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  1. Oh, yay! I'm so looking forward to this drama. Fell in love with Eunwoo after Gangnam Beauty, and I'm currently loving Six Flying Dragons with Shin Sekyung. And, as has been mentioned, the supporting cast looks great. Plus, I really enjoy the apparent focus on women's mobility in that time. Here's some pics of Eunwoo filming + food trucks from Astro's twitter, lol.
  2. Thanks for all the links @triplem! The teaser looks like so much fun. These two have such excellent chemistry and comedic timing, they deserve an amazing script. Can't wait for the show to kick off.
  3. The drama wrapped up really well! The only thing is I wish we had gotten to see Hye Jin actually call and head towards success. But I'm impressed by how they made each girl's stories relatable and touching, and how Shi Eun was allowed to be difficult and complex throughout. Plus my baby ship remained adorable without either one having to change for the other! (Bonus points for Shi Eun's sister and teacher being the most lowkey secondary ship of all time to still get a satisfactory ending lol.)
  4. Just wanted to say I'm LOVING this drama. It's so sweet and realistic, especially in how it deals with working class struggles and the daily triumphs and tragedies of high school. Also: Seung Chan and Shi Eun are soooooo cute.
  5. Yoo Inna looks so beautiful! I've been anxiously awaiting for her to do another drama, and for it to be with Lee Dong Wook is even better! They were the only part I really cared about in Goblin, lol.
  6. You can vote for MIIGB for best drama, favorite villain, favorite lead couple, and favorite suffering lol:
  7. Loved episode 2, although I'm laughing at the netizens' comments about a CEO meeting with employees, etc. I'm sure it's not that realistic, but what it told me is that Soo Hyun runs the hotel with a personal touch and that is exactly what made it go from a failure to a great success. You could see that in the way she asked after her employee's mother and told him not to add extra tables because the comfort of patrons came first. Same with the questions he was answering, which clearly were trying to get at what drives each employee and how they can contribute to the warm atmosphere of the hotel. Anyway, Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun's interaction were gold this episode. PBG did an amazing job playing drunk, and it's adorable how SHK melts around him when she has to stay buttoned up everywhere. But like I said, I like that she clearly isn't an ice queen. She's very empathic in her daily life, she's just been controlled by both her family and her ex's. I definitely wasn't expecting the paparazzi(?) or the scene at the end, though! That felt like something that would come around episode 8, so I'm on the edge of my seat wondering how they'll resolve this.
  8. The premiere of this drama was truly gorgeous, and very much like a movie. The cinematography and transitions were expertly done, and the atmosphere and people of Cuba were a wonderful way to draw out the characters of Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk. The fact that they meet by chance - and, of course, by fate - as strangers in a strange land with none of their societal constructs weighing them down is clearly going to be an important factor in all their future encounters. I personally really enjoyed the acting, there was awkwardness, humor, tenderness and longing all blended really well together. But aside from Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo, I really loved Kwak Sun Young as the assistant. She was funny and fiery, and her friendly dynamic with Soo Hyun really shows the latter in the best possible light. Jang Seung Jo only had one scene as the ex-husband, but I'm already very intrigued by their loveless marriage and what role he'll play in our upcoming romance.
  9. Just watching that video makes me want to do a rewatch, lol. I just love the early moments where they're hesitant yet drawn to each other/ If only there was enough time in the day! I know Eunwoo's at the AAA right now, I wonder if MIIGB will be acknowledged for anything...
  10. A lot of times as fans we will judge a whole dynamic based on a few photographs or seconds of footage, but I think that the whole cast keeps in touch based on the things they've said since the drama ended. Remember, Soo Hyang even mentioned she was going to visit Lee Ye Rim at home when she was on the show, too. I just love that JTBC is proud of the drama and keeps bringing its stars on and playing the OST, etc. I just wish there was a way to get DVDs, especially now that Dramafever is closed.
  11. Someone pointed out that both Soo Hyang and Eunwoo will be going to Beijing this week, and Soo Hyang mentioned an event on the 21st. I think it's for Atelier Cologne, so I hope that's why Eunwoo is going too. We learned he is going because of those creepy posters that sell flight tickets/informations for fans to stalk their idols, so I won't repost it here. But I do love that MIIGB was beloved enough to get them both this exposure, fingers crossed there's an interview or at least pics.
  12. I can't believe this is starting next week! My body is not ready, lol. But the press conference should prove fruitful, I hope it gets subbed!
  13. At this point, I'm more concerned about death than I am incest, lol. So whether or not they are blood related - and I agree with those who think there's an extra twist and JK is actually the daughter of the other cult members who Moo Young remembers playing with - I just don't want the story to end with either of them dying. Especially not Jin Kang, who has barely gotten to participate in the mystery side of the plot. Her dying as a pawn in Se Ran's game would be so disrespectful, lol, and the first choice that's actually worse than the original in my eyes. Make up for your previous lies by explaining the whole truth, Jin Gook, and save your sister before it's too late!
  14. So sad that Soo Hyang won't be attending the AAA, but I hope she gets recognized for Mi Rae at some point soon. JTBC has awards, right? BTW, someone posted the entire segment of Monsta X reacting to and acting out MIIGB with subtitles, and it's even funnier:
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