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  1. Hi there, I see you are a newcomer to this thread, over the course of the drama, there were quite a number of hugging scenes, and in every scene it was likely reshot with several takes. Nevertheless, it is still rather impressive how they are able to portray it in a professional manner without making it too obvious. Another benefit was the obvious attraction that PSJ has towards PMY which in turn made the acting into something more real which me as a guy am able to sense when I watch the drama at several parts when they interact in close proximity. To any other new fans that I have missed out, welcome to the thread and if you happen to be a guy who wants to remain anonymous, feel free to drop me a personal DM here, we can talk about it if you are shy about commenting. Happy weekend everyone!
  2. Im so envious!! By the way, how did you check the order status of your DVD? Because I asked the staff in the consultation and they told me mine was in October?
  3. It depends on how you read things. By now, it’s been 1 year from the finale of the filming of WWWSK, however, there is one thing that doesn’t change, the drama is still trending in terms of popularity. Coincidences aside, there have been subtle hints that were dropped throughout this year, either by the cast of WWWSK or the two leads themselves, they are definitely doing their best to keep us informed about their whereabouts. I might not be able to provide you the strong proof you require, but if it is substantial evidence you need, then look no further because PSJ has practically declared to the whole world that he has set his eyes on PMY since her first debut drama high kick, if that is not a show of affection then honestly I don’t know what would be anymore. Moreover, PMY has been caught on more than one occasion to reveal a lot about her co-star that she need not necessarily be that updated about. In terms of behavior in the public, it is too unnatural for them to behave in the way that they are in, so there’s just too many loopholes to say that they are platonic friends or just normal co-stars showing good chemistry. It’s a waiting game ultimately, don’t take it too heart if you have no clue, just enjoy the process and relive the memories. That way, everything just looks more positive and upbeat!
  4. Nice to have you back here, @fasiou, don’t worry we always welcome back old and newtimers, just remember, don’t forget the memories you have in this thread and you’ll be fine! Maybe spend some time going through some of the pages over the next few days. there are a lot of new content for you to be happy about. Catch up with you in a couple of days or so alright? Stay positive and cheerful!
  5. Thanks @sueeila, @tobhonust28, @Nusrat.mitu. For the kind words, I hope that you all can stay here long and we can create fun memories together, and for the near future , hopefully we will get the BTS discs so we can relive the moment of our beloved PPC couple. Many thanks to the others who are sharing the scenes from the disc/blu-Ray, it really brightens up my day even though it is a weekend here. Stay Happy and Lovely Everyone!
  6. Before any potential conflict arises, I just wanna let everyone know, it doesn’t mean your not a true fan of the couple if you are not invited to the chat room, like what many others have said, it is a hard ask for everyone to be screened, so if for any reason you are not in the chat room, please do not take it personally and be understanding that it probably takes a longer time for others to know your true intentions. Always remember, not all heroes wear capes, you don’t have to be in every chat room to show that you are the biggest and most genuine fan out there, everyone here has shown some sort of positive intention for the couple in one way or another, I am saying this on behalf of everyone who is keen to join @jingjaja personal chat. My one true wish is for this thread to stay active, I might not be one of the active posters in this thread, but the only thing I can probably do given my work schedule is to ensure that the conflicts in this thread is kept to a bare minimum, and my long time goal is to find another male fan out there wherever you are so that I don’t feel so awkward in this lonely surrounding. In other news, I am loving the fact that it has been more than a year since WWWSK but the buzz about that drama remains, i really hope the cast are still keeping in contact with each other, because it was a genuinely talented and fun cast to see. Will be tuning in to both PMY and PSJ vlog in the next few days.
  7. My turn to answer this.. For PSJ, it’s pretty simple. How do you manage to keep your desires in check for close to 10 years? (Those who have PPC background knowledge will understand why I ask this..) For PMY, I decide to go with a different approach: What was the turning point in your life that made you want to get into a relationship again or date someone for that matter? I realized that when trying to come out with one question, there’s a different way of tackling them according to the person. PSJ is more hands on in his approach to dating whereas PMY could be more of a plan things meticulously and logically thinking woman, so in a way I don’t really see them clashing in terms of ideals. Hopefully, I didn’t stray too far to the Perverted Side of this supposed thread. Hehe!
