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  1. That’s terrible, even our @Matilda_Anne the master of perverts feels upset about that.. This is a good idea.
  2. By the way they must be very nervous during the wedding scenes, because they had to do the kissing scene in front of all the casts and crews of wwwsk.. and the kiss was pretty long too..
  3. Oh yeah you’re absolutely right, he’s hot, she’s sexy, she is in another level , I never seen korean actress who has that kind of aura like hers.. If they end up together , I don’t know what should i call them, because “perfect couple” isn’t enough to describe them..
  4. So BJH surely was one lucky girl out there, Hopefully PMY will be the next lucky girl! And hopefully he’s not only be her bf but also her husband.. together forever, Amen!
  5. I think i saw it somewhere ,during Hwarang boys iv, if i’m not mistaken,V says if PSJ likes a girl,he’s not gonna give up till he gets her.. And we all know after wwwsk he says he naturally grow interest in PMY, Does it mean he’s not gonna give up on her too? Okey Capt, I’ll be waiting patiently till you get her. Anyway About the Mont Blanc gift , we always says (delulu) that PSJ gave it to her for free, so how about, it’s her initiative to buy it ,cos she wants to support him by promoting it? That’s sounds sweet too..
  6. Yup,mont blanc is just an addition, it’s the recent one, so i’ll put all my hopes on that for now.
  7. What takes you so long to upload this? i’ve been waiting so long u know. i wonder if he learned this grinding ,pressing style from watching 18+ movies or is it based on his real life experience?? Duhhhh I’m thirsty
  8. This is why this thread is so popular,hot and active everyday, we’re not only discussed about their love story, But we also discussed bout our Captain whole body, from head to armpit to butt to toes. Next someone gonna comes and ask about why the hair under his armpit looks smooth and soft..
  9. i mean why? He is multitalented, handsome, nice, honest , considerate,funny , and sexy too so what makes them don’t like him?
  10. Idc it’s smell like richard simmons or smell like lily or rose or fried chicken , as long as it’s PsJ’s armpit , i’m okey with that
  11. i saw that movie last year, i just don’t really remember all the scenes, now after you mentioned it, i’ll go check it again because i’m so obsessed with his armpit .. I usually only focused on his 6pack , and just now I realize that his armpit is attractive too..
  12. I’ve seen him shirtless in every drama he played, but I swear this is my first time seeing his ARMPIT, OMG I can’t believe my heart is racing like crazy because of this. first time in my life ,fluttering because of an armpit... sorry off topic
  13. OMG i was thinking about this too,but I didn’t know how to explain it like the way you did, when they monitored their scenes together, they seemed surprised too with what they did together..
  14. You guys are like my family (online family) , no matter how much doubt i have, I never spend a day without visiting this thread (for the past a year). I don’t know if it’s because my love for PPc or is it because i love to talk to you all. it’s my first time shipping korean actors in real life, and I swear to the moon and the stars in the sky ,it’s hard to be a shipper! I become so dramatic these days..
  15. I feel like PMY has learned so much from PSJ, I remember during Wwwsk,PSJ was always like “do everything he could,to make the scenes looks good or looks real” he didn’t mind to put his hands on her body (pretty sure he asked her if it’s okey) ,as long as doing it would make the scene looks good, or hugged her super tightly,or kissed her like a brand new vacuum, and all his add-libs, while PMY was not that touchy, or sometimes seems like she scared to touch him , lol And look at her now, she looks just like PSJ ,a Bulldozer , touching her co-star, and all the stuff.. Queen of chemistry Queen of rom-com queen of kiss and now a bulldozer
  16. Let’s make a bet, if she ever get a question about possibility of dating Kjw, what would her answer be? My opinion based on what I believe rn, it’s a “NO” , she will say “NO” 3000% NO the reason? We’ll find out after they publish the interview
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