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  1. I do largely agree with you but I also do feel that the editing is also at fault for the disjointed emotions. Especially in the later episodes, the cuts are a tad messy. Although one think that I really like a lot in the drama is the leads voice acting. It's rare to come across a non-dubbed period drama and I really appreciate it in here.
  2. I also feel that the wedding stone is a good addition. From the beginning XF was hung up on the fact that JM said she never loved him rather than the fact that she stabbed him. And no matter how much people try to convince him about JM's love for him it still didn't match up to the effectiveness of the stone. If only such stone exist in the heavenly realm then XF wouldn't have gone through so much second guessing about JM's heart.
  3. If it makes you feel any better, people on weibo thinks that Denglun pretty much walked out of the novel and he was the saving grace of a weakly written character. And I can assure you his fanbase grew because of the drama and many became his fan because of this show as well. I'm not too sure where you're reading those comments from but as someone that read the novel/chinese native speaker, I couldn't ask for any other actor to reprise the role as XF. Honestly, I can't picture any other actors as Phoenix because Phoenix is said to have Dan feng yan (the same type of eyes Denglun has) and the way he speaks felt very Phoenix to me It's very 傲娇 (tsundere). That being said, I do think that Deng lun still have room for improvement in acting. His acting method and Leo are of different types as well. But do note that both of them are starring opposites with Yangzi whose a veteran in acting. She's in the industry since she's 11. So it's only natural to be lead on by her in some scenes. All in all, Yangzi and DL chemistry is just off the charts. Many fans of the show is hoping they'll pair up together in future dramas and they couldn't ask for a better XF/JM.
  4. Hahaha, I really like Leo's acting as Puchi. Would 10/10 watch him play a character like that! Although my favourite role of his is always Young Yi chen from My sunshine (For people who's a fan of the actor and yet checked out that show)
  5. Tuesday. This is one of the most 'fair' drama I've seen. Like what people are saying on weibo... JM admirer drove XF's mom dead. XF admirer kill JM's dad. Both parents are all dead. She crushed her Chun hua qiu shi. He burned his Huan di feng ling. He died because of her and she'll die because of him (and RY). She revived him and He'll revive her next. Edit: But I feel that the reason why they're able to get back together and forgo all the bygones in the end is because they experienced death. Like Bai zi hua in Journey of a flower. It's only after Qiangu's death that he realized that all he wanted was her and nothing else mattered.
  6. I cried looking at the screencap teasers for the upcoming episodes. I'll miss this show when it ends. Even though the plot may not have been perfect but the cast is. From the mains to the supporting roles, they all fitted so well with their given characters.
  7. They changed this part from the book. In the book, JM used half of her Ling li to change for the pill. In the drama version, they have JM sacrificing her ability to see color + RY sacrificing half of his life span to save JM.
  8. This also shows that XF was never really into SH. He doesnt even pay attention to her ears/face until now
  9. I just think that RY is a very conflicting and contradicting person. He wants to be seen as good but his insecurities and inferior complex drove him to no end. Surprisingly, I'm actually fine with today's changes. Probably because I'm a sucker for plotlines where by the situation turns ironic. Like how RY plot XF's demise but JM she sacrifice herself to revive XF and the irony which is the fact that RY ended up having to sacrifice himself to save JM. The classic "早知如今, 何必当初" . Which seems to be a reoccurring theme that's happening in this drama. It seems like every character is just repaying debts (their own or for others).
  10. I cried too. And it's always at the same moment... Yangzi's screeching Fenghuang's name always get to me.
  11. This is the first drama I've watched (although I heard Princess agent rogue was kinda like this) where the 2nd male lead has so much Inner monologues/flashbacks/motives/Close-ups and not in a good way. This is what I call, over-bloating character development; too much brute forcing and trying to tell the audience how they should feel about a character - this is why Night receives so much hate as a character. Episode 46 sums it up. Maybe if I was a fan of the way the 2nd male lead is being written, I would have enjoy the flow of the show more. My usual 2nd male lead syndrome just didn't kick in. I just couldn't take how hypocrite Night is in the drama. Especially in episode 46 when Night said, "JM is innocent, why did you drag her into this" @ FH's mom. Honestly, I feel bad for Leo because he's getting so much hate for the way a character is being written. This mess is just out of hand because there are people hating on the actors themselves. Actors did the best with what's given to them and should never have been the one taking the blame.
  12. Honestly, most people complaining are Book/Drama fan :p Although, /coughs/ some people just sum them all up as Denglun's fan. Surprisingly, Denglun fans are pretty chill, they're the ones thats trying to get people to stop fighting and watch the show to support their actor. Denglun side clarified his schedule (producer defended him too) and his schedule for his variety show has never held back the filming. But I thin
  13. The drama is really... everywhere on weibo. But that being said, for people who's thinking of watching it. It's not that it became a really bad bad drama. Tbh, It's better than quite a number of series out there. It's just that the potential for it to become a classic has been wasted. ;-; Despite how disappointed I am about the changes. I'll still watch it to the end for Yangzi & Denglun. It's really wasted potential because, the lead actors fit so well as their roles.
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