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  1. I never said he hates the actors, but his issue is DIRECTLY with their managers. Their managers and the whole agency are the entire reason for the conflict and the reason we won't be getting a second season. They bullied Saint out of events and made the cast environment so toxic that New decided to stop making the show. This interview confirms it. (Twitter translation source here) When an argument appeared around you, were you anxious to be in the middle of it? Yes, very anxious. Actually I met the 5 boys earlier. They were in the same company but after that there was a change which I did not even know about, but I still kept trying my best over and over again to solve the problem until eventually I gave up. I had to say I wasn’t involved in the mess and fade away. Being a director is already a tough job but the mess had a bad impact on me in the middle so I decided it was better to walk away. Is there chance to work with the boys’ team in the future? As I see for now I think it’s pretty hard. I want to work at a place where I can feel the most comfortable. Have you talked to the boys about this conflict? Not yet, but if you ask me, I am waiting. Yes I am, but still no one is coming for a talk. Have your feelings towards the boys changed? There was a moment I felt it started from 0 and started rising to a level I was satisfied with. I was happy having a lot of fun with them, but one day when there was a conflict, the feeling changed. Did you make a contract between the cast and your team? The contract is just a piece of paper. When it comes to a final point, It’s just how they see which thing is more important. Are you disappointed? Of course, terribly disappointed. I put my whole effort into this series, but look! What do I get at the end!? tl;dr His feelings for the actors have changed. None of them have even apologized to him. He's pissed. Their team made him feel so uncomfortable and anxious on set that he didn't want to continue making the show. Do you think a spin off is happening? Any possible LBC spin offs with actors from that agency are in the trash unless their managers get themselves together. He sounds extremely hurt by all of this and by them. He'll never work with them again and in the future I think he'll make sure 90% of his cast isn't from one agency.
  2. My final thoughts: KlaNo - The writer has to be the most inconsistent writer on the planet to write rape as a love story while also making it a point of angst IN THE SAME STORY. Watching Kengkla rape a drunk Techno and then seeing the next scene where Tar cries about how he was drugged and raped, was jarring. I'm glad we won't be getting a spin off of them since New hates the agency that the actors are from. TumTar - I was satisfied with the ending but I still don't understand their role on LBC. They're not a couple in any sense of the word. Their story is just a tragic rape recovery story about a brother coming out to his brother. TinCan - Maybe it's because I don't ship them, but I thought Can's decision made complete sense. He doesn't understand love and everyone was pressuring him to be with Tin when he couldn't make sense of it yet. It's sad that their story ended on the note that it did, just for Tin's sake. His last scene was literally him bawling like a baby in the shower. AePete - I really hated the fact that they were chat buddies the entire episode. It would have been so easy for Pete to come along and have one 5 minute scene interacting with Sun, Ae getting jealous, and then the same cutesy scenes with everyone playing soccer and eating BBQ. Then the I-Love-You's on the beach but IN PERSON. Instead they were on Skype. Despite the Skyping I think their ending was beautiful and the montage made me cry, I just wish their plot for the episode had some substance. Instead their screen time was given to TumTar and KlaNo which nobody cares about after only seeing them for two minutes every week for 13 weeks. With all the drama in mind: I think New knew there wouldn't be a S2 at least mid-way through the show airing. Since he knew I wish he had filmed happier endings for all the couples. But, I think he left it the way he did because he wanted to stay faithful to the novel and just in case he wants to pick up the project again in a year or two. It's very popular series so I can see it happening if the manager situation improves. I'm sure Perth's managers will fall into line real quick when they realize that no straight drama is going to make him as famous as LBC did. Despite the lack luster finale, Ae and Pete will hold a special place in my heart because their love story is one of the most beautiful LGBT romances I've ever seen. Most gay romances have people hurting their partners out of homophobia, one sided love, and general angst but Ae and Pete weren't like that. Ae was a good man who never looked down on Pete for being gay, even before he knew he was attracted to him. And when he realized, there was no gay panic: he wanted Pete so he pursued him. Pete's coming out and his love story with Ae is what most gay kids can only dream of. It's not 'boring' because it's something rarely seen on TV at all, if ever. The love Ae and Pete have for each other and the love they received from their family and friends makes me believe that I can receive those things too. I'm sad to say it but goodbye Ae, Pete, Tin, and Can. In Pete's words: will we meet again by chance?
  3. I'm not 'depriving' TinCan of screen time. Am I God? I don't write the show, I'm just a fan sharing my opinion which I'm allowed to do just as you are. I also repeatedly said that I understand that TinCan needs more screentime but I can't help but find them incredibly boring. I don't appreciate the insinuation that I only like AePete because they're hot either. Their only scene in the episode was a five minute sex scene and a 2 minute cuddle scene so what else is there to comment on? You said you respect my opinion, so respect it by ignoring it if it triggers you. We're all allowed to feel how we want to feel about a TV show.
