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  1. This whole conversation makes me happy, cuz he said he doesn't like the flavor, And we know who likes that, Okey captain we got it.. Now we know for sure why u mentioned that mint chocolate chip during vlive.
  2. If they really dating , I wonder if they gonna keep it secret or not, cuz PSJ said he won’t publish his relationship but PMY said if she meets someone special she’ll let her fans know . I prefer PPct to go public with their relationship like Jessica and Tyler Kwon.. But I don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon, at least till their contracts with DPC and cellreturns ends.. maybe.. Let’s just wait and see and hope and pray and eat and sleep and poop and pee and enjoy the ride!
  3. A question for PMY : What was ur reaction when u know that his jersey number is #34? A question for PSJ : what do u think about all the coincidences u n pmy hv? i used to trust in Mont Blanc only , but rn i’ll add in psj jersey too.. soooo in Mont Blanc and PSJ jersey number i trust!
  4. Before the Neighboor shippers were born i was so sick of ppl / pp shippers kept tagged bn_sj2013 in her photos/videos,
  5. idk what’s gonna happen to my poor soul if they don’t end up together. I sometimes I regret for being a shipper, but I think this is my fate, so I’m just gonna enjoy it,lol Just like SDM , i also have double personality, when I’m (in/on/at) shipper mode, i’ll do or say whatever comes to my mind, even if it’s making me look crazy or stupid. And when I’m (in/on/at) normal mode, i always regret for all the crazy things I done while i was in shipper mode. For examples, I always slept late at night (for the past a year) just to make sure i don’t miss anything abt PPc and now my eyes are getting worst, and the unnormal one ,i once prayed to God to let me live till the day PPc get married, isn’t is crazy? At that point I really wondered if i’m still normal for asking a very sensitive thing to The One Who Created me. ps : i’m not quite sure about my grammar so I decided to wrote (in/on/at) , just go with whatever yall believe is the right one.. And finally before i end my sentences, whoever read this, let’s take a few seconds ,stand up and together we say “In Mont Blanc we trust” bye! Saranghae PPC
  6. THE 3RD one when he moved his right hand from her neck to her waist, that’s the death of meeee! Nothing can beat this nosebleed scene and PPc. never seen a perfect match like this before , PMY is a Queen of chemistry , she has the ability to make ppl believe she’s in love with all her on-screen partner but one thing that made me think she is different with PsJ, it’s the look of her eyes (the shape of her eyes, the reaction of her eyes, the movement of her eyes, the bla bla bla of her eyes) is just so different,I can’t explain it, it’s like she can see her future inside his eyes , ulalalaalalla. Can she? for PSJ after i read his iv and his answer of the possibility of dating her, i stopped observing him, no need further observations,because he already told the world that he’s interested in her. Ulalalalaala. he just need to work hard and make lots of money for the 63 billions dollar wedding , Every love story is beautiful but PPc love story is my favorite.
  7. i ship them because they are Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young. Everything about PPc is beautiful
  8. Delulu mode : they aren't together because she's going to Jeju while her mom and bro are going back home.
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