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  1. 1)If ever there was a tragic couple in this Pillow Book story— it would definitely be Chen Ye & Aranya. I’m surprised that we’re only talking about them now because Chen Ye LOVED Aranya so much. All from the very beginning of Aranya’s birth. He made a lot of sacrifices for her all of it self-less in his own way although to Aranya it may have gone unseen or may have seemed cold. The sacrifice of keeping her alive as a child in that pit with what was it? His blood or the fruit tree. He was only a few years older than her too so he was fairly young making that great decision of devotion to a child who would’ve died if it wasn’t for his care. To Aranya’s parents she was nothing but to Chen Ye she was everything. Also he left with the intention of coming back to be with her, correct? Chen Ye didn’t even want to leave her but the blight was thinking in the long term for them, not short term. Fate’s ultimate trick was (who was it? Mo Ye finding her? And taking her away before it was the right time) having her marry Xize. And by that time Of Chen Ye’s return it was already too late. So he had to play as if Aranya meant nothing to him until her death & reincarnation. 2) So this is where we plug in FJ&DH. From the way I see it, our main couple were just borrowing the bodies of Aranya & Xize to buy them time to heal and accumulate (what’s it called? essence? Idk correct me if I’m wrong). 3) Chen Ye is the real person who suffered if we’re looking at it from the perspective of them being the main couple instead of FJ&DH. The whole reincarnation was double because it was both Aranya & Feng Jiu (her shadow & DH’s housing her soul sighing Aranya’s body although mistakenly). Second chances is a big theme in Pillow Book. It’s done time and time again by our main couple FJ&DH but as a reader we’re guaranteed kinda an intuitive happy ending unlike Chen Ye & Aranya because they are minor secondary couples that help build up the main’s story. The big difference between both couples is that they had different results in their gamble for a second chance. After Aranya’s deaths Chen Ye agreed to having a whole new world created all for the chance of getting her back. Aranya doesn’t care for him at all but Chen Ye was still willing. So when that world was destroyed, it was bittersweet knowing that they had another chance at getting things right , their souls enlocked, after so and so millions on years. And this has been A Deeper Analization: Chen Ye & Aranya Edition. Thoughts?
  2. ^^^Nothing says token of affection in a CDrama more than a hairpin! ***NVM. It’s the sugar foxes My old lady eyes be playin’ tricks on me!
  3. Pillow Book is a completely different story from TMOPB. In an interview, Vengo confirmed it. TMOPB took liberties in making the DongFeng couple compliment the story of TMOPB. I guess what the writers weren’t expecting was the second couple to become as popular as they did. Hence, the spin-off. Although the story will deviate from it’s predecessor, a comforting idea is that Yang Mi will be back to reprise her role. Now my question abt that is if they’ll base Bai Qian ‘s character off TMOPB or of they’ll change things accordingly to fit Pillow Book’s story. Welcome to the DongFeng fam! @Hana-chan^.^ @Rouzmary @rapo65 @orenji_neko @euphoenix 1) I stumbled upon PB just because I needed white noise in the background while I was working. I had it on & intended to watch a small part just to get an idea of the story. I began at some random episode that was DongFeng heavy & ended up watching to the end then backtracking to episode one because I like it so much. Honestly, I’d been aware of TMOPB but it wasn’t the type of drama I’d usually go for. But all of a sudden I was obsessed! Ended up getting into the fantasy genre watching Ashes of Love & liking that too. 2) I don’t think they know abt their international fan base because we’re all few and spread far in between around the world. It’s the reason why I signed up here lol
  4. Can we all agree that the last part of their story will probably be the angstiest? My marker for the moment before it all goes to ruin would be what I like to call their honeymoon phase. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Or anyone have their own personal marker for before it all goes bad? For me it is right when DH has FJ dance for him at Blue Sea. DH is so mesmerized that they end up making love *end scene*. It's probably the last good thing that happens before DH leaves to see Jiheng. You know in The Notebook when Noah spends years building Allie her dream house all in the hopes of it somehow miraculously bringing her back to him? To the point where it made him a little bit crazy? That's like DH times a thousand! He tricked out Blue Sea exactly how she wanted their dream home to be. DH's crazy part a-la Noah is the whole death and cutting out a piece of his heart and making it into jewelry to give to his unofficial wifey/baby mama. She looked up at him. "Dijun, let's stop here. We've each lived well these past 200 years on our own, haven't we?" He looked at her, his voice a hoarseness: "I didn't live well at all." His countenance was calm but his eyes were cold: "I won't mutually separate from you, Xiao Bai. You'll always be my wife to the day I die." Gahhh! Guys. I'm suffering just imagining it. But the pain will be worth it knowing what the ending will be.
  5. I gotta say, forcing someone to be with you by harming yourself is another level of psychotic manipulation. I totally forgot abt Ji Heng taking credit for FJ’s work. But now that I’m reminded, I remember how pissed I was because of how messed up that crap she pulled was. Nahh, Sis! I’mma put you in check for that bull. Angst! Angst! Give me all the angst. Make me bawl my eyes out! Imagine the conversations we’ll all have being miserable together!
