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  1. The drama is great so far! If you're a fan who has read the novel, it's kinda fun watching a scene and piecing together what has been taken and left out from the book in lieu of better drama story flow. So it's kinda like a puzzle where pieces fall into place. Idk who remembers far back into this forum, but we did talk about book pacing i.e. Aranya's story line taking too long or feeling out of place with the actual DH+FJ storyline...but in the end it was revealed just how important the Aranya part actually was to the overall climax of our main characters ending. My point is, things that were revealed at a later time in the novel may be or can be revealed early on in the drama for story-telling coherency which I appreciate from the writers who wouldn't give us viewers something incoherent or difficult to follow because why would they? What I really love are the details in the drama that we wouldn't get when reading the book. Yeah, yeah, usually it's the other way around but since it's ONE drama in which we are ALL watching we visualize the same color schemes, hairstyles, mannerisms of DH+FJ from lives 1, 2, and 3. Fore example, this DH smiles more, is more playful, initiates skinship more with FJ unlike heavenly DH. The book left us to our own imagination and our own conceptions on PB timeline but with the drama we can all gush about what we like or voice what we dislike kinda like Ji Heng's miscast. Yeah, I agree her face is kinda throwing me off whenever I look at her. **Random things to note: -That's the Ashes of Love girl! It was bothering me until it clicked in my brain abt how familiar she looked. I did a double take and exclaimed "that trick richard simmons chick from Ashes of Love is STILL trying to trick the main lead into marriage in this drama too! asdfjgkl Oohohohh it's just not gonna happen, honey! Nip that in the bud. -Lowkey , General Qing Ti can get IT. That man is fine as heck. -I want more Yan Chiwu but all good things come to those who wait. *chefs kisses*