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  1. That's probably right. Personally, from the moment a ship is sailing I admit I lose a bit of interest for it. I love Ae and Pete and, of course, it's bliss each time they offer us a lovey-dovey-sexy scene But now that I know they are deeply in love and enjoying every part of being in a relationship with each other, I find myself being more and more interested in Tin/Can cause their story is all but a closed deal! I think what I love the most in a relationship is the very beginning, that state when the two characters aren't a couple already, these little moments of flirt, when they become aware of their attraction for each other.
  2. I wish there were more people like you in this world we are living in... Thanks for what you did for that woman, I’m very proud of you too! And thank you for telling us all about what happened, I’m glad I could read your post. It’s so important to share that kind of story...
  3. I remember the first time I watched Make it right I was feeling weird, like I was a perverted person watching an underage actor playing a sex scene better than the real thing. Tee (Boom) was only 15 or 16 when the series was shot, same for Frame (Ohm), and this series was so much more crude and sex oriented than LBC It really made me feel bad... Still now it's something I find strange : having a so young cast in a series with so detailed and realistic sex scenes, while, in another show, you can see actors who are in their twenties playing students at the uni who barely and reluctantly dare to kiss their lover on the lips (here I have 2Moons in mind)! That's a bit illogical to me... To return to the subject, I agree with you : Pete and Ae's first night was innocent and it's good as it is! This innocence in their gestures, this prudishness really gave me the impression I was watching this couple living a very special and unique moment, and that's obviously what it was happening so it's perfectly done! Now, logically, they'll be more comfortable with each other and eager to experiment more things together.... I really want them to remain as cute and pure as they are now, but I wouldn't mind them being a little more adventurous in the next eps. though (and that will happen with the bath scene).
  4. Hi guys! It's been a long time since I managed to come and chat with you on this topic... I missed it so much!!! Actually, even if I don't have time to take part in the discussions I read your posts daily to stay informed What can I say about the ep.9?? Like all of you I loved it!!! I think like most of you guys, so I won't repeat all you have already said in your previous comments. - I love Pond for being such a good friend for Ae. Despite being a bit "too much" sometimes, he always sincerely wanna help. - I love Pete for becoming a bit more self-confident and straightforward. He asserts himself a lot in this ep. and is now able to ask and tell what he wants directly, it's a great improvement! He has figured Ae out, he took Pond's recommendations and Ae's words into account and is trying hard to act consequently, that's great! - I love Ae for being him, always rough and ready. He always says what's on his mind with no filter, just simply bluntly...... My god, that "I'm hard" just killed me - I love their first night, it was cute and romantic. OK, OK.... I'd have wanted to see a bit more, but we are in a series and Perth is only 17 so we couldn't expect more (I'll wait for the english trad. of the novel to satisfy my curiosity ^^). But, I don't know, I'd have liked to see Pete and Ae a bit more sweaty, with ruffled hair and out of breath in the scene after, just for it to be a little more sexy.... But I'm being picky here, it was great as it was! I love Pete and Ae and their relationship, they are cute together and I like how each one has a positive influence in the other's life. I also really like their respective families (the scene at Ae's home in the previous ep. felt so warm and cosy, I nearly wished I was there with them all partying for Nong Yim's birthday! It really gave me the feeling I was present at a true family moment. And for Pete's mother, she is an incredibly kind and caring woman). - I love how Can and Tin can't stop thinking about each other, no matter if it's positively or negatively. I am more and more interested in their storyline and I can't wait to see some development in their relationship! At the beginning I only thought Can was a bit irritating and Tin was just a jerk, but my view about them has changed a lot. I loved seeing Can in a new light, being able to be serious about something (his discussion with Pete was a great moment). As for Tin, I've grown a real affection for him because I feel more and more that his awful personality is only a shell for a man who is actually very sensitive deep inside (plus, being mean is an easy and efficient way to draw somebody's attention while keeping a distance and protecting yourself ^^). Each time Can catches his arm to hold him back or drag him (from example in the preview of ep. 10), we