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  1. 13 minutes ago, amisyka77 said:


    Cheese in the Trap.

    It went down south when the drama decided to break away from the webtoon plot and every fans were screaming  bloody murder during its airing.

    I feel like CitT didn't deviate from the webtoon in a way that was faithful to the webtoon. It became more about the second lead and his backstory than about the main leads., towards the end the main male lead was nearly erased!  I think if this were to deviate from the webtoon it would need to make sense, such as a deeper depth into DKS and KMR. If not, then I think an uproar would happen. Such as focusing on Sooah instead of the lead. 


    Anyways, new episode starting soon! Can't wait!!!!!!


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  2. Not sure if the the subtitles translated what was on the Polaroid, (i only saw the raw) but it said "have a beautiful love". I found it so adorable that he saw that smiled and stashed it in his pocket. Boy totally knows he's developing feelings for SR. I also love that he's respecting her opinions and allowing her to choose her own path. In regards to housing choices. I was totally crying with SR as she was leaving their home and then had it turn immediately around when the lady opened the door. Ha. Was not expecting that!

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  3. On 8/14/2018 at 11:36 PM, Mau_Cherry said:


    As I understood it - and read about it - she told him she was in hospital for many years - but not that she was in coma. That was one of the question I had.


    And WJ started to explain - that he made a terrible mistake and can´t regret it enough but she stopped him - seeing his pain - like you don´t need to tell more if it is painful. Thank you for telling me.

    I'll have to go back and listen again, but I think she said I've been laying on a hospital bed for more than 10'years. So she doesn't reference the exact number of years nor does she specify that she was in a comatose state.


    On 8/15/2018 at 2:44 AM, Mau_Cherry said:


    Happy End... can it be that they already showed us how it will end? I rewatched Episode 1 - and I saw something I did not noticed before..


    Very early we see  WJ sitting on the beach in the night... holding his painting... he looks to the moon and did this moon bunny... than he hears a bell and smilies bright.... like the person he was waiting for is coming. Like SR got her bell back...

    what i missed before - not knowing the story - there are tiny footprints on the painting... so this is for sure the future.


    sorry for the low quality





    Omg!!!! Omg! You're soooo right!!!!! How did you catch that?! There are paw prints there! Omg. I'm going to have to go back and see. Holy. I have goosebumps. If this is true, the writers really thought every thing out. Amazing!!!

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  4. 22 hours ago, pad-hari said:

    @mapleoaks5,  I dont know what this is about.  but  in dc gall there has been a discussion about the drama so far.  I tried to google translate it.  but it did not make any sense. Will be happy if you could atleast post the gist of this.  thanks in advance.  


    기본적으로 작감은 이 작품을 반만 이해함

    솔직히 이 들마 원작 그대로 잘 따라갔으면 블루레이까지 무난히 갔을 건데..

    3, 4화에서 좀 찝찝했지만 그래도 계속 보자,
    만화 자체가 길지 않으니까 서사 추가하다보면
    곁가지 좀 생길 수 있지 했는데..

    6화 보고 진짜 실망했음..

    기본적으로 작감이 이 작품을 반만 이해한 것 같다..
    원작이 왜 인기 있었는지, 원작이 각 장면마다 의도한 메시지가 뭔지 딱 반만 이해했고
    수박 겉핥기처럼 원작 그대로 재밌어보이는
    에피 가져왔다가 작가 멋대로 대사 추가해서 모순이 일어난 게 보인다..


    1) 도경석 엄마 나혜성은 앞에서 실컷 외모지상주의 비판해놓고 미래가 성형했다니까 '예뻐졌네'라며 위로 아닌 위로하고,
    2) 예쁘다는 말조차 하지 말라는 태희선배한테 그 남자선배가 위로랍시고 '난 마른 여자 싫다, 너처럼 통통한 애가 좋다'라고 하고 
    3) 연우영 '꼭 이렇게 해야 했니?' 드립.. 


