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  1. Xuanji Palace is the zombie cave, but I never knew it was part of the Blood Lotus. All I really remember is the damn supervisor "killing" Prince Ning's mother in the Blood Lotus "hideout" on the mountain. The only problem I have with dramas that consist of a lot of romance is that they tend to overdose on it, and then forget about the actual story. That's one of the reasons why I love the story of Bloody Romance. The romantic scenes are mostly intertwined within the main story, and each scene has purpose. None of it is used to fill time. Part of the reason is the budget, because they couldn't afford to waste time on unneeded scenes.
  2. @jeppblackman I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability. 1. Not too sure, but Prince Ning addressed as the older brother, so I assume the emperor does know. 3. Don't know (sorry) 4. His mother was sacrificed to the Blood Lotus, but his grandmother was in the Xuanji Palace (if you remember that) 5. No relation 6. I don't think it is magical. It probably has tunnels in the lakes that go to rivers. 7. Yes she is a Juesha. I believe the rankings from lowest to highest are Disha, Tiansha, Juesha, Chief. The higher the rank you are, the less people there are. 8. Wan Xiang is not yet. It was probably her mission to become Disha before Wan Mei ruined it and Liu Guang had to finish it off. 9. Xing Feng is Cha Luo's shadow. Yes it is a felony, but rules are meant to be broken (like in real life). Plus, Cha Luo is the chief, so she can change the rules whenever she feels like it. 10. Don't know (sorry) 11. Chang An is a descendent of Princess Taiping, the daughter of Empress Wu Zetian. The so called throne is from the Tang Dynasty, but the date of this drama is set after Tang got overrun. Prince Ning is related to Chang An, because they are from the same family, but his father was the emperor of a kingdom in the years after Tang's abolishment. It gets really confusing, but it's the best I can explain it. Google may probably be your best friend. 12. Answered above, but you can google Princess Taiping. I'm sure you'll find a lot of useful history facts. 13. I don't really remember this part (sorry). 14. Answered in 7. 15. The greatest crime was running away right? That was to die. On another note, I've been seeing a lot of comments that people are dropping the drama because Gong Zi (Prince Ning) and Wan Mei won't be together. Damn why can't they just enjoy the story? lol
  3. Some spoilers and deleted scenes have been posted on My Drama List.
  4. I'm all in for season 2, even with an original script. I heard the author was the scriptwriter for season 1, so maybe season 2 will be the same person. I'm sure they'll follow what was completed from the second book up until the unfinished portions, then come up with new ideas. The script requires a team effort, but I'm certain the content will be there. The question is whether or not the pacing will be as good as this one. I tend to find pacing of dramas usually linked to the budget, so I hope they don't go crazy with the budget because that's when things tend to go wrong. You add more episodes, but if there's nothing to talk about, there's no reason to add them. Just save the money for other things, like better editing.
  5. The king (now emperor) was interested in Yue Ying. I'm not sure what he said though. Going to have to wait for the English Subs to figure that out. As for killing the king, that's the only question that remains unanswered for me. He either gave up, knowing that his brother was doing well, or he's still planning on it, but doesn't have the resources. That's up to your imagination. What would you do if your longtime bodyguard left you for someone else and the person you love only treats you as a friend? My guess is he's secluding himself or doing the above; thinking about how to usurp the throne. If you're referring to Chang An, let's not forget that rules can be altered, especially now that Wan Mei is leading the pack. By the way, if you already escaped, you can't die. It's like the saying "It's not illegal until you're caught." Gong Zi is fully cured. Episodes 31-33 if you need a reference. The message from Cha Luo's dress box was never opened, so there is no way to confirm whether or not he is actually a descendant of Princess Taiping. Therefore, the answer to whether or not the Xie's lied to him will be a mystery until season 2. You can say he was "king" for a brief period between episodes 32-35, as he did raise his own army under a new name in hopes of restoring the glory days of the Tang Empire.
  6. Exactly what I was going to post! Perfect explanations! I have another way of thinking that Chang An isn't dead. I NEED A SEQUEL! The open ending (leaning towards good) was perfect for this drama. Open endings are generally not well-liked, but I felt it was perfect for this one.
  7. Just finished watching the ending. It was great. I originally thought it was sad when Chang An "died", but when I looked deeper, his body was nowhere to be found. There's hope that he's still alive. I can't read Chinese that well so I don't know what the words on the fan say, but I've seen someone say that it's some kind of code to his current location. Overall, this is a pure example of quality over quantity. Although there were quite a few of plot holes, the pacing and the continuous story always made me quickly forget about them. Acting was superb, though there's still room for improvement. Cinematography was off the charts. I absolutely loved the narration parts with all the images, and the music was placed in the perfect parts. Still can't get over Tia Ray's song, it's just too good (and too short ).
  8. I actually have no idea what the difference between King and Emperor is. I'm studying Aerospace Engineering instead of Chinese history lol. King is "royal" and Emperor is "imperial", but Emperor is actually higher ranked than King. That's all I know. 'Later Tang' was founded by the descendents of the imperial "Li" family from the Tang Dynasty. Gong Zi and Chang An are blood related I believe, so yeah same dynasty. That's what all the hints suggest. I'm from Canada, so I'm not really sure about China. It is rated 8.9 on Youku. I have limited readability in Chinese (it's gotten a lot better in the past month since i've started watching C-Dramas). I'm a Cantonese speaker, so I've also been learning Mandarin in the past month. Right now, I can only understand roughly 60-70% of what they are saying, but based on their superb acting and the background music, I can roughly guess what's going on. That's why I think it's getting better. Honestly I didn't even want to watch the raws at first, but the itch became too big . I do not regret it at all now, and I'm happy that I did watch it and that it ends this week. The reason for being happy that it ends this week? I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my senior year if the drama was still airing, with or without subtitles . I watched it. It was really good up until early episode 41, then the scriptwriters got side tracked and wrote a partly draggy 13 episodes, which threw the pacing of the rest of the drama off. I would recommend watching if you like true love stories. The OTP was amazing, with their acting and storyline. Hopefully that helped!
