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  1. For the record, I am a guy shipper in this thread and I do not worship PSJ because that would be legit weird. I felt i needed to get things sorted out because you seem to be under the impression that PMY is getting the short end of the stick here. Reading through your post history tells me you are a man who is married if what you posted is indeed real. There is something you need to be aware of. I can probably say 90% of the people here are female shippers, you can’t expect female shippers to be swooning over their female counterparts most of the time, unless you live in a country where same sex marriage is considered normal or very common, then I have no comment. Go look at other threads, not any shipping threads by PMY, I give you some examples, Goblin couple (LDW-YIN), Song-Song (SJK, SHK), Scarlet Heart couple (LJG, IU), look at any random page in those thread, how often are you going to see the female focused in the thread? I just want you to know whatever impression you had in this thread, not sure how you got them, but I wish you would just focus on being positive for PMY and her future dramas and not leave such distasteful comments in this thread. I’m doing this at 6:00am+ in the morning because I respect the fact that there are other guy shippers out there, so I hope you can have the basic decency of being mature about it considering you are a married man with a wife, so I expect you to cross check the facts before coming up with a post.
  2. Actually, from what I watched of HPL so far, I have one main issue with the show. I’m not really feeling the romantic comedy genre of the show... Not sure if it’s a guy thing or what, but for a rom-com show, I kind of expected certain characters who were just there to entertain and be like the joke carriers of the show, (those that watched WWWSK would get what I mean) but to be honest, as I watched on from the early point in the episodes where PMY offered some funny scenes through some realistic acting on her part, I found myself kind of baffled how this drama was labeled a romantic comedy.. So if I had to break it down, there could be other reasons why HPL did not fare as well as it was projected, but personally if I had to label its genre, maybe something along the lines of Melocomedy or Romantic melodrama is slightly better since most of the scenes in the drama touch more on emotional love and not really slapstick comedy or romance. You could also say I would not have expected so highly of the comedic moments if they altered the genre slightly. I mean, it got so bad that even a medical suspense drama like Doctor Prisoner had more comedic scenes than HPL, and I was way more interested in that show despite HPL despite the lack of romance. A casual thought though, did anyone get the vibe that PSJ actually did open his heart to PMY during the show be it in the live interview and during the broadcast, it’s like PMY was everything to him and PSJ’s assurance meant a lot to her. It is probably these hidden actions that really gave us shippers the confidence and energy to keep going for 800 pages. *Warning* (Not safe for work) <read with caution> Anyway, after seeing how PSJ squeezes PMY from behind a couple of times in the drama, I wonder how they are like off-scene, some of the old shippers did mention that PSJ had certainly violated some sacred areas of PMY, I for one as a guy cannot really say much since it could make me look like a pervert, but I would like to know what you girls think? My opinion is you can only be someone special to really do that kind of stuff, I don’t really have siblings so I cannot say if that happens, but to me, that kind of openness and acceptance from PMY really hits PSJ in the sense that you are someone she can trust and leave herself in your care without any worries, probably the best possible feeling a guy will have in terms of understanding a girl in its most simplistic form. Sorry for the long post, I always wanted to understand how people reacted to the actions of PSJ and PMY and it might have been mentioned before but now that there are newer blood, would like to see if there’s any differing opinions. Apologies in advance if there’s anyone under 16 here who is not supposed to learn this, but I just couldn’t resist the temptation of bringing it up because i was just dying to know the answer!
  3. I could go further and say if I see another matching post from the both of them, it would be more believable than the matching colors/style because I have been browsing through and the times where they posted were insanely similar like <1 hours apart on the same day. Although PMY’s schedule might be busier than PSJ, but one can truly hope that she gets a well deserved rest before her next project and maybe show her support (mental and physical) to the lovely PSJ’s upcoming dramas and potential romances involved.