    Essentially the person is saying that the drama isn't following the webtoon exactly and it would have been better if it did. They watched 3 and 4 and said let's keep watching and see how it does, its not like the webtoon is that long. But after seeing episode 6, they're so disappointed. She feels like the writer only understands half the story.

    1. When KMR told DKS mom she had plastic surgery and the mom said she got prettier, she thought it defeated the whole purpose of critiquing the superficialness of judging a person by their outer beauty, by then complimenting KMRs beauty after plastic surgery.

    2. When taehee was feeling down about everything the sunbae comforted her but by saying stuff like oh some guys like chubby and cute girls like you. When earlier taehee said don't judge me according to your standards etc. seems hypocritical. 

    3. Yunwooyoung "did you really have to do this?" (Don't understand what her complaint here is? She didn't really elaborate))


    ok the rest is too long, it's a lot more difficult for me to read and understand than it is for me to listen and understand. Sorry!!!  Don't have much time to sit and try to make it out! 

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  5. 28 minutes ago, etylovedrama said:

    at the blind date.


    Is it Soo Ah expect KS to chose her? i haven't watch the video with sub. Her face. KMR look disbelief that KS just choose her. The other only look at Soo Ah. Luckily KS only look at MR. :wub::wub:


    And i don't feel good when KS apologise to Soo Ah and look how she dress up. Watch out MR. Btw how much episode this drama?

     Yea it almost seems like SA thought KS would choose her. I don't understand why she would think that though, cause up until now he hasn't shown her any inkling of interest. In fact he was guarded with her and called her out on her crap. In her delusional mind, maybe she thought he was playing hard to get or something. She's probably not used to rejection and has had every guy want her. So this is the first time she's experiencing outright rejection and this makes her mad. She's only going to want him more.


    and yes totally agree, don't like the preview showing him apologize. Hopefully his eyes continue to stay wide open regarding her sly ways. 


    The drama is 16 episodes! 

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  6. Ugh. I can't believe how twisted SA is. I wonder where she got this complex from? How come she became like this? It's super low to purposely seek out a classmate from MR classmates from her past to try and expose MRs past. At least this is what I'm getting from the previews. She's going through extreme lengths to bringing down MR. but what are her motivations? MR never did anything to her, and SA was always acknowledged as the top 1 goddess, not MR. Is it just because of DKS? I thought it started happening before him. She can't have always been the only pretty one in her life no? I don't know. She just seems so unreasonable. Can't for the next episode to come out!!!! 


    Also, how is CHa eunwoo so handsome?! My friends and I were saying he doesn't look like a real person. He's like a cyborg or a real life manhwa character. I've been a kdrama watcher for almost 15 years and I think he must be one of the best "objectively" good looking guys I've seen. I was aware of him before but he looked too much like a baby to me, but lately he's looking more like a grown man. :p  so muh she suh! 

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  7. 57 minutes ago, Wotad said:

    I just caught up and did he like her when she was pretty?

    To me, not quite sure if he liked her, but he definitely found her interesting and he was pulled by her? At least that's the vibe I'm getting. Which I really like, because it shows that he values people for who they are and not how they look. He was quickly able to see through SA bs, and also see the inner beauty of KMR. 


    I dont know if such a guy exists in real life though! A super hot/popular guy who doesn't care about looks. I wish!


    edit to say im assuming you meant when she was *not* pretty

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  8. Time for two of us: Chapter 3


    KMR: If we go on vacation, I'll have to show my bare face right?

    As the date is getting closer, I'm getting so so scared!

    What do I do?! I don't want to show it yet!!

    Friend: I don't have any words to say


    ::Really...what is weight::

    ::Really..what is bare face::

    (implying she knows that shes making a big deal over superficial issues)


    Opening scene KMR in bed

    KMR: ....hello?

    DKS: Still sleeping?

    You didn't check your texts

    KMR: Sorry!! I overslept! I needed to wake up at 12. Its already 1!!!

    DKS: You're not late? Your appointment is at 2.

    KMR: If i get ready and put on makeup, I don't have much time. I'll hurry up and get ready and come out.

