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  1. Was able to watch epi 1. Thank God for subtitles! I just hope the one subbing this won't get tired and sub all the way to 48 episodes. LOL. I am already loving the dynamics of Deng Lun's character and how he portrays the role. I don't know anything about Angelababy and ZYL coz I am new to the Cdrama arena, but seems like they all have good chemistry. Hopefully not too much of the side stories. I just want the 3 main leads. @jewelsc Per the listed schedule, 2 epis everyday. So this will end by next month.
  2. We kinda have the same story. Growing up with the original MG era, I watched MG2018 and fell in love with Didi right after. Then Netflix suggested Ashes of Love (along with other dramas since MG was the first Asian drama I have watched). Checked out AOL since DL's visual was calling my attention, and fell in love harder with Lun LMAO. Since then, I never recovered. I can still rewatch (esp my fave moments like the Mortal and Demon realms) AOL like crazy and watch/read anything connected to AOL. Plus, I search for anything Lun now and follow whatever I can follow (language barrier issues) regarding him LMAO Agreed with all your thoughts. I would've liked a 63-episode drama focused on XuFeng and Jinmi entirely with only little side stories. More kissing scenes and intimate scenes would have been better too HIHI
  3. Just saw in Twitter that DL will be taping for Happy Camp with The Great Escape cast and Didi on the 29th! Wow! As fan of both Lun and Didi.. I am excited!! Hope we get English subs (request as always) LOL
  4. Just watch it in support of Deng Lun hehehe. His evil character is quite interesting based on the few epis that had English subs. He plays it well. And just look at his visuals LOL
  5. Thanks for the summary! The one subbing in YT is still at Episode 3, if I am not mistaken. I am just waiting patiently. Try DramaCool. They have the raw videos.
  6. I have not seen an english subbed one. If you do or someone does find English subtitles, please do share it. The show looks fun. Sadly, I can't understand too. LOL
  7. I hope they air this soon.. with English subtitles of course LOL
  8. At least you can still catch the drift. Me.. not at all, just some of their actions. I really wish I understand the language, esp now that I am getting into these Chinese shows (Thanks Netflix for the introduction) LOL. Anyway, they all seem to enjoy each other's company. I love DL and WDX bonding moments too! Like how DL was coaching WDX in counting from 20 to 1 in English. LMAO
  9. I love Deng Lun's billing in this drama.. as if he is a lead character. He is always with the 2 leads in every poster I have seen. LOL. I skimmed through the first 4 episodes, and I don't even see him that often. But makes me so damn proud as a fan how he transitioned to a star in 4 years. I still want to understand this drama. Not even auto-translating the Chinese subtitles can help LOL
  10. I am glad Deng Lun is getting some international attention. Hope they could show his dramas (esp. Ashes of Love) in many other countries coz watching on TV is still different than online viewing when it comes to recall.
  11. I hope so too!! I can rewatch it without getting tired of watching. Hahaha. Oh thanks!! Yes it is from Great Escape. It looks good, and those who understand it say it is good. Even though I don't understand a thing, I still find myself laughing so yah LMAO. DL is like the team captain, but it is so funny seeing him get startled so easily HAHAHA. He is just so adorbs
  12. Some fans can get really possessive. It is sad but it is a reality in whatever entertainment industry, I guess. And the actors themselves are limited by their managment team as to what or how they can respond to these fans. Sighh indeed.
  13. Oh I see. That sucks. Thanks for the info. Wait! What kind of relationship is this? Are they not in good terms? Sorry, my knowledge of Chinese entertainment is limited due to language barrier. LOL
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