to lose HY love for him. He jealous of the woman whom HY loves. Sun Oh is the type of straight forward person, so he repeatedly asked HY if HY likes Jojo but HY always denied it, so Sun Oh takes action. If HY honest and said yes he likes Jojo the I think Sun Oh would never stole his best friends crush. He would be jealous and hate the woman who already steal HY from him In the next 4 years, I thought Sun Oh will forget Jojo and move on but he still like her. He feels more betrayed when he found out that HY make a move on Jojo behind him even after she broke Sun Oh heart into pieces. They were young and foolish back then and I quite understand about their actions but now they are much older and back to square 1 when no one get Jojo. This is the real 'competition' who will end up with Jojo. I hope that they would fight fair and square, no more lies and no more noble idiocy, that's why we need Season 2!! But the story in Webtoon ruin my mood :D As for Hye Young .. he always be that kind and warm person. In the real life, everyone would love to have boyfriend like that. But we are in a drama dimension and needs some salt, sugar and sour to make it delicious. Even if JJ will choose HY, Sun Oh must end up with a girl that much much better than that blonde girl whom I can't remember her name. Sun Oh deserved a woman that we also love, just like when we like Sun oh. Because to honest, that blonde girl is just like an extra and doesn't give a big impact to me. I don't know if it's because the cast, the act or the character, but I'm not satisfied. In the Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flower), I love Suzuki/Ha Jae-kyung character and think that even though Domyoji/Gu Jun-pyo will end up with her I wouldn't mind because her character is so strong and at the same level as Makino/Geum Jan-di as first female lead. I am team Domyouji and Makino (Girls always like bad boy, in their imagination ) but I am very sad when Rui/Yoon Ji-Hu not getting any girl, he still love Makino and support them till the end and it's makes me cry T__T. I don't want Sun Oh or Hye Young end up like Rui :'(
  2. OH My God .. You speak my mind! I'm so agree with you with every word you said (ok, the last one I think I have different opinion but let's talk about we agree on Oh .. and I always forgot to mention one thing. The cinematography is DAEBAK! I think Love Alarm is the best drama based on Webtoon in term of executing. I love Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim and everything about it but then Love Alarm come along and it just jaw dropping.
  3. Just finish the whole 8 episodes last weekend and I was devastated by the ending! I don't want to spend money on webtoon so I was looking ANYWHERE for the SPOILERS and who will she end up with. I got the SPOILER and now I don't want to wait Season 2 anymore If the ending same as webtoon then I'm Doom! I got everyone points why they like Sun oh or Hye Young but just like Hey Young said, you can't stop your feeling when you love someone and I'm already set my heart to him. I just wish that the drama would have different ending with the Webtoon, to keep my heart save
  4. I vote Nam Da Reum too!! I think that he would be a great actor
  5. Actor that young enough to play as high schooler but has a great acting, I'll vote for Yeo Jin Goo for this. I love Song Kang in Love Alarm and I think he's just perfect for the role but for this one I am not sure. I haven't read the webtoon yet but looks like the role is so dark and I'm nervous can Song Kang deliver it. I really hope that he can make a break through with it, well I guess he already did with Love Alarm though I heard the Female lead would be the girl as Jojo cousin in Love Alarm, and it turn me off. I think she's so lack of acting, I hope she would do a great job in this drama.
  6. I’m glad that finally we get the kiss. Actually I can’t really see when ZZ start to realize her fellings for SPC because her expression still the same as before. Yes, she sees that SPC grown up and mature but sje juat smile and encaurage him just like she always did. So I’m a bit confusw though. Is it the script writing or directing that makes me feels ods. Nevertheles I love they finally and officialy going out now.
  7. SPC is ‘going to’ marry Luo ans ZZ loks like happy to hear it! OMG .. I just want to smack her head. This gorgeus man is falling in love deeply with her and wants to do everything to her but she blind enogh not to see it!!
  8. Since the drama title is My True Friend .. it is really a story how you make a friend. ZZ and SPC are the true friend but I can’t wait until they are more than friends!!
  9. You mean ‘Gods’ drama? That drama was filmed long time ago like 4 years ago and just released this year. That time when DL only has a support role. btw, I just found out that Graduation Season with Krystal jung was filmed in 2016 and expected to release in 2020?! It’s so outdated. I don’t chinese regulations but why it takes so long to have a drama release? Thanks God that Ashes of Love doesn’t take that long to have release. If I’m not mistaken they filmed around 2016-2017 and release in mid 2018.
  10. We already halfway to the end but the progress of ZZ and SPC is sooo slow .. I want to jump in to the episode when ZZ realize her feelings. And ZZ doesn't know yet that SPC is a heir. I don't want they make it in rush. I need some romance and kisses!!
  11. Is there any character like Xu Feng in Chinese dramaland? I think he's the only one I need more of DL as Demon King .. and just wish that he will have one but it seems his upcoming drama is in modern style.
  12. @starry58 I want to watch DL again but not yet found the good one. He's in God looks promising but he's only has a support role. I'm abut to watch Sweet Dream but I'm not really into Dilraba. That Hang Tai or whatever, not into the female lead also (I have so many qualification for this :D) The one that seems interesting is True Brothers, that evil smile!!
  13. My thought: 1. Who can resist Deng Lun smile! (even without Xu Feng dimples in novel) 2. I skipped Run Yu and Demom princess extra 3. I like that they put story for Run Yu but it's too long! 4. I'm ok added Demon princess romance story but again, it's to frinkin too long! I want my Jin Mi x King Yi story undisturbed! 5. I want more screen time Xu Feng as Demon king (since I'm drooling with his costume and hair style!) 6. Why they don't add screen time for post marriage just like in the novel epilogue???!!!
  14. I heard this drama last year during Meteor Garden 2018 but not interesting enough to watch once I saw the CG poster Oh .. and I remember someone mention Deng Lun in MG thread as comparative with Didi (I have fallen for Didi since MG :D) After finishing Ten Miles of Peach Blossom which I think a good c-drama and makes me one to watch others. So many recommend Ashes of Love and I give a shout and fell in love afterwards. After watching a long 60 episodes, I have withdrawal syndrome. I read the translation novel in 2 days, searching the BTS and re-watch my favorite scene again (mortal realm)
  15. Oh I can't wait for the broadcast and the sub please!! Cuz I miss my OTP
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