  9. @enigmatic_zephy The relationship tree gets really confusing. This is what I came up with: Gong Zi is the son of Yue Qing Ya & his mother, but his mother was a consort/concubine of the previous emperor. It is a secret that no one knows, that's why he's still considered a "prince" His brother is the current emperor, and is interested in him because he's afraid that Gong Zi will usurp the throne. Chang An is a descendent of Princess Taiping, the daughter of Wu Zetian. I believe Princess Taiping is dead right now, because it's the latter stages of the Tang Dynasty or just after it. Cha Luo is all power hungry, and hates her so called "betrayers". That's why Xing Feng is starting to not love her anymore. Whether or not someone tells Chang An that Cha Luo killed the family of Xie because of Xie's rudeness means nothing imo. It does not change the fact that Chang An is out there to avenge the family of Xie It does not change the fact that Chang An's "destiny" is to reunite the country. I actually like the no kiss scenes. It gives the more ancient feeling. Correct me if I get this wrong. Tang Dynasty over, so it's just Kings, no emperor. That's why the Chinese subtitles use 王 instead of 皇 I don't know why the English subtitles use emperor instead of king. I'll still refer to "emperor" as it is in the English subtitles Gong Zi, Chang An, and the emperor's surnames are actually "Li", so I think they are currently in "Later Tang" In terms of up to episode 33, I feel like the story just keeps getting better and better. The ending must live up to expectations, or ratings are going to fall hard like what happened with Legend of Fuyao.
  10. The subs on youtube are decent. Some of the dialect doesn't have English subs (which is weird), and the timing at which they appear is sometimes off (either too early or too late). I have also found a few errors in the translation (even with minimal Chinese readability). I have found another website where there are English subs, but the words appear directly over the Chinese characters, which may be distracting. The subs are better though. Hope that helps if it's getting too itchy to wait!
  11. I told myself not to watch anymore dramas after Legend of Fuyao, at least not until after school started. Sorry, couldn't help myself seeing all the good reviews online about this. I noticed Li YI Tong in Legend of the Condor Heroes last year. She clearly has the potential, and it's showing here. Everyone else is acting pretty well. I've only watched 6 episodes (with English subs) so far, but I have to say, the plot is really good. Although it's fast paced, nothing feels rushed. For those who just scour forums, you should check it out. You won't be disappointed!
  12. Glad to see many of us coming to terms on the ending after watching the last 2 episodes, subbed or not. To a casual viewer, the ending would be absolutely atrocious, unless all they're looking for is for that happy ending that a lot of them were looking for. To some who look deeper into the speeches between the characters, the ending is actually not that bad, but could be a lot better. To a critic, (sorry, I don't know what critics look for, but I think it's based on their preferences) Since I have now watched the last two episodes with English subs, I have changed my stance on the ending. I still don't think it's that bad. I even think it's better than when I first watched it raw. The previous stance was that it was not that bad, but it would be better if TIansha was cut by a little to fill in plot holes and add scenes to the ending. The new stance is that it was not that bad, but it would be nicer if half the stuff (everything after #3 that @celebrianna said) they said while they were BLEEDING OUT was said to each other after they were saved. Then you wouldn't need to add scenes or anything, and people wouldn't be like "why does this feel rushed?". The previous stance could work, but would require a lot more editing, whereas this new stance only requires a change in costume and scenery, and a slight change in the script. However, the new stance wouldn't fill in any plot holes. At this point, I'm fairly certain that many feel that the plot holes weren't major enough to cause a great disturbance in the enjoyment of the drama, but it really depends on the preference of the viewer. By the way,
  13. The writers probably got sidetracked trying to think of a way to write a story for the second leads. That's the only way that explains the whole Tiansha Arc. Had they fixed the pacing and writing of that part, the latter third of plot holes probably wouldn't have occurred, nor would the unsatisfactory ending. The one thing the writers did not get sidetracked on was the love story of the OTP. I don't think I'll ever come by a better written story than that. And you're right, listening to the music keeps giving me feels. A rewatch is definitely in my books as well.
  14. I normally just scour random forums that talk about dramas I watch. Rarely do I ever make an account to post my opinion. However, this post made me think of some things about the final two episodes in more detail, so I decided to make one. Firstly, I'd like to thank this drama for improving my proficiency in Mandarin from limited to elementary. I'll state my opinion/assumptions on some of the questions you had. For my opinion on the ending, I actually found that it made sense. The only problem I have with it is that I had to think about possible scenarios in which WuFu could've been saved prior to the last 2-3 minutes. 2 seconds of Doc Zong and co. showing up would've made it a much nicer ending. Who knows? Only rarely does everything align with itself and you get a 10/10 drama. This one is rated 9/10 for me. The love story behind Wuji and Fuyao was tremendous. All the character developments were on point (aside from Ya Lan Zhu and Zhan Bei Ye). The only flaw I see is the Tiansha Arc. The story slowed down to a crawl, wasn't interesting enough, and didn't make much sense. That really affected the pacing going towards the end of the drama, where some things had to be rushed.
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