  4. Yeah, I still don't like them even after watching their scenes with subs, which sucks. I don't want to dislike these last couple episodes but Perth and Saint's acting and chemistry as Ae and Pete is hard to beat. I'll just stay in my corner and rewatch their 5 minutes of screentime.
  5. Ae and Pete's love scene was really hot! Tin being Ae's trigger word is so funny to me. I also really liked Cupid!Pete with Can because it's such an unexpected friendship. They're polar opposites but in a different way from Pete and Ae. And maybe my mind will change after I watch the episode with subs, but I was really bored with Tin and Can. I know they need the screentime because we're near the end of the season but I found myself going to get snacks or playing with my phone because I just wanted to see Ae, Pete, or Pond already. I still don't understand how Tin went from 'Nobody punches me twice' to 'You're cute'. Even their kiss scene left me cold because Can didn't react at all. We were spoiled with some much screen time of AePete and their friends for the first 10 episodes so now I feel a bit empty when they only show up for max 10 minutes. I hope they get more screentime at least in the finale or I'll be pretty sad.
  6. Several people have mentioned this already, but I really don't like that 'Season 2: TinCan' feeling I got from Episode 11. Not because I dislike them but because we were given straight AePete for 10 episodes and now it feels like a very different show that I did not decide to watch. If they keep the TinCan-focus for episodes 13 and 14 too I'm going to feel really shortchanged on the main plot. I know things are all fluffy and good but Ae and Pete are still the main characters that we followed for weeks. I hope they're more present in Episode 12.
  7. I've seen people talk about this in other corners of the Internet so my two cents on TinCan: They're not very well written. It wouldn't be a big problem in BL Land if AePete weren't so well written in comparison. I think the issue is the pacing of the show. We got 10 episodes with Ae and Pete and now suddenly in Episode 11 of this 14 episode series, it's the TinCan show? The writers should have given them more time earlier on because I'm really not buying it. I don't get why Tin suddenly likes Can when he was planning to get revenge on him last week and I generally don't understand their popularity. Maybe it's because Tin is hot tragic and rich? That's standard BL seme stuff while Ae is broke and 'not that good looking' in comparison. Either way, I want them to surprise me because right now I'm confused by their storyline and why people like it so much.
  8. Ae's dominant tendencies really came out this week. There were so many little things. His possessiveness towards Pete over DaLi. Snapping at Pete and making that comment about Shampoo. Telling Pete to shut up and listen to him. Refusing to let Pete help him because he doesn't want Pete to see him as weak. Telling Pete he can't come to the beach party (because he doesn't want him around his hot friends). Him sending Pete off to bed like his little wife. I'm over getting upset about it because Pete seems to like it, but are they supposed to be in a kinky relationship? Because that's what it seems like. If they're not, Ae's dominance is a lot. For next week, I'm interested in what Ae punishing Pete is about. Is he going to spank him? Are they going to have rough sex? Why does he need to punish Pete?
  9. After the MV came out everyone started talking about how we're probably not getting a S2 and now I'm bummed out :/
  10. I mean Pete is going to say this to Ae on screen so what is 'porn territory' LOL I feel like they'll probably allude to some of the sexual stuff just like the locker scene.
  11. Dom Ae added years on to my life. I'm reeeally interested to see how the rest of their intimate scenes go considering Ae was so dominant and it was only their first time doing something sexual. It was really hot and maybe not that surprising. I saw some people talking about how Ae gives off a 'Daddy' vibe with Pete when you take into account how much he takes care of him, the possessive/protectiveness, and the scolding he gave him over the shoes. I guess they were right!
  12. They're the only actor couple that I actually believe have something going on. Idk if you guys follow them on Twitter but Mew and Art had a legit fight because Mew thought Art didn't love him, then fans started talking about all the other times Mew has fought with Art because of his jealousy - and I fell down the Mewart rabbit hole.
  13. Based on Saint's position and this BTS pic I think that Ae is going to turn Pete around and probably hold him so he can rip his shirt off and kiss his neck? I'm pumped lol.
  14. Ae's adrenaline was at a full 15 in that scene with Tin. I don't necessarily need it to stop because it's a recurring character flaw of his just like how Pete's insecurity and lack of communication skills are a flaw of his. It makes them interesting and real. But he really needs a Xanax because we know that this is going to happen in Episode 7 or 8 when he sees Tin around Pete a second time. It's going to be played off as hot (And it is IMO) but it really is an extra reaction if Tin is just talking to Pete.
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