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  1. Hi everyone! I’ve been a silent reader in all ysy related thread for 2 years but have to unlurk to share my thoughts. I’ve never followed korean drama this religiously ever but i made an exception to this because of ysy. He is such an underrated actor and i wonder why. The scene in courtroom with the paramedic especially had me in tears. As a medical profesional myself, i can totally relate. Paramedics work tireless day and night to save lives but sometimes there will be ungrateful jerk of drunkards. I’m glad that the paramedic was acquitted and even given recognition he deserved. We are really proud of our paramedics in my country and especially the ones from my workplace. They are unsung heros that often forgotten. This drama will be ending soon and I’ll suffer from ysy withdrawal. I know that he needs rest but is it greedy to ask him to take another roles by the end of this year? I hope he chooses more drama like this and not some sappy romance with a lot of kiss scene. He should be known as an actor who can transpire emotion through the screen and not some actor who is good at kissing. Sorry for the long rambling eventhough this is only my first post. I just need to share the excitement. Have a nice day everyone! (Back to hiding)
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