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  1. I’ve read the last 3 pages and I feel so out of the loop. I don’t understand what happened ....maybe it’s a good thing however curiosity has killed this cat. If someone would kindly dm, I would appreciate it very much! Thanks for keeping this thread alive and constantly showing support to PPC
  2. I wonder how the bed scene went from 80 mill to 100mill+ in less than a week?? what triggered this???
  3. Omg I feel like I new person ahaha. It’s no longer frustrating to come on here ahaha! Light mode to the rescue!!
  4. I’ve been posting less for this reason! I can’t cope with the dark version! It’s soo hard to read and organise my vision in this format! I really miss how this forum used to be but idek how to continue under this format.
  5. Wooow soompi forums has changed! My poor eyes in this dark mode. Is there anyway to go back to white background?
  6. The fact that we can’t embed Insta posts has kind of slowed down soompi usage. It was soo convenient as short clips were usually uploaded on Instagram. PPC haven’t posted in a while too. Let’s hope for more content next week
  7. I will give the 2nd ep a chance but seeing that character often may just turn me off. Idk how much he will be featured and I don’t have high hopes for them to tone it down! Also the show seems like it’s coming from a male gaze only. Let’s see.
  8. the scene with dreads and flies really made me judge SBS and the PDnim for even including such a scene. I don’t even know if I can continue however I really wanted to watch a new JCW soo much as his previous drama wasn’t the best.
  9. The way they banter with the cameras on ....I can’t even imagine what it was like off camera. They must have complimented eachother so well. Enough for her to describe her WWWSK like this soo lovingly, to the way PSJ cleared his busy schedule to be at the Phuket trip and the trio park pic still on display on on both their ig...2 years later.
  10. “Park Min Young is famous for creating great chemistry with all of her co-stars. When asked to share the praise she’s heard from a fellow actor that made her the happiest, she said, “If someone tells me, ‘Just looking in your eyes makes me get in character,’ then I feel that my sincerity has been conveyed. I think that when we both share the aim to do well together in a work, then sincerity is conveyed between us.” ~~~~ hehe I wonder who said that to her
  11. English yes and I can understand spoken and written Hangul well enough. I lived in Korea for 3 and half years and made many korean friends(which helped me learn faster). I don’t speak Spanish but Cos I understand a little French Its similar so I was curious about what the poster wrote. Refreshing to see other languages posted here. All languages welcome
  12. I meant the staff that helps PMY film and edit her vlogs, I’m sure they work and are hired by Namoo no? Some insight ....Korean celebs I’ve seen start Youtube vlog channels they always hold meetings and share content ideas with their entertainment company about what to present in their YouTube vlog. A good example is Solar from Mamamoo. Solarsido channel has over two million followers and she is from a korean girl group. Solar showed in one of her vlogs exactly how it works and how she sat down with her entertainment company in a board room style to talk about what content she wanted to show on her vlogs. Her personal manager was there, the editor, the videographer and entertainment management team. It was fascinating. There is soo much that goes behind celebs who do YouTube channels. It’s decided with their management team. Of course the vlog content ideas are PMY. The way it’s filmed, edited and presented adds a great touch. High quality like I said. The little edit touches makes the video funnier! PMY makes it an easy job she is soo naturally playful! Looking forward to more content. We’ve been spoilt!
  13. It was perfect and it was only a preview video!! and the way it was edited wooow! Namoo well done! High quality vlogs on the way
  14. Welcome!! Glad you enjoyed WWWSK @Carmen Moreno and their chemistry! PPC fighting!! Their coincidences and interactions is why this thread is still going stronger two years later
  15. OMG this is just I can’t believe he commented and followed her again ahaha! It must have been a mistake. Same day posts ahhh I love the interactions
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