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  1. Unlike Come Back Mister where two of the husband had to go back or their existence would be vanished, so it is expected for them to return by the end of the drama, however this drama the shaman lady said if Yuri is able to return to her place she can be human again. This drama is already unrealistic/fantasy so why not... I wouldn’t mind if Yuri has to return if everyone is heal; her mother, father, and sister get to see Seo Woo unlike right now and the husband and step mom are happy with each other and help the husband to overcome his trauma. Her death was so unexpected so everyone was hurting and struggling. What ever route the writer decide, I just hope it is satisfied.
  2. I was debating if I should watch this drama because of my past experience with Kim Tae Hee’s acting (Yonpal) but I cried during her emotional breakdown. Hope they don’t make the step mom an evil one or something.
  3. CMJ slowly becoming one of them; tossing carpenter ruler, performance drops, and into other people business.... HAHA I don’t want to said goodbye to this drama yet!
  4. Yes! Break his arms and the sister in law too. I really want to slap the 2nd SIL’s face in ep. 13. Can SR and the step mom clear their misunderstandings? When she said she not gonna sacrifice her daughter for her son
  5. I can’t stand the new chief! ok so the Dep 2 is responsible for their chief’s embarrassment when one of them didn’t show up but not Dep 1??! Like none of them show up right? yes! We might get the answer why MJ dislikes SW.... hope she got a good reason for that.
  6. Why some of y’all want a kiss scene so bad? Pervert! must be just me but I like it this way. Their actions, words, and expressions are enough to show how much they love each other. I sometime feel uncomfortable with kiss scene.
  7. It is understandable and realistic that JH can’t remembers SR face but remembered what she said and she is his type base on my experience. I had a crush on someone from childhood but I can’t remember their face. I do think of them and wonder how they been here and there. Sometime people face fade out and just remember the moment. If I were to meet them again, it is probably shock to know how they look like again. FINALLY our kdrama lover meets his favorite actres. I love how the gang grow to love Seri as much as JH.
  8. and..... there goes my ship.... I was SHOCKED! Like the most shock I have ever been! This is so unexpected! <--- this is literally my reaction.
  9. the King and EB cannot catch a break don't they... poor Eunbi now got frame for a murder. Glad EB realizes LK loves her not EK. The fox friend uses EB's father politic view to get what he wants as well as using the Prince too. If I understand well, the King also like EB's father ideal too or at least share the some ideal, no? That's why the King wants him to be his right man. I hope EB got the sense the fox friend is using her and cuts tie with him soon. For Young Ji, didn't the fortune teller told her she is reaching for something is not hers. Girl gets a hint.
  10. when Song Yi makes her first appearance, I know I saw her before and turn out she is Yooyoung from Hello Venus. She remind me of Yoo In Young which I thought its her.
  11. The prince better not to go full psycho like the prince in Nokdu. I am glad EB is not written as a female lead who turns her other cheek after a slap. Her moment with Song Yi shows she does not play around. EB is a smart person. She will know if her father suppose bff is playing with her.
  12. It is weird how the king loves Eunki because he think she is Eunbo. Now the king will like Eunbo as he think she is Eunki. Even though the beginning the one he like is Eunbo. Why do I feel like the father's friend is the real fox. His vibe is off.
  13. Oh my god someone is right about who is the Director! He is so creepy! LTJ is chosen for a reason. He know LTJ is vulnerable and willing to do anything for his son. Everything is planned out by the Director.
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