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  1. I became a fan of PSJ and PMY because of their perfectly synchronized portrayal of VC Lee and Secretary Kim in WWWSK. I didn’t know either of them prior to WWWSK and I’ve not seen DOTS or SSC. I’m here simply because I like PPC’s chemistry. Oh, they both look compatibly good together too. I too voted diligently for PMY and PSJ for the APAN Awards as a token of my appreciation and support for them. Of course, I was also hoping to see them attending the awards together and I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t affected by their non-attendance but still I believe they knew what they were doing. Whatever their reason might be for not attending, I’ve no reason to judge them for I do not know them personally. Why the guilt? It was just unfortunate that you words was taken out of context and twisted into something else.
  2. @Matilda_Anne You’re definitely not alone.. I too, have watched at least thrice and still trying to move on from WWWSK.. LOL.. Oh, btw.. I like Song Triplets too.. @Cheryl295 Glad to hear about the improvement. I’ll check it out later.
  3. When I try google search PMY, the TV Show list not showing WWWSK. Maybe those sending feedback to google for WWWSK to include PMY as the female cast lead, can also send feedback to google to include WWWSK in PMY's TV Show list. @saved2K PMY is now listed as cast of Busted. They heard you loud and clear.
  4. There was a Casting Call listing for The Divine Fury with production in Aug / Sep in LA, CA. So.. possibly PSJ is in LA for filming.
  5. @minseojoon Thank you for the welcome and assurance that it is never too old to spazz.. LOL @ememoonie Hello there, my fellow friend.. Good to know we are from the same country! @leiron08 Phew.. what a relief.. So, so glad to know another working adult on this ship. Yay! The much deserved, long awaited Phuket trip is finally happening. Well done to the entire WWWSK team! To be honest, unlike most of you all here, I do not know about PMY or PSJ prior to WWWSK. I took interest in them because I was surprised by their physical and psychological realness in WWWSK. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought the characters were created specifically for them. So I did some reading (interviews, articles, entertainment news) on PMY and PSJ. I won’t elaborate on details since this thread is easily accessible by anyone. Anyway, the more I read, the more they are coincidently involved (in other words fated / destined). To me, if it’s meant to be, it will be. You can run, but you can’t hide. True love will never fade and will find you in the end. Hence, I’m okay with their current ambiguous situation. My interpretation of PPC – Phat Park Couple (Pretty hot and tempting Park Couple) If PPC is not careful in Phuket, they might combust and burst into flame! Irresistible! Sizzling hawt! Get my drift? LOL..
  6. Hi everyone! I’m from Malaysia. The intense ‘electrifying’ chemistry between PMY and PSJ in WWWSK piqued my curiosity and brought me here. Took me some time to read up the whole thread – it was fun and informative. Just want to say a big thank you to all for sharing. Although I think I’m too old to be a shipper.. LOL.. but I can’t help but look forward to PPC news update and hope that eventually PPC will walk down the aisle together. Wow! Good to know that WWWSK Director's Cut Blue Ray DVD production is now confirmed.
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