  8. Sorry, I have been too mentally drained in my workplace, the torture on my body is too much, what has happened recently, why is everyone’s angst levels so high? I see the thread changing from positivity to a lot of sustained anger. I don’t really follow them much on Instagram since I’m not really an IG user, did something terrible happen?
  9. I mean I get where your coming from, but when 85% of your fellow colleagues end up out of office with the reason of recovering from the heartbroken period, you can’t help feel that a little bit of exploitation has been done with regards to that matter, and I don’t blame them or anything but having to fill in for them for 2 straight days really isn’t cool, considering it’s not strictly one gender, so I was just wondering if this is considered the norm or expected of fellow shippers. I have no intention of offending anyone so my sincerest apologies if anyone felt hurt by my last statement.
  10. Okay, since it’s the end of the work week, and I have gotten so many replies despite this being a very difficult time for some if not most of us shippers here due to your previous happy moments for the fallen couple. I will provide my intake of the question in my earlier post. I actually would not mind if they stay hidden/ undetected from the media and public because if you are actually pretty observant, they have been very smart in providing updates for their fans, weighing in with the risks as well. In addition, when they were required to appear in public together, i could phrase it this way, it almost seems like everything seems premeditated in terms of how they are supposed to behave in front of the cameras (i.e like following a script from a drama) However, going public really isn’t as bad as what one would usually fear, here are some known couples of some recognition in Korea now that’s currently in the public eye: Kim woo bin(remember him?) and Shin Min Ah have been public since 2015, another couple who went public is Choi Tae Joon and Park Shin Hye from March 2018, Jung Kyung Ho and Soo Young (SNSD) since 2013 and last but not least, Honey Lee and Yoon Kye Sang also since 2013. Personally, out of the four I mentioned above, I am more impressed with Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah, can you imagine how hard it would have been for her to put her career on hold to take care of his well being due to his unfortunate illness? This is what I truly respect about them as a couple, and I believe it is with this kind of sincerity and genuine care for each other that makes people just want to cheer for them. If PSJ and PMY were to go public, would I be worried about them breaking up? Honestly? No, because time and time again, we have seen the volatile nature of their dating rumors, and from their interaction off-screen, I have seen bits and parts of one important element in keeping a healthy relationship. That key element is Respect, and I don’t mean respect as in addressing the seniors/juniors, but rather being able to reach out to her by thinking about her concerns and putting her as your priority. With that being said, I believe whether they will go public or not, PMY would probably have the final say on that matter, because I understand she would have the most to lose when that happens, and without me bringing this up, I believe PSJ should be aware of the potential changes and that is probably why he is more decisive in terms of handling the media because he does not act rashly and would have at least given some sort of warning towards PMY if he was going to drop a bombshell. As of right now, I really wouldn’t mind keeping it status quo, because with the media and their friends keeping tabs on the both of them, I feel happy just knowing that they are probably just satisfied with their daily routines and also us being able to pick up certain details and figuring out the missing bits for ourselves. P.S: Not sure if this is applicable to any of you, but has anyone actually suffered at your workplace because of the amicable split of SSC?
  11. My condolences to everyone affected by the sudden bombshell. I’ll just try to gather everyone here for a short period of time. If given the choice, would you want PPC to go: (1) Real ninja on their relationship? (No news of them dating, getting together etc, where us fans will never know if they were together at any point but it’s all up to the user’s imagination.) (2) Public and become a power couple like (rain-Kim tae hee, ahn Jae Hyun-gu hye sun)? Where the fans will be readily updated and gush over their budding romance I understand most of you are likely in shock from the recent updates. Feel free to take your time to calm your nerves down. Maybe avoid social media for a while and let that sinking feeling go away before you come back. I’ll reveal what I really want for PPC when everyone is more stable emotionally and mentally. In a couple of hours/days.
