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  1. I was dying to know what was said in this scene. Thanks to jillysiy and ohheyvivian for translating!!!! You guys are the real MVP’s!!! How sweet is DMS
  2. And I’m not a big fan of Ximen right now...like c’mon man..I was rooting for you..we all are rooting for you but Xiaoyou deserves better than that
  3. I have seen all versions of this drama....but can I just say that this cast of F4 is perfect.... I’m not one to fall for pretty boys but Dylan Wang and Darren Chen are just sooooooo beautiful....They are they perfect Si and Lei
  4. Right!!! Thanks to wanghediarchive for even doing this for all the fans.......Like please people, take them down so we can watch the next episode!
  5. Darn you Netflix!!!!!!!!!! Im pulling out my hair waiting for ep 31 to come out with subs while I’ve already watched 31, 32, 33, and 34 raw...I’m pretty sure i’ll catch 35 and 36 before Netflix decides to release 31. I’m not patient and I’ve never had to wait this long for subs. The websites I usually go to have subs out by the next day.... ahhhhh!!!!!
  6. Why does DMS and Lei have to “fight” over Shancai’s affections Wouldn’t it be great if Shancai, DMS, and Lei could just be in a relationship all together! *Sigh* I love Shancai with DMS. I love Shancai with Lei...I love DMS with Lei...Those scenes where DMS is in bed with Lei (The birthday cookie/biscuit eating scene and the DMS/Lei sleepover)....I thought they were soooo freaken cute and funny.....the three of them should stop fighting and just get together
  7. Is there anywhere I can watch episode 31 and 32 with English subs? Does no one else sub it on other sites? It’s driving me up the wall that there are 32 episodes but Netflix only has 30=( Sorry if this was asked before and answered but I went back a couple pages and didn’t find anything....
  8. Geez...waiting for subs is torture!!! Anyway... here’s my favorite MV. I used to hate this song but I love it so much in this MV!!! It’s David Archuleta- Crush... please keep posting any bts, your favorite MV, cast content to keep me from going crazy!!!
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