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  1. Finally have started watching this after One Spring Night. Can someone tell me exactly what the age gap is supposed to be here? They say she is 35 at one point. When they go camping, those girls seem to be early 20s. How old is the lead actor supposed to be? He seems to be 26/27? Also, love both the leads. She is hilarious and he is infectious. He smiles with his eyes.
  2. Thanks for the above replies/explanations. I've watched 2 other K-dramas one I loved (my first first love) and one I could not get into (boys over flowers). At first, I thought this drama was really slow. But, I've grown to really love how long the camera lingers on each character so you actually feel like you are there experiencing the emotions they are experiencing which feel much deeper than the other two shows I've watched. I also feel like the lead female character is really strong/compelling in this show like in my first, first love and it is nice to see supportive mothers.
  3. American watcher hoping someone will kindly answer some questions about this drama/South Korean society. Maybe the subtitles are a little off, but I am currently on episode 8 but wondering the following: 1. Is being a single dad really this taboo in South Korea? They basically refer to Ji-ho as damaged. Is this because he was never married, had sex outside of marriage, or because the mom left him? What part is considered shameful or is it all of it? 2. They are constantly referring to Jeong-in having a hard time if they were together. Is it again because he somehow brings shame to her by having a child? 3. She has broken up with Gi-seok multiple times at this point. I don't understand. Does he have to agree to the break-up? Why does she have to do it in person? And, why would she be viewed as a cheater at this point when she has broken up with him already and he isn't getting the point? 4. Are divorced women taboo? I don't understand why Seo-in needs to give up her career opportunity because she may get a divorce? 5. Is Ji-ho supposed to be a lot older than Jeong-in? Is Jae-in supposed to be inappropriately younger than the guy she is chasing? 6. It is obvious that Ji-ho's family is less wealthy than Gi-seok's. But, I feel like in America, Ji-ho's job as a pharmacist would likely require more education and be paid higher than Gi-seok's position as a bank manager. He also drives that nice volvo. Is Ji-ho supposed to be of a different social status than Jeong-in and Gi-seok? Thank you!!!
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