    DKS: Just slowly..


    Meeting up with DKS

    KMR: ??

    Am I stupid? I forgot to apply lipstick

    DKS: Kang Mirae

    KMR: Ah! 

    Hold on, don't look! 

    I forgot to finish applying makeup

    DKS: How long does it take for you to apply make up?

    KMR: Uh. For me.....if I hurry about 30 minutes?

    DKS VO: when you hurry...?

    DKS: Warm tone color?

    What is warm tone? (he';s looking at her makeup)

    KMR: Warm tone? Warm tone is one of skin tones color. There is warm tone and cool tone.


    DKS: Yea? What am i?

    KMR: You? Hmm..

    You're white, so probably cool tone?

    DKS: So what color would look best on me?

    KMR: Huh?

    Why would you apply it!

    DKS: Then why do you apply it.

    KMR: Me? me....

    If I don't apply it, it'll look kind of weird...

    DKS: .....

    KMR: ..Anyways, what should we order?


    Walking outside scene:

    DKS: You know about the vacation..

    KMR: yea?

    DKS: Maybe just going on vacation

    KMR: eung?

    DKS: ...What I mean is.

    If the purpose/motive of the vacation is burdensome

    KMR: uh uh?

    DKS: .....

    ...If it's because you don't want to do "it". We can just go on vacation. Really.

    KMR: Ah! No! That's not it~! Don't misunderstand me. Really.

    DKS: I really don't need to do it. It's not something we absolutely have to do.  

    KMR: .......


    KMR VO: It seems like he's really misunderstanding something

    But, it's really something he doesn't have to do? 



    I really want to do it~!!






    Time for Two of Us: Chapter 4


    It's really not something we have to do?


    WANT TO!

    I really want to do it!




    Ultimately we decided to travel somewhere nearby.

    Just in case I weighed myself

    My weight is of course the same

    DKS: Then why do you apply it? (KMR is thinking of what he said in flashback)

    KMR: I? I....

    If I don't apply it, I look weird

    KMR VO: When did I start to think like that?


    KMR and DKS date

    KMR: Have you ever come to a place like this and wear a hanbok?

    DKS: I don't have friends.

    KMR: Then it'll be your first time with me!

    This is my bucket list!

    Worker: We're having an event for students right now cause of break!

    On this side, Its $20 and on this side it's $30

    KMR: You guys don't have something you can put on your head?  He really needs to wear that!

    Worker: Of course we do

    DKS: Why are you looking for something for me to wear first?


    Doll playing time


    Worker: Oh my, customer I don't really say this often. But anything you wear looks good! You look like a model!

    KMR: (cooly)

    No, Definitely not this one, but the other one may look better?

    DKS: ...You've changed

    (You used to say everything was pretty)

    KMR: Hurry! take this one and change into it and come out.

    DKS: You...

    Then you have to wear what I pick and come out ok?

    KMR: Uh?

    Why, what are you going to make me wear?


    What's your taste~!


    KMR: You're ___ and I'm _____?! ( Sorry, not exactly sure what these words mean?)

    DKS: Why? It looks good.

    KMR: Because I'm afraid it'll look really good...I'm really tall and _______ (the vocabulary sounds like rice cake, but that sounds weird, so not sure what she's saying here) if I wear something like this really...


    Background girls: WOW~

    Background boy: That nuna (older sibling) looks really cool

    KMR: ?! 

    Should, I have dressed in this kind of style earlier?


    KMR:  Saying I'm cool~

    DKS: Why do you like that so much?

    KMR: Just, just because. It's the first time I'm hearing that word...

    DKS: Hey! If I...made some passing girl say that I looked cool. would you like it?

    KMR: No?! You're going to do that?!


    KMR: Right?

    DKR: ...If you're going to come out like this...from now on. I'm really going to work hard at my part time job,

    KMR: How?

    DKS: I'll try to attract customers

    KMR: Ah Ah. Yea??

    Like. not showing off that you have a girlfriend? While smiling with your eyes?

    DKS: Yea.


