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  1. I saw some videos on Instagram (Channel A) where some of his IG photos were commented by reporters in the video. Maybe he wanted the K media to stop talking about his past IG photos, hence the deletion/making them private. It’s like a way to say Move on crazy reporters. PMY is still there; it’s enough or maybe his account was hacked
  2. I can't help but feel some vibes of from the two bad-mouthed co-workers in the mop-fight scenes. There haven't been a single good evidence to prove: - PSJ was involved in suggesting or casting PMY (and of course he couldn't be the decision maker; that lies with the production/PD) - anytime the 2 of them were abroad together - PMY and PSJ were together in the after-party (even if they were together celebrating, what's wrong ? the two teams naturally became close if they worked 20+ hours together for days). The only 3 credible photos were 1 of the 2 vans, 1 of PMY and her team, and 1 of PSJ going home (this photo is not even clear). (I ignored the shoes and hat because many many celebs in my country have these popular items) What I've seen so far from MBC & SBS clips are purely IG collages from crazy users, which made the media in my country look like saints and made Korean media ridiculous. 3 reporters in the jtbc clip gossiping about two people they don't know personally and if you pay enough attention, what they were saying are EXACTLY like what was written in this thread. Were they pretending to be shippers here to milk some information, or was someone here tipping them off (anyone here watched Gossip Girls)? Even the tabloids in my country when announcing dating rumours have some real photos as evidence, yet for the past weeks there have been none. And now people are making all kinds of assumptions about their work ethics. I give them the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. What I could see is both are pretty ambitious. One debuted 7 years ago therefore has worked super hard with many productions every year and got where he is today, when many in his cohorts were famous earlier (Lee Min Ho, Kim So Hyun...). One debuted 13 years ago and is now acknowledged for being versatile and having good chemistry with every onscreen partner (I agree with some of you here that PMY hasn't been credited enough in terms of awards). Do you think they actually dated for 3 years and risked being found out playing this drama together? I don't think so. Maybe they are dating post WWWSK (because they are so great together!, hence the open-ended answers in the interviews). Even with the interviews, I wasn't there so I'll take what I read with a pinch of salt. Besides, WWWSK is a top notch production not just because of the leads, but because of supporting casts and everything else. https://www.soompi.com/2018/08/03/kang-hong-seok-talks-onscreen-partner-hwang-bo-ra-rest-whats-wrong-secretary-kim-cast/
  3. It's been quite an eventful day, so below is my 2 cents as my current module is Media. There's no denial of ParkPark chemistry that started this shipping thread, but there's another thing that have driven us mad: Instagram. Where do Sports DongA / MBC and SBS get their sources? Check the below https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl5xv1vAW5a/?taken-by=zakia_ss (9k followers) - photo status: NEXT TVN , KBS DAN KBS2 (after seeing PPC being on SBS) (Their IG photos were used in Sports DongA article / MBC news) https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl5xv1vAW5a/?taken-by=zakia_ss (is this one photoshopped?) some people have asked them to stop intruding PPC privacy, but it didn't seem to work on them) As mentioned previously by another shipper, this IG user is in a group of other very active users (fikaai**_beaut* - 28k followers, hanie_**rlianto199* - 5k followers, song_park* - 3k, unk**wiam - 3k, y*o_f* - 1k) so in a way they become (bad) Key influencers. Who did they influence? Us. On the day of wrap party, this group esp. za**_ss had a lot of frequent updates that made me wonder where they got them from. Of course they follow WWWSK actors/actresses/stylists to the point of being a stalker, and check photos that they like, who they follow. Don't they have a life/study/work/ or just go out and relax at all? There might be insider information from Korean media; they may be paid for having a lot of followers; they may be tipped by a lot of people. What have they turned the society into? They can be purely fans and wanted to prove PPC is real, but within a few days they turn two of the most talented actors/actresses in Korea into the most talked-about couple, not in a good way (see what Knetz wrote today), and about the drama (which deserves to be credited). Their IG photos are everywhere on the Internet/Youtube (and they are "proud" of that, and some of their followers "clapped" them for what they did (!)). Korean bad media took advantage of this and used it to cover an ongoing political issues. Some lazy reporters probably spotted PPC at AAA 2017 sitting in the same table and thought they can make a "nice headline", hence what we have seen on the news. Here is what some people mistook/some facts: - Some Seowon fans today actually posted IG photos of the Japan/HK trips and proved MY/SJ were not there at the same time (they put the caption "Wrong information" on these widely-spread photos of MY/SJ that initially might look like they could be there together). (Kind gesture!) - PMY/PSJ stylists didn't comment each other "sister-in-law". The word is merely "older sister", but IG wrongly translated it - The first like Awesome Ent boss had in MY photos was in mid-Dec 2017 (MY probably was considered for WWWSK at this time). They also liked KJW photos, other SJ's co-stars photos. - Initially when filming was bearable, the two stylists teams hanged out (ice cream photos). During the last few weeks of WWWSK, the two stylists team were filming for 20+ hours / days, of course they became close. - The "so-called" bracelet worn by them in March and May 2018 are not couple bracelet (photo below). In some other photos they may look like couple bracelet. So what you see can be not what you get. https://www.instagram.com/p/Blz7thnhtys/?taken-by=joongkinfinite - A lot of celebs in my country wear those B hats and shoes; there was a trend. - The interviews today are interpreted in so many different ways, there are chances that whoever post them on IG want you to think like them. I reckon MY and SJ might have developed some feelings for each other when they started with photoshoot/filming the teasers (April) (I have my sources). That's quite understandable. Which might explain the looks/touches in the press conference. And of course if they are so compatible (both love dogs and travelling!), and shoot so many lovely scenes together, they wouldn't want to let each other go after WWWSK. Where does the 3-year come from? Someone in this forum mentioned the "Hi" photos in 2015. Who are in this thread? anyone, hopefully mainly PPC lovers (thanks and love you), crazy IG users, Paparazzi, Dispatch, other shippers, MBC, SBS... What did they do? Followed the analysis/investigation that you might have spent hours doing (I saw Soompi thread in some IG photos), checked PPC IG, checked other sources, photoshopped, added some more comments to drive your thoughts, posted on IG then these photos were spread like fire Knetz/privacy intrusion can make or break a celebrity's reputation/relationship (that happened before), and MY/SJ have worked too hard and are too good to be treated like that. Forget about international fans supporting PPC, they live in Korea not China not Indonesia not Hong Kong. How can SJ protect MY in every way, they can't even go out together in daylight now. I don't mean to offend anyone. Even if you don't create rumours, spreading them irresponsibly is likewise bad. Peace and Thanks.
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