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  1. Remember the VLive interview for QFSD? Chansung's reaction was very telling. He said that he & PSJ were personally acquainted right? Maybe he knew that PSJ & PMY were somewhat interested in each other, if not in a full-fledged relationship. His sneaky glance at PMY at the random mention of PSJ's name hints at this probability
  2. @prie28-yes, it'll be a wait game with the DVD/Blu-ray. Hope that it takes less than a year to prepare the contents. Don't worry. Keep the happy shipping vibes going. @suie-one of my favourite scenes is in ep 16 when Miso appears before the sulking Young Joon in her bridal gown. I found the emotions in that scene very raw and real. PMY's lips quiver as she says that she finds the jealous VP cute as she loves him very much. PSJ takes a deep breath then (seems like he's really touched) and hugs hers tight & says he'll never let her go in a nasally voice (which happens when one is choked with emotions). I would love it if they choose to comment on this short but meaningful & sweet scene
  3. Hello there @tani2310..glad to find another Indian onboard.. And I don't know if PMY & PSJ really need to put on couple stuff or coordinate outfits to make silent statements on their relationship status..but going by my gut feeling, it is highly likely that they are an item now (if not already)..thank God for the Phuket trip where they must talked about or acted on the potential of them becoming a real couple, as expressed by our Capt. PSJ
  4. Hello prie28, fellow Indian shipper here. I am glad u joined this forum. I understand your pain of having no one to spazz with as people around us don't watch Korean shows...I was SSC shipper too like u. I had watched DOTS before they aired it in Z dubbed in Hindi. I hope & pray that our PPC ship also sails. Happy shipping.
  5. Daebak, I was right...SeoJoon oppa really going after all..you the man SJ..if you didn't make your move already, make it while on this trip.
  6. Hello everyone, I am joining this forum as I absolutely love uri ParkPark couple. Just wanna mention that two days back, as I was watching 'Showbiz Korea' in Arirang channel, the hosts (one of them is Jasper Cho, who had acted in DOTS) informed that both Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young have confirmed that they will be attending the reward trip in Phuket. I squealed inside in happiness as I heard it. So I hope that I did not hear it wrong. Anyway, I wish that both of them can just relax and have peaceful times together. PS- I was a diehard SSC shipper too
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