    I'm really not worried. You absolutely won't be able to do it.

    DKS: ...... I'm mad




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  9. Time for two of us. Chapter 2


    KMR: ok then, I'm going inside! Thanks for taking me home!

    DKS: yea 

    KMR: he doesn't seem that disappointed, is that a relief? 


    Opening scene:


    Friend: you have something on your mind huh?

    KMR: ah!? , is it obvious?

    Friend: it's pretty obvious, what is it?

    KMR: I'm a stupid dummy 

    friend vo: it's starting again


    flashbaxk and relaying this scenario to friend 


    bedroom kissing scene: 

    KMR: I..

    DKS: yea

    KMR: we 


     In that "doing it" situation right now...


    KMR: no, i mean. Just in case I wasn't sure...so I'm asking.

    DKS: ....

    you don't like it?

    KMR: No! I like it, completely like it...but


    now sitting on couch

    DKS: you don't have to lie 

    KMR: huh? Lie?!

    DKS: I'll do whatever you tell me to do

    KMR: it's not a lie...but..

    i just need a little time to prepare myself 


    KMR voiceover:

    ::it's really not a lie:: 

    thats not the first time in that sort of situation 

    why wouldnt I want to do it?

    i am a little embarrassed

    bjt I do like KS

    And I am curious 

    and I know very well

    regardless of how cute he is lately 

    however in reality 

    KS has been really sexy

    I really want to do it!!

    i want to do it...

    bt the problem is...

    Ive recently gained weight!!!!




    KMR: hey, kyung suk ah!!

    DKS: eung 

    kmr: you know..

    on my birthday?

    do you wanna go on a vacation anywhere? Vacation is theb. So how about 3 day 2 night trip somewhere? What do you think?

    ::determined face::


    KMR vo: one month until my birthday 


    lik...like it (alright! Literal translation is like though- but he's in agreement)

    ::determined face 2:::


    KMR voiceover:


    i have until then to lose 5 kg


    Back to present with friend 

    Friend: so you weren't able to lose it and you asked not to go?

    KMR: I'm really stupid huh?

    friend: a little.....

    KMR: also if we go on a trip together, I have to show my bare face right?

    as the date was getting closer, I was getting so so scared 

    what do I do?  I don't want to show him yet 

    Friend: I don't know what to say

    KMR: I'm completely _________( not quite sure what this word means. Google translate says incompetent)


    kmr voiceover

    :: really what is this?::

    why am I going this far? (She is more or less saying why am I being like this)






    2 hours ago, Mau_Cherry said:


    If it is just for us you can write me a pm instead too - oh yes I enjoy it a lot! Wow you are good!


    But than others can ask for it later too... hmmm


    I can pm you as well, I just thought there may be

    others who may be interested. 


    Thank you! I'm Korean American so I'm able to understand mostly all, there's just some vocabulary I don't understand once in awhile. But i like it, cause it makes me work on my Hangul reading and translating skills!

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  10. Time for two of us. Ch. 1


    Customer: olio pasta and 1 cube steak

    DKS: olio pasta and cube steak


    Background voices: hey! Right right?

    -handsome huh?


    -he goes to our school 

    - there's a good looking guy at our school huh?

    -foreal, thank you

    -what are you thankful for?

    (KMR is overhearing this convo)

    DKS: I'm almost finished, just wait a little bit 

    KMR: huh? Yea yea 

    background voices: he's got a gf

    -of course he does 

    KMR: it'll probably be better if you don't talk to me.

    KDS: ? 

    KMR: there's gossip/news of a good looking part timer here. How can you make is so obvious that you have a girlfriend? Customers won't come! (Business will go down)

    DKS: should I quit? 

    KMR: ??why??

    because of you business is going so well. The boss probably won't allow you to quit 

    I really like it. My boyfriend is so popular.


    Hugging scene:


    KMR: my mom wouldn't be watching right?

    DKS: eung?

    KMR: ah! Mom!

    DKS: ?!

    KMR: just kidding 

    DKS: hey!

    KMR: hahaha sorry.

    hey... you know...

