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  1. Hi, I had no problem when verifying my email 2 days ago. But I heard there's a problem with the registration today. Most people who registered today are unable to verify their email. Maybe wait a few minutes, or try resend the verification email? Or try refreshing the app and try again?
  2. Let's register as much accounts as we. We can do this, hwating everybody! Let's get them on the red carpet!
  3. Hahaha THIS! People need to learn how to respect artists and be a proper fan. Like @jaslinnj said, there should be a Fan Etiquette 1.0 course on how to be a respectable fan. And vote vote vote for Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young! We want to see them on the red carpet hopefully attending together p.s. I've been missing on this forum for a while cos I forgot my password and soompi didn't let me reset, so was lurking without able to comment
  4. I think it's a money changer that took pics, not entirely sure though. She's looking amazing! There will be lots of photos from the Thai fans I think
  5. So man of him to go! Wished he would go, but still surprised he actually is going haha, cos he can actually use his movie filming as an excuse not to go. Guess his desire to go vacay with Min Young is stronger Can't wait for Min Young's airport pics!
  6. Haha who knows, you may be right, the media probably contributed to the pre-orders, to look for more clues of them being a real couple actually the order quota is not reached, but they have to confirm the Director's Cut production today, because they will need to adjust schedules of everybody involved (actors, staff etc) who need to come in to film for stuff (commentary, interviews). Especially Park Seo Jun I think since he's so busy with his upcoming movie filming and CFs. On instagram I saw that since he's so busy, the commentary filming will probably have to be done in September. So look forward to that too!
  7. Hello chinguuuu! Nice to meet a fellow Malaysian There is no age limit to being a shipper, age and experience can even confirm your belief about them being real right Their amazing chemistry is what brought us here anyway and yasss we will be able to see more of them in the Director's cut
  8. Woohoooooo, finally! Our efforts are not wasted and we will be able to see our couple again! Shippers victory!
  9. As @parkparkloveu said, I'm sure it'll be translated. The problem now is the Director's cut DVD and Blueray may not even get produced, since we are quite far from the target orders. If we do not reach the target, we won't even get the Director's cut, so the main thing is to purchase the Director's cut and promote it among friends or shippers. NGs, BTS, deleted scenes... can you imagine how much stuff we shippers can get from there and if you're not sure about buying the director's cut, refer to Descendants of the Sun Director's cut, it was shipper paradise for the Songsong shippers Don't worry about subs just yet k and try to purchase the director's cut
  10. The DVD is 530, Blueray is 430. The minimum amount is 800 each. So we still need 270 DVD and 370 Blueray. Please please purchase the director's cut, there will be many juicy contents, such as director's re-edited scenes, deleted scenes, commentary, interviews, NGs etc. There will definitely be lots of things for shippers to be excited about since Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young has the most scenes together, if there's anything going on, the Director's cut will definitely capture it! So, shippers let's preorder the Director's cut fast since the deadline is in NINE DAYS. Please spread to others who are also fans of them. Many people may not be aware of the Director's cut Do pm me if you need any help about purchasing the Director's cut or have any questions about it Links to pre-order the Director's cut: DVD: https://global.yes24.com/Goods/62651842 Blueray: https://global.yes24.com/goods/62492657
  11. haha they should just be together, as the korean reporters say, if it's all coincidences, then it must be fate that wants them to be together go with fate I say
  12. Omg, really? Can't wait for it it'll be her first fan meeting right? Did she have any fan meetings before?
  13. Just discovered this thread on Soompi! Didn't realise there's a couple thread for park park couple here and so many people are on here. Guess we can all feel that sizzling chemistry Just wondering how many people are buying the Secretary Kim Director Cut DVD or Blueray? Seems like the orders are way below expectation and they may not produce the Director's cuts
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