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  1. wow awesome ent is awesome! The boss used to be his manager,right? Now he is the boss of a large company. They really worked so hard! Thumbs up!
  2. This is what i was asking sist @zashi23 not about dating rumor but about the interview after drama..
  3. Your opinion : HPL is more enjoyable to watch than WWWSK ,and u dropped WWWSK because of the so so story,right? @jaeuckismylife , I respect your opinion. Here’s my opinion : Even if your WHOLE FANDOM come and barking here, saying “we dropped wwwsk” , IT’S NOT GONNA CHANGE THE FACT! That WWWSK DID BETTER THAN hpl. GOOGLE IT!
  4. Seriously this is scared me. i deleted it already you may delete mine that you quoted earlier too
  5. If you’re a diabetic patient, you may have to skip this one, Because his smile,his eyes,his lips,his hair,his dimple, and everything in this photo is sweeter than a 3000kg sugar..
  6. I just can’t understand when somebody says WWWSK was PMY weakest drama, when the drama itself brought her to the top again.. Also i really can’t understand when somebody says she is a SOLID fan of PMY, but then says “I don’t even FOLLOW her drama”. At this point I can’t tell whether you’re a fan,a hater,a shipper,or an angel sent from heaven to get our attention here?
  7. Not only “someone” but some ppl, including me will get hurt too.. lol Anyway it seems like our future here will depend or decided in just few more days, when her iv’s out. I still believe in Mont Blanc tho!
  8. During wwwsk her eyes always shined, I wonder if she use contact lens or maybe eye drop , Or is it because of the tears? The scene when Miso went to vp’s house with wedding dress, her eyes were shining so bright like diamonds.. And also during the wedding scene.. oh and also during the jelouse VP scene.
  9. when I said prepare your heart or be ready for tomorrow, I really didn’t mean anything, i just wanted to say that, I’m serious
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