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  1. Wow another picture. Any little bit helps with the waiting. It's a happy birthday to Dylan Kuo. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4380697797925828
  2. Since you're having issues, I've uploaded 54 to my personal dropbox, perhaps you might have better luck downloading from here. Try it and see if it works, if not I will look for another video platform to upload to. Dropbox will show a preview of the video before downloading but it's only 15 mins long. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r1t64p6grhsbw52/AACc9qHSCqSJ2lu9mELzQ8y7a?dl=0
  3. I'm glad to here you were encouraged to finish it. Honestly, I love this drama so much and I want others to be able to enjoy it too. I checked all links to episode 54 and they all play for me. Which Ep 54 link did you have you have issues with? Are you able to download the video from the OpenLoad 2 link? I reduced to size for all Openload 2 links so they could be downloaded.
  4. The post mentions sweet and sour fish and baked sweet potatoes. I need to refresh my memory of the book because I only remember Feng Jiu endured the fish and enjoyed the taters when she was a fox. I wonder. I'm so excited! Every released photo has been so beautiful. Love the look of this drama.
  5. @sakisuki @Alila Nguyen @bluehibiscus I'm back again! I really want to say thanks for patiently waiting. After two weeks of effort, I have the videos uploaded to show for it. I can't believe it took this long but I ran into multiple issues. My old laptop has keyboard and mouse issues. My video program randomly deleted my renders into oblivion after they finished, leaving me no choice but to repeat the process all over again. On top of that I lost internet when it was time to upload. This drama has made me cry in more ways then one. I've uploaded to two sites. Streamango and Openload. Openload excepted my renders at their bloated sizes, about 1.5 - 2 gbs each, which is quite high. I'm not happy with how big the file sizes became so I'm running them again through HandBrake to lower it, but not quality. I'll upload those too when that's done. *I uploaded them as Openload 2 Steamango also excepted them, but decreased the quality just a bit. If your internet speed can stream HQ videos, I would recommend using the Openload links. But Streamango isn't that bad. I just noticed a slight drop in quality watching the intro sequence. Watch Here Ep. 50: Openload 1 | Openload 2 | Steamango Ep. 51: Openload 1 | Openload 2 | Steamango Ep. 52: Openload 1 | Openload 2 | Steamango Ep. 53: Openload 1 | Openload 2 | Steamango Ep. 54: Openload 1 | Openload 2 | Steamango Ep. 55: Openload 1 | Openload 2 | Steamango That aside, I want to mention few things about the edits. They're are 6 edited episodes in total; Ep. 50 to 55. Starting off is Ep. 50; events after the Feng Mo mountain incident, remains mostly the same. I only edited one scene out and placed it in the following episode. Ep. 51 and 52 start the huge changes. Ep. 53; the arena battle, remains mostly the same with Episode 54 and 55 containing the last major changes. I suspect some scenes were trimmed of contradicting dialogue in order for the "happy ending" we got, to make some-what sense. With sleuthing, my edited version is my best guess at the original flow of events. Or at least now it flows as well as it can with what I was given to use, chopped scenes and all. When you watch, some scene transitions might be a little jarring. I did my best with fade-outs but at times the music wouldn't cooperate and fade-out on a nice note. I tried. However as I said previously, I did take the effort of fixing the random audio spikes. The last three episodes should sound the smoothest, since I paid more attention as I progressed. For subtitles, I used Rockfella's downloadable subs as a base and credit them at the start of each video. Whenever I felt the English read a little awkwardly, I took the liberty of re-wording the dialogue to be more concise, but kept the meaning. I've haven't yet gone back to double checked for misspellings/grammar. Rolling credits on the very last episode, I used my creative license and replaced the ending song with "Zhao Yao" by Chen Chusheng and Hu Shasha. This was just for personal preference, as I always prefer something different at the end of a series. It fits really nicely too. All In all I hope you enjoy this fan edit version. Feel free to share or re-upload them anywhere you want, if you want. Only exception might be YouTube due to their copyright policies, you would probably receive a take-down notice.
  6. Guess I'll have to watch both to find out what's missing. I thought at first the part where Li Chen Lan discovers who is dad is, was missing from the YouTube version. Until I realized it was placed in the previous episode, as the scene before the intro.
