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  1. Holy creeps I can’t help but to talk about songsongcouple here, that’s really unfortunate. OMG goosebumps for 20 minutes since the news out..
  2. You should not worry dear, we are not making fun of them, we just having fun here. It’s like they’re telling jokes and we laughed.
  3. I don't see a lot of k-actresses having a perfect figure like her. She is in another level. Who wouldn't want to be her bf or to be paired with her in a drama.
  4. Happy 1st anniversary to the thread that never sleep aka ParkPark Shipper thread! WOW 870 pages in a year WOW
  5. DPC - CellReturn (LED mask) iamwell - bibigo saga - tirtir “my love is my rival” We’re not gonna get the confirmation anytime soon guys..lol
  6. Today Namoo, Keunmin,dofi, and this guy ,updates a photo with PMY, out of those 4 accounts, she is doing heart sign only in this guy’s post n the way she smiled is cute too. PSJ n this guy are friend, PSJ also followed his ig.. (Delulu) she’s sending her heart to PSJ in Korea thru this guy’s Instagram.
  7. Few days ago I started to read the thread from page 1 (it’s my 2nd time to re-read). In early pages they were discussing about PMY , they said if she has a boyfriend she wouldn’t kissed PSJ like that (closet kiss) she’s way to comfy with PSJ,she likes him, she has feelings for him, and now other shippers says exactly the same, they said PMY is comfortable with KJW, if she has a boyfriend she wouldn’t behave like that. She touch kjw’s lips, she fixed his hair, she hugged him.. i feel like #€£¥#£££€ rn
  8. Few months ago he also did the same, I remember at that time the fan uses PMY’s photo as her PP, this photo
  9. EHeemm this is interesting, Second time he looked at fans IG story , and look at the PP, it’s PMY’s photo The first time he looked at fans story, the user was also using PMY’s photo as her PP..
  10. I’m waiting for you @park2park i need something to strengthen my faith, cos i feel like I’m starting to losing my faith n hope..
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