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  1. Well i could be wrong, as i said, take it with a grain of salt. And some men could misunderstand women’s feelings just cause she’s kind. And again, I could be wrong.
  2. No, he didnt mention pmy’s name. He hinted that yjs gives advice about a girl they knows, and the girl rejected him by saying they’re just colleagues. So it means they’ve work together. Pmy, lks and yjs works together on busted. Some fans mention that lks becomes hyper everytime he’s on the same scene with pmy. Its just assumption so take it with a grain of salt.
  3. dont know if should feel sorry or laugh reading this article. So basically almost every costar that pmy works with has a crush on her.
  4. Actually, how old is pmy in korean age? She’s 32 in international age, i think when she said 35 she was talking in korean age, which she is already 33 or 34, right? Chances are if she’s planning on getting married when shes 35, it’ll be next year or 2 years from now right?
  5. Its hard to forget about ppc though, now i always compare every single couples on romantic dramas or movies to them, its hard cause they made it looks so real. everyone who watched the drama questioning them selves, is it acting or for real. Watching other korean romance drama and wwwsk is like comparing angelina jolies movie with johnny depp and angelina jolie with brad pitt. Everyone that watched mr & mrs smith was questioning the same thing about them, which is what ppc is about, the chemistry is too real. Especially their bts and interviews.
  6. So, i’ve link posts about psj making heart eyes everytime he’s staring at pmy, as i’m sure everyone notice, just wants to show post that shows pmy staring at psj, i swear i’ll melt if shes looking at me like that lol, she might not be as obvious as psj, but doesnt she looked smitten too? And the way she keeps on pushing him and sticking like a glue the whole interview, i swear the only way they could sits closer is if she sat on his lap lol.
  7. i wonder which part of the press conference was this for them to make that eye contact again? Its their own secret way to communicate, why’s pmy nodding to psj?
  8. Wow, pmy looks exactly the same from her old picture.she used to looked cuter and now she looked more beautiful. No wonder on youtube interview, the host said that shes no longer cute, but has become beautiful.
  9. I love how pmy smiles when they’re kissing, for me, it shows how happy she is, as woman only smile when they’re kissing someone who they really really likes. While psj always seems like he got carried away when they’re kissing, he was so passionate like he always forgot to tone it down. On ep.8 when it was their first kiss, so many people commented how for someone who never dated and kissed before they sure are very good at it lol.
  10. Across psj theres 4 people, on his side theres only 3 people including psj. Pd nim is sitting right across pyo ye jin, so pmy must be seated right next to psj. I suppose they dont want to make news by seating so close to each other, but the thing is, the more theyre trying to not appear together on groups the more suspicious people gets.
  11. Eh, so he’s implying that he is in a relationship right now, but he doesnt think announcing it right now will bring good publicity rather he’ll announce it at the right time, which must means when they’re getting married, right? and since this is the answer to questions about his future with pmy, its safe for me to assume he’s talking about their relationship together right
  12. I don’t understand Korean language or writing, so i could be wrong, but maybe what they mean is noona and dongsaeng relationship, which translated in english to brother and sister, i could be wrong.
  13. @twoparkcouple thanks for the translation, its so nice having a person in this forum that could help us with the article, so thank you. Pmy said on her event in singapore that the group chat thats quiet is active again due to phuket trip. But i think the only ones that went were the intern guy and the crews right? So what group chat is she talking about? Group chat for actors and crews or group chat thats her stylists and psj stylist?
  14. Can you translate for us, when he answer the question about marriage rumour was it before or after the drama starts? And who knows about their dating rumor before the drama starts? Cause i’m really confused with the translation. Tia.
  15. I always thought the line ‘free pass’ is their adlib, it must have meant something personal for both of them. Look at those sneaky glance and secret smile, its like theyre talking with their own secret language. you know when you’re close with someone you could communicate with each other just by glances, thats why i’m having a hard time believing they just colleague, look how formal pmy attitude to lee tae hwan, maybe not secretly dating for 3 years, but definitely have their own history together. p.s. i always feels bad for lee tae hwan for being their third wheel everytime i watched the press conference videos.
  16. I know right? She’s so gutsy, i love that. Women dont have to be meek or shy, i just love how straightforward yet polite and confident yet not conceited she is.
  17. I dont know why, but i love this post, might be because psj always looking at pmy with heart eyes, he just cant help it.
  18. I dont think he’s shy when they’re filming the bed scene and the sofa scene though. More like getting turned on i mean on most of the kissing scenes they started slow and him almost always ending up sucking up pmy whole lips lol.
  19. 5 percents from the hate that she got before? Omg, what a thankless job being an entertainer yet not allowed to date their fave no wonder most korean celebrities has to be modest, cant imagine the hate from being a female celebrity whos proud of their own achievements. @saved2K most female celebrities that i’ve met is soooo tiny in real life, just by standing next to them makes me feel so humongous lol.
  20. Ah well, i suppose hatefulness will always sounds louder. I just get frustrated with this judgmental comments, why do people always so easy with throwing critics about someone’s appearances. I suppose i’m mirroring my frustration with people like this around me and comparing this with hate that pmy seems to always get. My own best friend went thru such a hard time due to people making fun of her weight that causes her to have eating disorder since we’re just teenagers, and i always blame my self for not noticing it my self before it was too late. I just wish for people to think before they speak. I guess its easy to forget that just because theyre a celebrity then we all get a say to their looks and personal life. Its so hard for me to see good in those people with that type of personality, those kind of person must always be hateful to everyone, i pity anyone who has to spend even a minute with them. Either theyre dating or not, i think we should always stands for bullying, especially since pmy went thru this type of pressure due to her dating her costar before, which causes her to take a break, so i do honestly believe it does takes a toll on her, from her interviews that i read and watched, she might seems to be a strong woman yet still very sensitive. I supposed, i just wants to picture her as a person first.
  21. Is it ok if i rant my frustration here? I hope no ones offended by this. so, while i’m browsing ig looking for cute posts about ppc, i read some of the awful comments thats written about pmy by other shipper. Since i’m new with this whole shipping stuff, its kind of weird for those other shipper to checked out posts about ppc, let alone commenting about it, and such a vile comments at that too. Some is about how shes older than him, which is by like 2 years only btw, i found this to be very sexist actually, while i’m sure those people wont even bat an eye if it was men thats way older than the women. and the ones that makes me so upset was the comments about how most of pmy body are fake, thats shes plastic, no real man wants to be with her. omg, what a very ugly mentality. I’ve known so many people that went thru plastic surgeries, and i’m very close to some of them. Those people are just like us, they’re human too, they have feelings too. There’s always a reasons why people willing to went under the knife, and most of the reason is not because theyre vain, its mostly because so many people with awful hearts making snide comments about their appearances, making them feeling insecure, and i bet those same people is the very same type of person who’s making awful comments about them being plastic. I’m not a fan of pmy, but i’m sure shes a decent person, so for people who loves to put down on others just because of their appearances, shame on you, i hope you’ll grow up soon and grow a conscience as i’m sure some of this awful people are adult too. I’m not sure if any of you awful people ever read this thread, but if you do, if you have no nice words about someone, just shup up.
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