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  1. I was feeling the mom has an illness when she keeps asking about marriage and DJ to takes care of SG. what a tearful episode. when the mom recognized SG.... so far every cameo of HSG, they portrayed her very well.
  2. Not anymore since Joohyuk and Hyewon are divorced. Hope the teaser is not a mislead and Woo-Jin and Joohyuk really go back next week episodes.
  3. OMG her username for a second I thought she is being emo but after I saw her bio, it’s not like that Emo - Aunt in Korean
  4. I agree. Joo-Hyuk doesn’t remember Hye-Won is his wife. To me, Joo-Hyuk is someone who doesn’t think before making decision or the consequence of his action. If Joo-Hyuk wants to make it right, like you said divorce Hyewon and tries to pursue Woo-Jin if he really does have feeling for her again. Basically, Joo-Hyuk is making Woo-Jin falls for a married man and he is falling for her. This is very wrong. It’s doesnt matter if they are married in the original timeline.
  5. Woah woah..... Joo Hyuk is unbelievable! He hated Woo-Jin so much when she first started the job even try to get her to transfer to a new branch and now he is all over sensitive to her. Let Woo-Jin lives her life. I know that they are ex but this is so wrong. This is a new life for both but he can’t seems to take that in. He made a change to their life because he doesn’t want to be in her life anymore. Furthermore, Joo-Hyuk seems to forgot about Hyewon who he was so desperated to marry. I feel bad for Hyewon. Her husband forgets her and a college student trying to scam her for wealth. At first, I pitied Joo-Hyuk and understood his choice to change his life but now he is just an inconsiderate, thoughtless and “toxic” man. Edit: THANK GOODNESS! Joo-Hyuk realizes what he was doing the whole time at the end of ep 6.
  6. Joo-Hyuk wants new wife but he can’t let his original wife go
  7. Joohyuk seems to focus more on his work than his wife. He doesn't give both Woo Jin and Hyewon the attention they needed; listen to Woo Jin's concern and problem & be around and lovey-dovey with Hyewon. That's why Woojin blows up and Hyewon is falling for the college boy. It's not that Joohyuk is 100% at fault in this marriage-goes-wrong. To fix this, both wives should understand his work environment and he should give his wife attention. To really blame on this is Korea's working environment; too many overtime.... and call out even after work hour... This drama makes me realize how important one-on-one talk in marriage.
  8. This is the first time I ship the female lead with second lead male (Dongmae) lmao ep 11 is too depress for me
  9. It's Okay, That's Love Kill Me, Heal Me My Love From Another Star Secret Forest Because This is My First Life
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