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  1. Haven't been here for ages! But my love for Park Hyungsik remains unwavered! I mostly post at the fan cafe.
  2. @anazs Life happens! It's okay. We are still on lockdown here on my side of the world. I just wish for worldwide healing. Hope everyone in here is safe as well. I kinda found my way around the cafe now. Thank you. Once I was able to comment/reply, I asked around. The members have been really helpful with the newbies and foreign members. I am still a few visits away from being able to read PHS' posts. I can't wait!
  3. Yes! I shall take my time. But I seem to go through all of it so fast. I may run out soon, then I would have to rewatch all over again. I can't get enough LOL. I heard about that fan cafe and how the contents can't be shared unless a member. I would love to join. I got as far as registering, I think? I just don't know how to navigate and find those letters/comments. Where do I reach out for help? LMAO. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you for the welcome, @anazs!!!! I feel like I became a fan at an odd time, when he is in the military and all. Updates are hard to come by. LOL. But just happy that I am now hahaha. Better late than never. At least I can play catch up.. going all the way back to his Idol days. Lotsa gold finds!!! Then the moment he discharges from military, all the more I look forward to be an active supportive fan.. I definitely caught the 'sik'-ness, and I don't wanna be cured LOL
  5. New fan here. I am kinda pissed I didn't discover him earlier. LOL. But thank you Netflix! He is sooooo good looking! Like cute and manly all at the same time. The eyes and his lashes are to die for. So expressive! Top that with great personality and multitalent! Seems down to earth too considering he came from a well-off family.
  6. OMG! Just discovered this gem on Netflix this year!!! I am soooo behind for the party LOL. But I am glad I did!! I love everything about this drama, and I am not the one that actively or really watches Asian dramas. This is actually my first KDrama. After 16 episodes, I am in love.. from the story to the chemistry of the OTP. Just everything! To top of it all, PHS is sooo dreamy!!!
  7. @Bojun Welcome to the club! I was late for the party as well, but earlier than you. LOL! I really thank Netflix for introducing me to this drama. It was such a gem to watch. And even if I have watched it multiple times too, not including my fave scenes only, I still can't over it until now. Hehe. If only they can have another drama in the future, who knows...
  8. Hi baby Lunlun.. been a while since I visited the thread. Rest assured, my day is still not complete without seeing your face in some updates or rewatching my fave scenes of your dramas. Actually need a new one now.
  9. Mango TV has some episodes subbed. Still waiting for them to complete. But I think at least 50% of the episodes are subbed already. DL is such a gem to watch. Waiting for Season 2!!
  10. Bummer! I wanted to hear Didi's voice. SYR sounds the same to me. I didn't really get to watch season 1 so can't compare. But I am also adjusting.. seeing DaoMingZi as NingQue LOL. And seeing SangSang instead of SanChai LOL. But I am liking NQ's and SS' chemistry. Sooo they are married??? He referred to her as his wife. Hope we get some kisses (not smack) and romantic scenes. Hihihi!! 2 episodes down. Might subscribe to VIP to watch more episodes and see how this goes... I am still confused with storyline and characters (watching the series with zero background prep which I should've lol)
  11. So this is it! I was surprised of the air date!! I can't tell from the trailers if Didi's voice is dubbed or is he using his own voice? Waiting on subbed episodes. Viki got license. Yay!!