  4. Hi and sincerest apologies to everyone, I felt like I neglected this thread for too long, mainly because I felt this ship was too smooth going forward and I had to fan some flames in another thread. @intrariver‘s latest post looks very interesting, maybe I should consider delurking and reading all the posts from this thread again to see if I am able to find that video that she is referring to, preferabbly on IG since YouTube isn’t available now. However, her point seems really valid and I do have a slight inkling that maybe they are trying to cover up their tracks now. Any specific fans with more experience in this could offer their more professional views on this matter? All in all, it’s a good day to be a shopper in this thread. So hope you guys enjoy this moment going forward!
  5. @quietobserver, thanks for your post above, I can’t really remember when you joined our forum(I didn’t really read every single post in the page of this thread) but I really appreciate the effort that you put in to keep this thread going, I really enjoy your breakfast lunch and dinner gifs. Unfortunately, I can’t save it because, well I have a certain image to uphold in real life. It’s tragic but I still respect the work you put in. Keep up the good work and hugs from me to you if you can be so kind to keep it going~
  6. Hi dear @rulebox3000, very nice of you to share this piece of information with us, since majority of the shippers here are female, would it be of any help if I offered my input as a male shipper? Firstly, the scenes they acted were not purely off the script, some of them were improvised and ad-libbed? You would think there would be more awkwardness between the two considering it was a break-up and not restraining themselves and remaining polite. Next, I’m giving a general point of view take on the information stated above: If you did watch the drama, there were many times that PSJ inadvertently crossed the borders of professionalism into PMY’s rather attractive body features (back hug, kiss scenes, his hands were really in areas you will not expect a guy who just broke up with his *ex-girlfriend* who ends up being his leading partner in a drama will do.) Additionally, i’m going to take it that your a girl who should have a crush before on a guy at one point in time? Look at it this way, will you be able to be intimate with someone who you have decided to part ways recently or maybe for your case you decide it’s not meant to be, but deep inside you know there might be feelings for the person which you cannot control, are you physically able to calm yourself and be professional about it? I’ll be honest.. if it was me, there’s no way I would be this calm and composed after all those scenes of intimacy. Lastly, this is just to bring my point across, would you continue posting photos of your supposed ex, if you have broken up? Even if it’s for a drama? Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C Before I end off, I didn’t write this long post to call you out, I just want to clear any potential misunderstandings that could arise from this, since this thread has had its volatile moments but thanks to many of the old timer shippers and new-timers, our ship is going strong and hitting my personal target of 1000 pages. P.S: I’m actually hoping it hits before the first annisversary of WWWSK first episode . That would be a good way to start the year!
  7. I was in the thread when this was discussed(lurking around) apparently their feet were grazing each other, and you’ll think a gentleman like PSJ would know to have some boundaries when you grazed a ladies’s feet once, but throughout the live chat, it was pretty much a push and pull interaction if you know what I mean... My own thought about it is, they wanted some action to themselves but realised that they were being watched on tv so decided to do some fleeting (flirting+feet) action.
  8. While I respect her decision for thinking about her fans and wanting to show her fans how fangirling/fanboying is about, I kind of felt the drama was definitely competing with some really fierce competition. Although I did catch HPL during its live broadcast in my country, however, I have to be honest and admit that I was more interested in another medical suspense drama (Doctor Prisoner) which you could say had little to absolutely no romance, pretty bloody and violent scenes, yet the ratings for that drama was as high as 15.6% thereabout on a public channel. I personally feel that had the drama been aired maybe after this period, it could have been better in terms of ratings, I guess it could also be a slight misjudgment in terms of the production timing, but I could be wrong on this matter but is it the drama team (PD, director & writers) that determines what are the ratings that they are likely to target because I saw BTS of actors/actresses giving their take on the ratings so I’m a little confused about that, anyone that is familiar could clarify my doubts on this would be nice. