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  1. I'm just glad this little drama was able to prove naysayers wrong! And yes, I was so emotional and ecstatic when they reconciled. I loved that he told her she had to live the life she wanted; he doesn't want the woman he loves to feel chained to a place the way he ever did. Haeryung is absolutely one of my favorite leading ladies now. She never lost her gumption!
  2. I couldn't be happier about the way Rookie Historian ended! They took time to show how everyone was doing, and gave us the sweet couple scenes we've been missing. Thank goodness Jin and Rim took the places that suited them best, rather than the ones they were "born" to. And Haeryung gets to be a working woman with her man waiting for her at home! HECK YES.
  3. I would hope they don't spoil the very end. Perhaps they'll do the "separated for a time, then reunited in the last few minutes" trope that some dramas love so much, lol.
  4. I think there was some subconscious bias at play, in that people who knew Eunwoo was an idol-actor expected him to be bad, and people who are not used to (or not interested in) "weak" male leads thought it was his acting that was lacking. This is not to say that he's been perfect; it certainly took him a few episodes to settle into the role. But I don't think he performed ill enough at any point to warrant the reactions netizens were having. The stills for tomorrow look so beautiful and sad, @shunnie! I need a happy ending, or I'll combust, lol.
  5. I was so moved by Rim/Queen Dowager and Haeryung/Jaegyung, as heart-wrenching as both scenes were. But then Yi Jin had to go and break my whole heart with his reaction. I feel like he has to turn back and protect Rim, or else have something up his sleeve to stop the Second State Councilor, tomorrow. But for now I'm very disappointed in him. Also, I can't believe there's only an hour left of this show! I really hope we get a satisfactory resolution for the palace and a romantic happy ending for our babies.
  6. I agree about them deferring to each other. And it's possible that Rim and Jin will decide to keep the knowledge between them, instead of spreading the news that Rim is the true king. There's no need to switch out the CP if no one knows about, right? All they need to do is eliminate the Second State Councilor, subdue the King, and convince the Queen Dowager to see things their way. As for the idea that Jin feels trapped too, @celebrianna, I agree. But at the same time, he's been raised to be king. And if anything, he may feel he owes it to his brother to stay in the palace so that Rim can finally have the life he's always wanted. I just think the most satisfying outcome is Rim being freed from the constraints of his birth, and therefore free to live however Haeryung would like. Which is all he wants lmao. If it doesn't end with the two of them traveling to (or planning to travel to) a foreign place together, then I don't know anything about narratives!
  7. The cast looked so happy at the wrap-up party! They seem to have gotten along so well, aww.
  8. I don't think the scenes are shot in order within an episode, so it's not entirely clear how it will end.
  9. If the Queen Dowager helps them get together, she will skyrocket to the top of my favorite Queens list lmao.
  10. So many answers left and right! I can't believe we have to wait a week for the conclusion, but I love how historians play a key role in unraveling the mystery. Exactly as it should be! Yi Rim and Yi Jin broke my little brotherly bond-loving heart. It seems like Jin knew, but he still loves Dowon like a brother. I'm cry. Speaking of: the moment where Rim broke down in Haeryung's arms? MY FEELINGS. I'm really proud of how much Eunwoo has improved since the first episode, and the writing is just so strong. This is from yesterday's night, but I was thinking about this while I was making a gifset last night: I really loved this scene. First, I love the "true love cures sleeplessness or nightmares" trope, which I first saw in Reply 1988. I have no idea where it originated from, or why it doesn't appear in Western media, but it's such a comforting fantasy. And on the much sadder side, the idea of thanking her for her love even though it's over (for now!)... AAAAAAHHH, THE PAIN. It's just lovely to see him acknowledge her influence on him even though they're broken up. I don't know if anyone has seen On Your Wedding Day, but this scene reminds me of that film and it makes me wanna cry all over again lol.
  11. Yes! This exactly. We saw how much they care about each other, and even heard Haeryung say, "how we feel about each other" because she's not trying to deny it even if they're in an impossible situation. Also, it's nice that the mystery is coming to a head with 3 episodes left because that actually does leave room for lovey dovey goodness in the final episode, lol. Both of these bits were great! I appreciated that Haeryung's inquisitive nature came back to serve the plot in a real way. She never just sits back and wait for the story to happen; she makes it happen. And Crown Prince taking the blame was beautiful. Whatever went down that night, both parties are to blame for the impropriety and the ministers look like clowns trying to drag Sahui while ignoring that Yi Jin is his own person.
  12. Yes! I think that, more than anything else, shows how compatible they are. Even Yi Rim, who was as naive as a child not 4 episodes ago, is more than capable of setting aside his hurt feelings for Haeryung's comfort - not to mention for the palace proceedings and now the sake of a larger investigation. And I don't need a big, dramatic reunion. As long as things are resolved and Haeryung is willing to be with him (while maintaining her position and job), they should be just fine.
  13. Despite the relative lack of romance (I loved Haeryung saying he'd make a wonderful husband, Yi Rim protecting her from the arrows, and him telling her that his nightmares ended when she arrived though!) the petty side of me had one comfort: I know there are people who think/hope the show will pair Haeryung and Min, but with 3 episodes to go, they didn't interact lol. And the one mention was from him with the other historians, which cements my belief that she doesn't think of him "in that way" at all lmao. That being said, I loved Min being a good brother to the Crown Princess. We have lots of beautiful (pseudo) sibling bonds, with Yi Jin/Yi Rim and Jaekyung/Haeryung as well.
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