  6. Just wondering. Am I the only one who dislikes JiHeng from the very beginning she was introduced? I was suspicious of her even though her introduction was done/described quite beautifully. Like, my spider senses were tingling that she was going to be the sneaky type of girl who acts innocent & forlorn to get what she wants from the male lead. Was it obvious to all you guys also? Or did it take a while for some to realize that she wasn’t a good person — how she played the game, I mean? She was ok in the beginning. What I mean by that is she matched DH way better than FJ in terms of temperment when she snuck in as a baby fox to be with him. So FJ was definitely out of her element. It explains why FJ failed in her first attempt at winning DH. Although it was mentioned that DH loved his baby fox dearly & that he had no romantic feelings for JiHeng whatsoever - only a feelings of obligation. Am I judging too harshly? She could’ve just been a girl who acts the way she does because of her circumstances cuz her backstory is blended into Pillow Book well even if it’s not emphasized. Thoughts?
  7. OMG please include this scene! I’m gonna cry if they don’t. It’s my favorite Xiao Yan scene. I literally burst out laughing the first time I read it. Went back to re-read the entire scene because it was so funny. & hello! PETTY Dong Hua Dijun. We never see that. I wanna see petty DH soo bad
  8. Yes on the comic relief part. Tbh, if he was paired with a likeable partner, I’d prefer to see him as the second lead couple in this drama over Lian Song & Cheng Yu. The actor is also good looking. Anyone know if he’s good at acting? I like him as 13th(?) disciple in TMOPB where he was paired with the demon princess. It would’ve been cool to see them paired up again. I dropped Flame’s Daughter so I didn’t get to see much of him. Hopefully he pulls mischievousness & comedy off well. As for him falling with Feng Jiu and staying with her where Aranya lived—I do like that abt Xiao Yan (not that he had much of a choice) much to my dismay abt Dong Hua just leaving her there (for what? like 6 months?) after their dual. That’s another thing. Why did DH wait so long to go there after FJ fell with Xiao Yan? I am aware that the concept of time changes depending on realms. DH did put her in that cage to cushion the fall for her safety but still... Xioa Yan does mess things up greatly for our couple after losing that fight when he was supposed to get DH’s message to FJ. So I definitely agree with your notion that trouble tends to find XY easily.
  9. 2 things I’ll always recall abt him in the book which are guaranteed to make me cackle: 1) Xiao Yan annoying Dong Hua so much that he gets a ladle/spoon thrown at him for simply having FengJiu’s attention resulting in him falling down a flight of stairs. “Who threw that?!” He is one of the few people that can make the petty come out of someone as regal as Dong Hua. A skill not easily done. 2) That orange and green carrot outfit that Feng Jiu thinks makes him look absolutely ridiculous. What are your fave Xiao Yan parts? I’m glad to hear that Vengo has read the book. He has to take care since this is really his first lead role.
  10. XIAO YAN! XiAO YaN! Xiaooo Yaassss! Honestly he’s my boy! He’s such a dork that I would totally be into him if he walked my way. A little immature but he’d probably be having you laughing cuz of all the stupid antics he’d be up to . Imho he’s too good a dude to be crushing on JiHeng. Their personalities are incompatible & totally clash but when love hits—in Xiao Yan’s case with JiHeng, you can’t go against it. Agree with the writers not showing too much of Bai Zhen & Zhe Yan but it will be subtle. So of course the second emphasized couple will be Lian Song & Cheng Yu. As cute as the new Cheng Yu is, I prefer the past actress just because her looks match the actor Lian Song’s better. They do have a book that the author stopped writing if I remember correctly. Side note: Waddup to all the new people! uwu
  11. “Goodbye, My Princess” is my jam right now! I’m currently reading the book because I voluntarily fell into the trap of watching the drama despite it only having like 20 episodes out. It’s a good filler before Pillow Book premiers. I also haven’t been leaving any messages here but I’m vaguely keeping up with the updates on this forum. It’s all love here so feel free to say ANYTHING! I’m here to make friends! Think about it. Out of all the fandoms in the world and the different places we all come from, we’ve all been brought together by our love for DongFeng and that’s a pretty special thing. As for the change of ending, I know that they may go the happier route with “Goodbye, My Princess” because it is originally a tragedy. As for PB, if I had it my way, can the writers indulge me and give me a legit happy ending that’s not as vague as the book? Even though it was implied that FengJiu awakens, I want to see with my own two eyes the happy family together. Writing a reply on this forum has me missing y’all.
  12. @chubby^green^ What a nice thoughtful introduction! Welcome to the DongFeng fam *air hug*
  13. The ending did leave me wanting more. Kinda like blue balls . I took what I could get at the time because TMOPB had just ended and Pillow Book was the closest thing I could get to a romantic DongFeng ending. TMOPB's version of them was sooo good and the fact that they didn't end up together had me frustrated as heck. This was a good year before the Pillow Book drama's release had been announced with them as the leads. I'd heard that the chances of even doing PB as a drama, let alone having Reba and Vengo as leads was nearly impossible. So when the impossible happened, I literally freaked out and an ugly squeal came out of my mouth just at the thought of seeing them as leads again in a story that I've come to love. I was blissfully happy because not only was this a second chance, but a third chance to re-tell their story correctly. I have to admit, I knew that author TQ could've done better on that ending. Upon further reflection, if you were reading PB for the first time, it would have seemed as if TQ rushed the conclusion or was lazy about it. But I know that the final product was probably what she'd invisioned -- an open ending. Just the implication that things would turn out alright had me feelin' relieved, but again, it just didn't feel as fulfilling an ending for such an epic couple. But based on the leaked photos, we'll get the ending we didn't get from TMOPB or the PB. IT'S WHAT WE, DESERVE!!!
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