  12. For the record, I am a guy shipper in this thread and I do not worship PSJ because that would be legit weird. I felt i needed to get things sorted out because you seem to be under the impression that PMY is getting the short end of the stick here. Reading through your post history tells me you are a man who is married if what you posted is indeed real. There is something you need to be aware of. I can probably say 90% of the people here are female shippers, you can’t expect female shippers to be swooning over their female counterparts most of the time, unless you live in a country where same sex marriage is considered normal or very common, then I have no comment. Go look at other threads, not any shipping threads by PMY, I give you some examples, Goblin couple (LDW-YIN), Song-Song (SJK, SHK), Scarlet Heart couple (LJG, IU), look at any random page in those thread, how often are you going to see the female focused in the thread? I just want you to know whatever impression you had in this thread, not sure how you got them, but I wish you would just focus on being positive for PMY and her future dramas and not leave such distasteful comments in this thread. I’m doing this at 6:00am+ in the morning because I respect the fact that there are other guy shippers out there, so I hope you can have the basic decency of being mature about it considering you are a married man with a wife, so I expect you to cross check the facts before coming up with a post.
  13. Actually, from what I watched of HPL so far, I have one main issue with the show. I’m not really feeling the romantic comedy genre of the show... Not sure if it’s a guy thing or what, but for a rom-com show, I kind of expected certain characters who were just there to entertain and be like the joke carriers of the show, (those that watched WWWSK would get what I mean) but to be honest, as I watched on from the early point in the episodes where PMY offered some funny scenes through some realistic acting on her part, I found myself kind of baffled how this drama was labeled a romantic comedy.. So if I had to break it down, there could be other reasons why HPL did not fare as well as it was projected, but personally if I had to label its genre, maybe something along the lines of Melocomedy or Romantic melodrama is slightly better since most of the scenes in the drama touch more on emotional love and not really slapstick comedy or romance. You could also say I would not have expected so highly of the comedic moments if they altered the genre slightly. I mean, it got so bad that even a medical suspense drama like Doctor Prisoner had more comedic scenes than HPL, and I was way more interested in that show despite HPL despite the lack of romance. A casual thought though, did anyone get the vibe that PSJ actually did open his heart to PMY during the show be it in the live interview and during the broadcast, it’s like PMY was everything to him and PSJ’s assurance meant a lot to her. It is probably these hidden actions that really gave us shippers the confidence and energy to keep going for 800 pages. *Warning* (Not safe for work) <read with caution> Anyway, after seeing how PSJ squeezes PMY from behind a couple of times in the drama, I wonder how they are like off-scene, some of the old shippers did mention that PSJ had certainly violated some sacred areas of PMY, I for one as a guy cannot really say much since it could make me look like a pervert, but I would like to know what you girls think? My opinion is you can only be someone special to really do that kind of stuff, I don’t really have siblings so I cannot say if that happens, but to me, that kind of openness and acceptance from PMY really hits PSJ in the sense that you are someone she can trust and leave herself in your care without any worries, probably the best possible feeling a guy will have in terms of understanding a girl in its most simplistic form. Sorry for the long post, I always wanted to understand how people reacted to the actions of PSJ and PMY and it might have been mentioned before but now that there are newer blood, would like to see if there’s any differing opinions. Apologies in advance if there’s anyone under 16 here who is not supposed to learn this, but I just couldn’t resist the temptation of bringing it up because i was just dying to know the answer!
  14. I could go further and say if I see another matching post from the both of them, it would be more believable than the matching colors/style because I have been browsing through and the times where they posted were insanely similar like <1 hours apart on the same day. Although PMY’s schedule might be busier than PSJ, but one can truly hope that she gets a well deserved rest before her next project and maybe show her support (mental and physical) to the lovely PSJ’s upcoming dramas and potential romances involved.
  15. Hi and sincerest apologies to everyone, I felt like I neglected this thread for too long, mainly because I felt this ship was too smooth going forward and I had to fan some flames in another thread. @intrariver‘s latest post looks very interesting, maybe I should consider delurking and reading all the posts from this thread again to see if I am able to find that video that she is referring to, preferabbly on IG since YouTube isn’t available now. However, her point seems really valid and I do have a slight inkling that maybe they are trying to cover up their tracks now. Any specific fans with more experience in this could offer their more professional views on this matter? All in all, it’s a good day to be a shopper in this thread. So hope you guys enjoy this moment going forward!
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