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  1. Loving all the cast photos! And yes, I hope the show ends with at least 7%, if not a series high. Fingers crossed!
  2. Perhaps she remembers the king? She was only 6 when he died, but she might have a faint memory - like how she remembered her father vaccinating her. Or maybe she's looking for the resemblance with Yi Rim, which is apparently very great. @G.r.a.s.s ROFL, he may be a rookie, but I have faith he will have learned to move his mouth by the end of the show. Maybe the director is saving it for a wedding kiss. (I'm mostly kidding, I'll just have to accept the kisses as they are!)
  3. Precisely, haha. We already know they can kiss, the director isn't fooling anyone! I forgave it the first time because of Haeryung's tears and because the backdrop was so pretty, but enough is enough. @lsylvia Thanks for the info! And, yeah, Sahui should've known better than to let the Second State Councilor mess with her prince's brother. OH WELL.
  4. LOL, well, I'm planning to watching Joseon Marriage Agency (which started today) and Tale of Nokdu (starts September 30th). I'm not sure if either will be as well-written as Rookie Historian, but you can't have it all. Plus, there's a few saeguks left of Shin Sekyung's that I need to watch, and Astro will probably have a comeback soon now that Eunwoo's filming is done. I really hope SSK gets some kind of award recognition for Haeryung, because she's done so well and it's such a nicely layered character too. Honestly, I think this drama has surpassed almost all my expectations. Now I just need a satisfying ending and at least one kiss that's not a freeze-frame lmao.
  5. I can't imagine wanting Sahui as the female lead, mostly because Haeryung is far and away my favorite female lead of the year. I think Sahui is interesting and complex, but she is of course lacking in many areas. As for the married man issue, I have a question. Is the Crown Prince allowed to have concubines, or must he wait until he's king? Because while I don't condone polyamory, it was a common practice for royalty, so I'm wondering if it would only be a scandal because Sahui is not officially a concubine - or if it's because Yi Jin is not supposed to have any at all.
  6. Love this picture! It's precious. I think Soompi translated a note from the show saying they were filming before and after the Chuseok holiday, so my guess was this was a photo of their first day back. I imagine they wouldn't be done filming until the end of the week. I think she meant she would lock the door so that the two of them would be alone, yes, lol. And then suggested going out back where no one would hear them...
  7. I like Sahui mostly because I'm rooting for her to do the right thing and turn on the Second State Councilor at a crucial time, lol. But in general, I do think she followed him thinking she had no other choice, and the first time she truly disappointed me was when she took down the notes from Dowon's meeting with the King. As to the Crown Princess and Yi Jin, I feel bad for her and like her very much, but it's on the Prince to do right by her and not Sahui. So for now, Sahui is in time out lol, but overall I enjoy her.
  8. I love watching the BTS! The cast seem to get along very well and the atmosphere seems very relaxed. And I love that the tears during the first kiss were spontaneous, though I do wish the director wouldn't use the freeze frame.
  9. I would liken it more to Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but only because I don't feel that 100 Days had any real political/social component - or at least not one that carried any weight. But I certainly hope that RHGHR doesn't have the disappointing ending that 100 Days did! Circling back to Sahui's outfit and hair: we've seen a lot of Dowon's nightmares and dreams. What if this time we see one of Haeryung's in which she has to witness Yi Rim married to her friend? After all, she's told him she doesn't want to be his wife, but that clearly doesn't mean she wants to watch him marry someone else.
  10. I think the only real obstacles to their happiness are the Old Guard, if you will. Once the Second State Councilor is removed and the king replaced with the Crown Prince, Yi Rim would be free to pursue his dream of doing whatever Haeryung wants lmao. Queen Dowager probably wants him to be king, but there's no way he would want that. I just hope nothing happens to the Crown Prince, such as the Queen Dowager turning on him or starting a coup. Not only is he a precious angel who deserves only good things, but that would also put Yi Rim in the terrible position of having to be king - in which case, he definitely couldn't be with Haeryung.
  11. Sahui, hmmm... I mean, she def doesn't want to be with Yi Rim, either. So it shouldn't be too bad, but I really don't want to get into a messy love square. I am 99.9999% we will get a happy ending, but I'm scared of the journey in the meantime! I wonder if some people felt the French storyline was a little too off the rails, and that's why the ratings dropped after that? Because eps 15 and 16 were excellent.
  12. Aww, this is a lovely and heartbreaking song! Thank you for sharing. And @SuperTank: Sahui definitely looks like she's in Nokseodang, but I can't imagine they'd let her marry Prince Dowon after the ~scandal. I am also quite curious as to what it means, but I'm bracing myself for a week of angst. If only we didn't have to wait!
  13. They definitely aren't done filming, although they may have the week off for Chuseok. I'm pretty sure they'll finish filming the same week that the drama ends, as that usually seems to be the case.
  14. Oh my goodness! The song is so beautiful, whyyyyyy... Speaking of OSTs, I hope the final one is Eunwoo's, lol. As for your point, @sirena82: I agree that Sahui made a big mistake by sharing the historical records with the second state councilor, and I'm upset with her. But my hope is that when she realizes what he wants and what it all means, she'll side with the historians and do the right thing. And I do ship her with Yi Jin, but I don't expect them to have a happy ending together. She's not cut out to be Queen, and she shouldn't be a concubine either.
  15. Two different actors are playing Haeryung's dad (AKA the teacher) and Yi Rim's dad (AKA the dethroned king). They were both killed by the Second State Councilor's faction. I promise you they are not siblings, lol.
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