  7. Wow, news went from depressing to hopeful in just a shot. Who knows, with the dubbing being so fast, perhaps we could finally get a trailer with voices?
  8. Thank you for taking interest! I'm halfway done. And thank you for the info. I should have specified about the subs. I meant without the English subs already embedded into the video. I would be interested in finding the original videos subbers used, preferably HQ ones, if they exist. I did some searching last night and ended up at xiazai001.com where I found you can bulk-download all the episodes. Who knows if it's the cut I need but at least I would have a HQ back-up. Perhaps I can tweak the existing subs by rockfella to work? I also came across http://www.2tu.cc which has the episodes in their original state but they have three versions! Each one was cut a little different. My head is spinning. lol. I could only download one of the versions (I used episode 49-50 for a frame of reference) and my downloaded subs didn't match. I think they would only match the particular cut, shown in the screencap above. Are the talked about missing scenes in some cuts, egregious? Or are they removable? I don't even known what I've missed, if I have at all, when I first watched. The drama flowed fine for the most part. I just wasn't enthusiastic about misplaced preview-teaser scenes before the intro. Anyways, sorry this is long. I wish there was a definitive version.
  9. Hi there! I've never posted in this topic, but like the rest of you I recently finished this drama, and it's my new favorite. (The couple's chemistry knocked it out of the park. ) I wonder if anyone could oblige me with a couple of answers, if this forum is still active? I would like to watch this again, but I guess I'm looking for the TV version that is uncut, unlike the one uploaded to YouTube which has scenes missing. Where would I go about finding a raw HQ TV cut with no subs? I ask because I downloaded the subs from Subscene by rockfella assuming they would sync up, with some adjusting. Secondly, this isn't so much a question but, after finishing, I wasn't the only one scratching their head, right? Episode 51-55 seemed way out of order. I saw on this forum someone mentioned fans have already re-edited the sequence of events back into the correct order but all links are either dead or unavailable for me. Since that was the case, I actually took it upon myself to do my own re-edit of episodes 50-55. I'm already a week into it but that's do to hard-codeing the English subs back in since I used the HQ YouTube cut. It's tedious because of my editing software, but worth it. However, unlike the subtitling, all the scene editing is completed. I even took the opportunity to adjust the random volume increases and decreases so the audio flows better. I noticed that was a small issue with the drama. I don't know if anyone here is interested but I am close to finishing, (it's a labor of love) and I will find a place on the net I can upload the videos too. Thanks, if anyone reads this.
  10. It's the fluffy, isn't it. lol. L&D might become as popular, but The Pillow Book already has a huge following. It would be a bummer if they think L&D needs to be first, because I don't think the dramas will even be similar, despite originating from the same source. Both dramas are meant to appeal to the two types of fans it created after Peach Blossoms; Ye Hua + Bai Qian shippers and Dong Hua + Feng Jiu shippers. (Well, there was that the third couple of the Demon Princess and the constable, lol whom my sister liked the best, go figure.) So no doubt to keep the Peach Blossom hype train running for as long as it can go, one will air first, then after sometime, the next one. I'll likely watch both even though I know which one has my heart. I'm sure I can wait for as long as it takes to air. There are other dramas in the meantime.
  11. Hello! Fresh off The Legends. You know why I'm here. This looks mighty interesting. It's not my usual standard for dramas but I think I might actually really like this. I dig the setting.
  12. Sounds a lot like Journey of Flower. That was a painful drama.... but I like the visuals.
  13. Guys I don't like to gossip or jump into a conversation outside of just Pillow Book talk, but I will state one thing. It's really more beneficial if Vengo and Reba are friends and not a couple. A potential break-up would make looking back on their dramas a little hard to watch. Besides, as friends, the familiarity adds to the chemistry. They look more comfortable on screen. That's just my two cents.
  14. Hey guys! <3 Today is my birthday and my beautiful sister, Tiffany, surprised me with some gorgeous art of the DongFeng Family! Let me celebrate by sharing it with all of you as I couldn't possibly keep this just to myself. I've uploaded it to my wallpaper collection; there is another version without a border as well https://postimg.cc/Dm1wyB3Z https://postimg.cc/bGKqq26k
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