    DKS: yes

    KMR: I've been meaning to tell you something since earlier, but I wasn't able to

    DKS: what is it?

    what is it that you're stalling?

    KMR: you won't get mad?

    DKS: let me hear it first

    KMR: I'm sorry

    -we decided to go on vacation for my birthday. I don't think I'll be able to go. I'm really sorry! I know there isn't much time left for it..

    DKS: why? Is there some reason?

    KMR: it's not like that, not this time, but let's go next time! I'm sorry! 

    DKS: ... ok

    KMR: uh.. it's ok? 

    DKS: eung, its ok

    KMR: haha. It's a relief. Ok then! I'm going inside. Thanks for taking me home! 

    DKS: yea 

    KMR: (to herself) he doesn't seem very disappointed, is that a good thing?


    Ok, I will try to translate the other chapters as I can! Hope you enjoy. 


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  11. 22 minutes ago, Mau_Cherry said:


    Thank you -  yes please - I am one of those who loves spoiler and I read everthing I could in english and looked at the indonesia chapter for the rest - without able to read but i kinda got what happen... but if someone can tell me whats going on - I love that.


    If I could use a super power it would be to be able to understand and be able to read and speak all languages of the world. There is so much more to find out the moment you can understand.. Just how my world turned after I learned english... much much would I miss without...



    edit: after checking the extra chapter - WOW - that really IS Fan Service! :phew:

    Ok, I'm a newb to soompi, how do I hide contents so those who don't want to be spoiled/see it, I can hide it?

    ok nvm, I figured it out.

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  12. 8 minutes ago, Mau_Cherry said:


    I need the link to check if I already know it - guess not - and if so - yes please - spoil me!!!!






    heres the link to the epilogue:

    My ID is gangnam beauty: Time for the two of us.


    This is more of a fan service thing the artist provided. I think I read in celebration of the drama coming out. I can translate for you if you haven't seen these already!



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  13. Ah! I just rewatched all 4 episodes again, I haven't done that since cheese in the trap (while it was still good!) My husband actually sat down and started watching it with me, which is shocking because he thinks all kdramas are stupid. He thinks DKS is pretty cool. Haha. I'm afraid he's gonna start losing interest once the romance plot starts up though, I think it's more fascinating for him to see what college life is like in Korea. I know that the sunbae/hoobae culture is very much present, but I wonder if it gets as bad as it does like depicted with Chanwoo bullying everyone. Anyways, cannot wait for the next episodes to come out! 

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  14. Glad to see that SR is starting to fall for poop ahjushi. I'm wondering if they'll drag out the mistaken identity story line. I hope they don't. I want him finding out that she's the girl he originally liked. At the same time, I like that he's starting to fall for her before knowing this. He's definitely afraid of getting entangled with her, because he's afraid he may hurt her somehow. I really hope they don't pull the noble idiot route when he discovers who she really is. 

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  15. 5 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

    First post on this thread... I have the impression that the house was sold two years later because of Seo Ri's age. Back then, she was still a minor but two years later, it means that she is an adult. So in my opinion, the house was sold illegally. The uncle might have taken the seal's family and forged her consent. 

    I also think that the woman in yellow is SR's aunt. Since she looks elegant (dress, shoes and hair), I have the feeling that she could have divorced her husband and later remarried. We still don't know who is related to SR: the uncle or the aunt. I think that the uncle might have been the brother of SR's father. Moreover, SR is looking more for her uncle than her aunt. Another clue for this theory : if the aunt is not related, this could explain why she couldn't really stop her husband from selling the house and even visit SR, especially if she was no longer married to him. Let just say that she remarried... with her money, she could be the one who paid the bills anonymously. If she had revealed it, people would have asked her connection to SR.


    To me, the uncle seems to have been a con-man. The man in the building couldn't even remember the name of the office the uncle was supposed to have.  

     That's actually a great theory. The uncle seems shady. She did refer to him as "wae Samchon"  wae means maternal side. So it's likely he's her mothers brother. 



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