can see a great emotion on Tin's face which is, for me, a kind of fear or vulnerability........... But fear of what? Seeing his shell being crashed? Or maybe of trusting somebody? It may be subconsciously for the time being, but I'm sure Tin is envious of Pete's new exciting social life... that's why he is so irritated by Can who saw right through him from the beginning! - I'm pleasantly surprised by Title, Tum in the series. I find him charming and really touching while playing his character. Tum seems to be so reliable and reassuring, no wonder Tar is going to fall for him and be able to overcome his philophobia thanks to his kindness. Another loooong week before the next ep.... Really, each week seems to last an eternity since the beginning of LBC But I'll gladly and patiently wait if it means so much quality as a result!!! For this ep.10, I hope the locker room will once again provide us (and Tin/Can) some memorable moments, and I can't wait for the bath scene and others lovey-dovey moments in Pete and Ae's newlyweds life ^^
  5. Now my dirty mind is wondering how far did they go in that locker room Ok, that Wattpad translation (I assume we all did some research ^^) let us know quite precisely what happened here... but it is in the novel, and we all know the series doesn't always follow exactly what's originally written. So, what do you think guys? I kinda agree with some of you who said Ae is moving a bit fast for a first time (if they actually did all that's written in the novel) considering Pete and Ae are young and above all totally inexperienced. Ae just timidly dared to kiss Pete and do some research on the internet just few days ago, and Pete is a shy and kinda uptight guy, so i was far from thinking I would see them making out in a public place like this so soon..... But I'm totally happy with it!! This moment is so full of emotions, it's an explosive mix between anger, fear, arousal, tension, frustration, desire... I think Ae can't control himself anymore and just follows his instincts, not really knowing what he's doing but simply going with the flow (and Perth really nailed it with this scene). In all case, I'd have paid a lot to be a little mouse and be able to hide in a locker during that hot scene ...... And I would have take advantage of the opportunity of being here to draw the curtain back on that **** window cause this blank screen just in the middle of the kiss is killing me
  6. I agree, I’m not too found of Pete’s kinda bowl cut which covers half of his face. I think he is way more handsome when his forehead is visible. But let’s get to the point : this ep. was so awesome (and so sexy OMG)!!!! I could totally wait several weeks between each eps. for a so moving and exciting result.... this is soooo worth it! The LBC team is really doing an amazing job here, thanks and grats to all of them (actors and staff)!! According to my personal tastes, the series is nothing but pure pleasure : a perfect ten so far Ok, perfection doesn’t exist and there are some regrettable little details here and there (like @baw74 said, about hair styling, for example) but the whole result is so good that I personally don’t even notice anything. More importantly, for now I don’t find any boring parts, the characters are really well played and endearing and they make me feel a lot of emotions. I’m more and more impatient each week waiting for the next part, and each week it’s even better than I was expected! I hope it will keep on like that and continue to pleasantly surprise us
  7. Yep I also saw that translation and I like it a lot more too!! Here we'd better wait for the official subs to be certain of what Ae's saying (let's hope it's close to the second version ^^).
  8. Warning : this post is totally off-topic! ... I just wanted to say how much I love our exchanges on this thread (and more generally on Soompi) That's so stimulating and enriching!! I love how each of us ventures an idea and then this leads to some very interesting discussions fed by all of our points of views and cultural differences. I'm so glad I decided to join you here! Moreover, it makes the wait between 2 eps. so much more bearable. Thanks for all that guys
  9. I'll probably come back later to write some of my thoughts on ep.5 but for now... I totally agree with what you're pointing out in your post SaQaroz, especially with the fact that Ae saying he's not handsome is not credible at all! Come on!! - Ok, people don't have the same tastes (fortunately), - Ok, Ae isn't very tall (actually it really isn't shocking, he is even taller than Can...), - Ok, he obviously lacks self confidence and is very modest, - And maybe there are "physical criterias of beauty" in Asia that he doesn't met. But, really... Who could dare to say he isn't handsome??? Perth/Ae obviously and objectively IS handsome, no matter how you look at him... I could have believe this in the mouth of some characters I've seen in other dramas or films I have watched (according to my tastes, of course. I have in mind Haruta from Ossan's love for example), but here no!
