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  1. The whole time, Yong Shik did not suspect Heungshik(?). He was right from the beginning of the CCTV installation to the end. Yeah like some of you, I used to like Hyangmi but she is becoming more unlikable.
  2. WARNING: RANT I seriously hate KJR. He is so annoying. What Yongshik said is right - KJR left DB because he have everything but YS will give up everything for DB. That is the biggest different between these two. He "blamed" DB for his behavior changes. A real jerk... Boy just forgot about his daughter? Does KJR not think about the consequence of his action? He is currently married, a father, and a celebrity, if Jessica finds out about Dongbaek and Pil-Goo, with her personality I don't think she will stay quiet. Why he acts like he entitle to Pil-Goo because he is his son? Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. What can he make everything right for DB and Pil-Goo when he can't control his currently marriage. What makes my hate him the most is when he told Yong Shik to stop liking DB because Yong Shik pity her or why YS like a single mom.. JOKER - Suspect --- The repair dude. The Joker know where the CCTV is at and he was the one who installed it. --- Mr. Noh is suspicious too. His clumsy personality might throw we off but most murderers aren't they seems to be. --- Joker is must be someone we already see. He can't be someone we haven't see. What confuse me the most is that Dongbaek isn't the joke of the town anymore. I mean she is not bullied as usual. She changes, she will stand for herself.
  3. I will be mad if they make JR's wife bullied DB because she finds out about DB. DB suffers enough. Is DB's mom really has dementia or she is faking it? Is she the one who save DB during her encounter with Joker couple year ago. I feel like she is.
  4. After re-watching the ending scene, I come to understand it now. When JW left the Jung Hwa said he needed to finish his novel, then she realized she had his book so she went after him. It is JW in MJ's form in the elevator- that's the writer way of telling JW is like MJ now. Jung Hwa has a good feeling about something's off, that's why she saw MJ instead of JW. When she realized JW killed everyone. The teeth bracelet is disgusting. I don't know about y'all but many drama have shown of how incompetent Korean polices/detectives are and I believe it - Burning Sun, YG cases, the actress suicide cases. The detectives in this drama ignore Jung Hwa because they think there is too much work on finding the DNA of the syringe, finding the detective if he is really on vacation. The cat serial killer is not a red flag? Or missing people from Eden? The thug last phone call? JW's constantly not wanting to go to Eden? Several people around Eden owner died and she got several insurance?
  5. OK, I didn't get the ending at all. When JW killed MJ, is it just his imagination? Was his body not found by the police and detective? If not how could they be sure MJ is dead. The scene when Ji Eun saw JW talking to himself, that's confusing as well.
  6. the broken union between these three is cause by their doubt and wariness of each other. Isn’t this the same with Asa Ron, Mihol, Tagon, and his father? Everything will repeats. Those who are power hungry will never truly satisfy until the end of their life. Some might be disappoint by the ending but I love it. It shows the rise of both Tagon & Eunseom and sign of a war and the end (the real fun part). Edit: I just rewatch the ending and it seems like Saya is leading the Saenyeok(? I don’t remember what they are called or spell) soldier. Does that mean Mirror, Saya, is the opposite of ES? He will go against the Sword instead of fighting with?
  7. If they can’t make another season with the same cast, hope they can at least do manhwa/anime of it. But from the interview, seems like there will be another season. This is just an introduction. Wish they make this a 50+ episodes drama like other historical drama but I can understand why they want to break this into seasons. *costs*
  8. They better not harm Ji Eun! The boss is a real jerk. He literally call her to meet up and straight up told her he is coming to her but thank god she declined right away! her supervisor is a real b*.. She bullied her everyday because she is dating. Her face changes when she offer to introduce her to JW boss.
  9. Does Saya know Tagon is not his birth father? Taelha’s pregnancy reveal is unexpected. If she keep treating Saya like a puppet, he will definitely plot against her very soon. Boy cannot forgot who kills his love. ever since ep 1 when Tagon planned to kill all of the Neanthdal and Igutu, I never feel pity for him. He is willing to wipe out entire tribe just to please his father. They are his mother’s family and so is his but boy has no remorse. hope the second season will be more focus on ES, this season is mainly on Tagon’s rise and Arthdal. anyway XABARA IS LOVE!
  10. LOL I don't watch Suzy's drama so at first during the embassy meeting, her acting was off and I was like WTF what a bad acting but turn out she is a spy. Can't believe the female lead is involved in the death of the male lead's nephew death.
  11. So the murderer, Joker, kills women who are weak or bullied. I feel like the woman is Son Dambi's character after she stole the bracelet from DB or DB gives it to her. Hint from her character, she feels like she will die young and lives for today.
  12. There is no way they can wrap everything up in two episodes. I mean they need to focus on how ES gathers his army of many tribes (if not just Ago or Momo) and his attack on Arthdal, the reunion of Wahan & ES, reveal of Twin birth story, the Aramun Heasulla and fall of Mihol, Taelha, and Tagon. I feel like there will be another season.
  13. The bosses of both YJW and his gf are jealous and bitter. I feel like the female boss bullies the girlfriend because she is dating. Does YJW's boss like his gf? Boy just can't mocking YJW. I am curious if YJW will hurt his mentor.... that mentor is pushing him to his deep evil self.
  14. I think OP mean WX is responsible for Jin Ling’s parent’s death not JC’s.
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