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty nice to see elegant and classy PMY on the screen twice every week so I’m not really complaining. Hppefully, HPL ratings will be higher than before since Doctor Prisoner has ended and the new drama should not have too much of an impact (crosses fingers*). I can see where your coming from, however. I did watch TYH because of two reasons: (1) The main leads (Goblin Fever) (2) Director’s second work after WWWSK There were shades of WWWSK in TYH which I could definitely relate to however, the drama was shown during a turbulent period where the burning sun scandal was taking over almost every single drama being aired on television. It got so bad that the TYH villain was pretty much playing a cameo role because of how comparable it looked to what the burning sun scandal looked like, that shift in storyline drastically caused the drama to beat around the bush for a couple of episodes and killed its suspense in terms of the supposed *hero saves the damsel in distress* scene Let’s compare it with WWWSK vs TYH WWWSK had: (1) Amazing acting (portrayal of different emotions from different casts [leads, supporting cast and even the young child leads] (2) No noble idiocy (forceful break-up for a couple of episodes, little to no conflict (usually lasting for less than an episode) (3) Lots of Memorable Scenes (Giving PMY flowers in the car which causes her to sneeze at PSJ, PMY first time taking rides at amusement park, Almost kiss in the office that ends up having PMY dab, Drunk scenes from both PSJ and PMY including the PMY’s father and PSJ and last but not least, that classic scene of naughtiness from PMY and PSJ about the hotel stay) (4) The rather relatable characters (workaholic secretary who prioritizes the Vice President, staffs in the office who are very agreeable to the VP, MD who is always on the VP side even though he doesn’t like it) these characters make us viewers watch the drama because we can relate to them, and possibly why the drama was such a huge hit. (5) The parodies of the kiss/make up scene The Kang Ki Young and Seo Hyo Rim scene in Episode 16 was really funny. Will try to link if can find it. TYH had: (1) Stellar casts (LDW, YIN, LSW and many more, but the casts were pretty decent actors/actresses with respected ratings in dramas, there was this actor who acted quite well as a guy acting with a mental illness in the show) (2) Comedic Moments (not as much as WWWSK but I could probably count quite a number of them) (3) Parodies of the main couple scenes (similar to WWWSK. Stuff that might have affected ratings for TYH (1) Break-up scene (might be necessary but totally uncalled for) (2) Lack of a genuine plot for the show mostly due to the scandal in korea (3) Deviated quite a lot compared to the comic/manga Sorry if I went off-topic for quite abit, but I see this topic of HPL popping up quite a lot for PMY so just wanted to get it out of the way.
  9. I was reading through the last few pages, and something just struck me. (Puts on thinking hat) . Could there be a secret meaning to why PMY accepted the role of HPL (Her Private Life)? I managed to watch every episode and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with how well she transitioned into dealing with the dual identities she portrays. What if PMY wanted to give a glimpse of how her own private life is by taking on the role so soon after WWWSK? I can somehow imagine something similar between PMY and PSJ for some odd reason. Maybe this is her possible way of telling all us shippers that how PPL (Parks’ Private Life) is going to be for the foreseeable future. If that’s the case, I think we shippers here can be so happy for eternity LOL! Throwback to back when WWWSK drama was filming in its late stages, this will probably remain my favorite scene of all time, because of how relatable it is but also because it seems so dirty but they managed to portray it as a comedic relief scene so impressively.
  10. It also helps when you are working with someone who I could safely say practically saw you as his ideal type since your early debut days and has shown some sort of physical attraction towards. Probably this is for me the main reason why I am truly not really concerned about all the other shipping threads for PMY, since PSJ’s shipping threads are quite few and far between, even if PMY kisses KJW like he’s the last man on earth. I will not be affected by the rather obvious promotion of HPL to reach its intended target of ratings. It is a talent when you are able to deliver such true professionalism in whatever role you play in a drama however, it takes two hands to clap, and to deliver a drama so real up to the point that we viewers see both leads no longer as the characters they play in the drama but for who they are in real life (PMY + PSJ), this is what makes this couple really endearing to me. Of Course, the fanboy inside me wants to believe that she was also happy she could spend time with her fanboy aka someone who had a crush on her for a long period of time. Thanks for sharing this lovely video! Appreciate it.