  10. As most of you, I'm quite disappointed by the latest episodes (since the one with the trip to Snowtown and the sea I would say). I could repeat what you guys have said in your previous comments, so I'll be brief (I'll try, for once ^^). Unfortunately, I can't find the delightful originality and carefreeness in this series anymore... I'm so frustrated because I feel like this amazing series which had such a great potential has been kinda wasted in the end! As I once said in a comment I'm not too fan of dramatic storylines, especially when it goes on and on for several eps (that's obviously only a personal taste : I prefer happy ends). There are only 2 eps. left before the end now and I'd have liked to end this series (which was once cheerful and funny) on a positive note, or at least with a clear situation. Instead of that, it seems that important mysteries and problems are all thicker and thicker / more and more complicated / simply put aside to leave room to some uninteresting slices of life... Seriously, who cares about this WTF tourism assignment which lasts soooooo long when Tee and Mork's relationship is still threatened??? I could have accepted that kind of scenes earlier in the series, but in the last eps. I think people want to see something else than these useless fillers (I'm not against fan service, moreover Tee and Mork are cute in traditional clothes, but I'd rather have some answers to my questions considering the series will come to an end soon). A shorter excerpt would have been enough to let us know that Tee has finally been accepted by Mork's friends. Moreover, I think it's a little illogical seing Tee and Mork posing together for pictures uploaded on social medias like nothing happened, just a few days after the great cataclysm they just went through... Concerning Gord and Morn, it's a pity that their story only begins to progress at ep. 10/12... Finally, the worst : when our four boys get Ton's camera back from the thieves....... big LOL!! This isn't credible at all, they are all neat young students and their attitude is far from being dreadful. It would have been some guys like Forth (2 moons), Mauk (Kiss me again) or Prem (Sotus)... Ok, they are quite aggressive and impressive. But Mork, Tee, Au and Ton : sorry guys, you're all fit and muscled but you seem just as dangerous as cute puppies ... And the advertising excerpt with that ridiculous ghost is just absurd (since when Cause you're my boy is a fantasy series??? At least, until then, ads were coherent with the series' atmosphere but this one... WTF??). Anyway, there are some good parts in this ep. : Au and Mork's conversation, Tee expressing Mork his gratitude (... it was about time!!!), Tee trying to stand up to his mother, Tee and Mork's little game to review their lessons (so cute, a kiss would have been welcome here... so frustrating!) ; but globally I find it disappointing. Of course I'll watch the two next eps., but I'm not enthusiastic as I was at the beginning because I think there isn't enough eps. remaining to have a really quality and satisfying end. We'll see...
  11. Maybe Mork means that Tee disappeared from his sight for a year because he couldn't even catch sight of him in school anymore (indeed Mei said Tee stopped going to class for a year, so for Mork he was nowhere to be found within the school). Then, when Tee came back to school after that, they were like total strangers even though they were attending the same school because life has gone on (that lasted for two years, until the beginning of the series when they speak to each other again)... And like that we indeed have 3 years of non-contact between them. Maybe it's just due to the slight difference in the word "seen" which can mean "see with the eyes, have in field of vision" or "see each other, hang out with"? Actually, given my english level I'm in no position to give an english grammar course
  12. Like Mellialuna said, it's strange to see P'Som in the credits when she only appears one time in the series! So I came to the conclusion that she must have an importance in the series one way or another... I thought about it and here is a theory : if I remember correctly, P'Som says in the only ep. we see her that she has a new man in her life... Couldn't this man be Tee's father!? Maybe that's a crazy idea but it could tally with what Tee's father says to Mei when they argue in Tee's room : something like "You misunderstood, I already told you that I'm not gay"... Indeed if he is in a relationship with P'Som who is to all appearances a beautiful woman, it's more difficult to define him as "gay" than if he was dating a guy "who totally looks like one". As for him, he probably considers his lover as a woman, but if Mei caught them in bed she could have seen the only part of P'Som's body that remains "manly"... that would explain why, in her eyes, her ex-husband is well and truly gay*. Does that hypothesis seem totally absurd for you guys??? * (I'm sorry, I lack of english vocabulary too much to be able to clearly express what I wanted to say here... So I hope it's still understandable and not too clumsy or offensive. I could neither find good turns of phrase nor better words. As for the word "define", it really doesn't suit me because, obviously, a person can't be "defined" by her sexual orientation, that would be a total aberration)
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