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  1. Me too! Has anyone else noticed in BTS footage all the female leads are SO uncomfortable and shy and run away? I’ve watched over 30 kdramas and watching the episodes everyone seems SO confident and it executed perfect then I get curious do a YouTube search for BTS and the girls are always so awkward. I watched BTS footage of W-Two Worlds and and the main lead literally ran out of the door after a kiss scene because she was so embarrassed and I watched it in the episode and you would have had NO IDEA she was feeling that way. They are really good actors it’s crazy.
  2. Omg. Read the replies back. It’s a fan site so I mean it could be a dream but hopefully not!
  3. WHAT!!!!!!????!!!! That only leaves the last 2 episodes that are going to be good?
  4. yes! and then when he can tell she's contemplating on getting off the bus he tells her to stop thinking about him because she already made her decision to not stay with him.. I was so confused by this and that's what made me think that maybe Lei honestly wants to be SC this time. I think I will have to wait until this ep comes out so I can actually see the before, during and after versus just what's happening for that minute, it may make more sense once we see the episode in it's entirety. I was a total SC+Lei fan in the beginning, I have converted to SC+DS for life but I can't help but feel a sadness and an ache for Lei+SC whenever I see him go above and beyond for her.
  5. Is it wrong that I was kind of proud of him? I feel he always lets her have a word in edge wise and she always says something to put him down or make him feel inadequate. It was actually nice to not see him get scolded or rejected by her and for once he stood up “like a man” and didn’t let her intergect any nonsense of pretending she doesn’t care and his feelings mean nothing to her. When deep down he means everything to her but she just can’t admit it yet. It hurts me more to see how upset he is after she says all the things he doesn’t want her to say. He actually told her to leave him alone and I think that made her realize, sh!t he’s done, DS hasn’t really acted like that towards her since he really fell for her. He was always begging for her love, begging for confirmation that she likes him and she barely ever gave it to him. So this scene was so vital for me that he finally said eff it and stood up for himself instead of letting her spew her nonsense lol.
  6. I am so happy I found this place lol. My husband and I watch the show together. Well who are we kidding I watch it first and then it usually takes him a few days after to watch with me again so I have all these questions and can’t ask anyone because he doesn’t want the story line to be ruined for him. It’s complete torture! Lol I have the notifications turned on and send to my email so I see ever reply LMAO
  7. So I watched the Lei serenading violin clip and after thinking about Lei and SC I do believe Lei is doing this to egg on DS. You clearly see her go to push Lei away when she possibly sees DS watching threw the window and he tells her not to be in a hurry to push him away etc. that’s not like Lei at all. He would never make her do something she didn’t want to do or force her to keep letting him hug her. I believe he’s doing it purposely so that DS sees and it sparks that fire in him. I believe Lei still thinks SC is conflicted with her feelings between the two of them and he’s going all lengths to show SC that he is interested to make her face her feelings and truly pick who she wants to be with to end this back and forth over all. But then Lei goes to London to win her back again. I’m not sure why but I’m thinking DS and his mom have a fight and SC is there and she either calls Lei to talk to him about it or Lei finds out something happened and that sent him over the edge and he is sick of seeing her cry and now he wants to see is DS will finally stick up to his mom for SC once and for all? but then you see DS and SC run to eitherother which looks like it’s in London. Is that after she gets in the car with Lei? Does she get in the car with Lei? Oh. My. God. My life right now!! Lol i hate waiting. It is such a curse to have a personality hat is just so inpatient I have to make up scanerios in my head to somehow make this love triangle all OK lol. Though it is is kind of annoying that DS needs a push all the time to fight for something that he has always been saying is his. If SC was his wouldn’t he not need so many triggers to go and fight for her?
  8. There's a "robot thing"? That sounds quite interesting lol. I did read the above persons scans of the scenes where SC is asked about Lei and if she likes him etc, I hope that's how it plays out in the show too. I feel SC and DS have such a turbulent confusing but amazing relationship. I ship them more than any TV couple. Idk how I'm going to feel when this is all done and over with. Re-runs for months lol.
  9. @enigmatic_zephy so your team SC and Lei? Lol. I am just so confused. He hasn’t his chance so many times. Even the scene when they were both in the bedroom together at Si’s house and he sai Not for
  10. First off. FU NF. I can’t believe this is the second week they’ve only released 5 episodes instead of 6 I guess it’s good because it kinda lets us enjoy the show for a little bit longer but ugh. This is my first time posting so it’s going to be long lol. Lei, so idk what’s going on. Is he trying to help them? Or does he really love her? He straight told Si “I love SC” so that really threw me off. I always thought he was a big brother figure but sometimes the way he looks at her is more than big brother. I’d like for it to just be in the open on what’s going on. We know who SC picks based on the bus scene but what leads up to that? THIS TYPE A NEEDS TO KNOW!!! Maybe he genuinely does love her and realized he made a mistake way in the beginning by picking Jing over SC? But in upcoming episode clips you hear Lei talk about still liking Jing and wishing he didn’t leave? where is the bus heading in the famous bus scene? Is it to the airport to go back to Jing and Lei was taking SC with him to maybe start over or to forget Si? Si and the crying scene. Why god why. This drawn out process needs to be done and they just need to be together. The actors are honestly great at portraying a real life scenario if this were to happen. You feel for them and want to yell at people for them lol ive never watched or read anything other than MG 2018 no BOF or past makes of the show so I’m just clearly speculating right now. All i I know is this show is pulling at my heart strings. It’s easily my first subtitle drama I’ve watched and literally my favorite show ever. We know the outcome after after the bus scene and I can’t even be happy knowing there’s an amnesia scene coming and it’s like they are all back to square one again. I did always wonder how in the world Si’ s mom would ever accept SC and I guess maybe the amnesia scene will be it? monkey girl. I know she’s back and I watch only on NF ask I’ve just seen up to ep30. She’s somewhere to cause trouble. Ep32? Idc where it is as long as it’s before the bus scene. SC and Si need to be together. I know they are young and have a lot of outside favtors playing in their relationship status but darn, college was never that difficult for me or anyone I knew ok thats it for now but im sure I’ll be back with more sadness until Wednesday at 10am EST when we get the next episodes here in the USA.
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