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  1. well, because its still the month of the hearts so I will share what I've read about dating in Korea. its because I can relate???? hehehe. Dating in Korea and Cultures 101: ✅Expect to get introduced to people. - Koreans don't always meet new people by themselves. They let others arrange meetings for them. ✅ Don't expect to spend a lot of time with your partner. - Korean people are well known for having extremely tight schedules and working until they burn out. ✅ Avoid showing affection in public. ✅ Smiley's and messages are way to show affection. - Koreans love their smart phones. ✅ There's nothing more important than family. - its important to honor in laws and treat them with respect. ✅ Prepare yourself for a social media contest. - Every meal has to be photographed and uploaded. You have to stop your communication every ten minutes because its time to take a selfie and it takes another two minutes to upload the selfie with the perfect hash tag. ✅ You have to celebrate a lot. - There's the celebration on every 14th of each month. ✅ Walking around in couple shirts is not weird when everyone does it. - In South Korea its complete normal to run around couple shirts. ✅ Get ready to be glued to your phone. - Korean guys are big fans of constant communication via text message and instant message. Updating your significant other as often as possible. What you're eating, what you're thinking, what you're looking forward about your date tonight. ✅ Valentines Day has got nothing on Korea. - Korea also has a ton of national love holidays that are fun to celebrate. These holidays always fall on the 14th and the nature of holiday can range from Valentines day. To kiss day (June 14th), to a day you're meant to give your partner chocolate (white day, March 14th) there truly is a love holiday for everybody no matter what your style is. so I guess, now I know why it has to be February 13 because 14th is a love holiday, and those meals (fooods too) hahahaha. Happy hearts day to us.
  2. When news comes out about breaking up of KB and OYS and netizens be like: LSG has joined the conversation. LSG please come in. Hahahaha they are so funny. but I was really happy because mostly people love LSG and OYS.
  3. LSG birthday is January 13. The announcement of KB and OYS was February 13. LSG is now 32 years old but in Korea he is 33. OYS will be 32 years old this year, in Korea she will be 33. Last March 2018 was the announcement of KB and OYS dating, and March is 3rd Month. Well, I don't know what is all about 3 and 13. I will just wait for March 13. Anyway, never mind what I've said. HAHAHA but I'm really happy with the news. hehehe let's just keep fighting.
  4. when netizens heard about KB and OYS news last February 13. People be like: LSG where are you.? you need to date and be with OYS. and mostly people's reaction to that news was LSG!! LSG! LSG!! blah blah blah hahahaha... so I guess some netizens really love LSG and OYS to be together.
  5. Have you seen the teaser of vagabond? It's so cool. Hopefully, looking forward for OYS doing dramas or movies this year. I just miss her on screens. Happy new year guys.
  6. LSG is the happiest man alive on earth. I know he's too busy working these year but I know that he's also inspired working. I'm just so happy for LSG that he receives many awards and of course he receives a lot of love not just from his family and friends but also from the love of his life that always supported him in his dreams and passion. no matter how busy he is, I know der is someone waiting for him who always gives him happiness and love, giving him support and understanding and patience. What more can he ask for? Awww!! LSG and OYS are giving more updates for us. I'm just very very happy for both of them.
  7. Hello. How's everyone? I miss posting here merry Christmas to all of you.. So many updates of LSG and OYS this days. Full of hearts.
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