  11. Actually, I was going through the post about the revelation about the 77min cut from director’s cut, and personally speaking going from pure logic, there should be no reason to do that if you are trying to keep the rumors down, because you will only make those rumors stronger. So if like some mentioned that it is probably a breach of the CF obligation, then what I can probably presume is, Using my pure logic from a guy’s point of view, Those scenes might not be too PG for ALL VIEWERS. I Don’t mean like us shippers who should be above 16 at least, but probably the agencies might have felt that those scenes of lust, touching and in some ways violating one another be it through kisses or even their body movements could be too x-rated for the general public, hence they decided it should be kept away and only remembered by our lovely PPC. Another possible cause is, like many have speculated before these CF contracts might require them to show a clean and squeaky image, so anything that could give the general public an impression that they are dating is a massive no go, or any potential scandals that could arise from it. Other than that, honestly I can’t think of anything else that would warrant such a drastic action from the agencies of the couple. Anyway, I just wanna express my thanks to everyone who is continuously making this thread lively and active, like a real family. P.S: Lots of kisses and hugs to all of you! Muacks <3
  12. I kind of understand what you are saying, at least to me, maybe because I’m more open towards things so people coming and go doesn’t really affect me that much, and what @minseojoon did for this thread is really immense, so her absence currently does leave a huge blow on us nonetheless, but sometimes even the slightly inactive posters who left a farewell message are also nice to the extent that they are getting proper closure on the matter. I get that it might leave a sour taste in our mouth like what @Cheryl295 and @Matilda_Anne mentioned above, however everyone has their own methods of closure. So my point is, everything happens for a reason, we don’t really know if @minseojoon lost interest, or maybe got really busy, after all as much as shipping is a fun time for many of us in this thread, not all of us are able to commit to it on a daily basis due to our lifestyle. We just have to ride the wave and see how far this thread really can go, and I believe in the present that the current lot of us will be able to continue what @minseojoon has carved a path for us since page 1. Stay strong everyone~
  13. I mean, there’s several ways of seeing it, after all shipping is for the light hearted, if you take shipping too seriously up to the point that you become toxic towards others, then you are also harming yourself in a way, I watched some variety shows where the cast mentioned that the dramas that trend comes and goes, there were successful dramas from Descendants of the Sun, Mr Sunshine and Sky Castle. The same goes for drama couples, but what keeps people going in the thread is the chemistry between the leads, look at all the shipping threads for PMY, and amazingly this thread managed to surpass the one from healer in terms of pages, I might not have followed who posted from page 1 and skipped some, but given an estimate I would say close to 200 individual posters have made this thread relatively active even though the drama ended its broadcast in August last year. This thread might see people come and go but seeing people like @reign248 suddenly making his/her 1st post after delurking really makes me feel my time here is well spent. Not to mention the very active posters of @sueeila, @Matilda_Anne, @snitchdream08, @zashi23, @mimixemix, @twoparkcouple, @Cheryl295, @quietobserver, @endensia and many more, I cannot compare myself to these wonderful people, but I can at least say I will probably be the first guy shipper to stay in this thread for a long time even if there is no news in the future or another 100 shipping threads of both our captains are created because of all the magical moments these two have created and the wonderful times that I had here. So rest assured, this thread will always have a gatekeeper and never be dead.
  14. I will truly miss you from the bottom of my heart but I respect your decision! Your contributions to this forum will not be forgotten. I wish you all the best in whatever you wish to do and hope that you can find your true calling somewhere down the line. Till the next time we meet again be it in another shipper thread or a drama thread. Bonne Journée! Hopefully I got it right!
  15. Me! *Shyly raises hand... I found it really hard to reveal my gender because of the recent scandal in Korea causing a lot of paranoia about fanboys in general and sadly it’s happening in soompi and real life My previous experience in soompi forum was pretty toxic when I revealed I was a guy earlier as they had the misconception that we guys treated women as objects and started directing a lot of hate. So I found it relatively hard to get involved in this forum without being a bit concerned. Hopefully, my time here would be slightly more enjoyable, and if any of you cannot accept a guy due to any reason, please feel free to treat me as a girl, if it makes it better by any means. Just adding this through, wasn’t there a BTS where LDW was dancing to YIN on one of Wanna One’s songs? (Pick Me if I’m not wrong) i wonder if YIN watches produce 101 and perhaps that’s why LDW decided to take on the host of produce 101? Just a casual thought...
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