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  1. I've collected all that's been released in an album here: https://postimg.cc/gallery/371a9poto/
  2. There are a lot of similarities between the two dramas, but as L&D progresses, the more it comes into it's own. I noticed a lot of subtle plot devices and events that were very similar to what happened in TMOBP but with a different coat of paint. I took it as the director likes to pull from her favorite bag of tricks; and the reason the two match in ways, is that is what the director likes. Take the lead, Ju Chen and Ye Hua for example, I get the feeling that the strong, mature, silent type; that burns with passion on the inside is perhaps what the director has a personal taste for. What a fangirl. lol But honestly L&D is so enjoyable. I'm up to about episode 31 one now and the what makes L&D stand out, starts to shine during this current arc I'm in. It gets very emotional and touching, with plenty of lovable characters. Story wise, it's a humble start and grows stronger with progression. It's never been boring. I think the pacing is well done. Not to mention, costume, music and the CGI are all top notch. The leads also have very good chemistry together, and the side characters and their love stories are not uninteresting. I'm really excited to see where each potential romance goes. There's even a bit of second lead syndrome, where you find yourself rooting for the second guy, even though you still love the main paring. Crazy. I heard it has a happy ending too. So I'm sure that whatever happens, at least I know that the book will be closed nicely. I would say that depending on your preferences, L&D is either better than TMOPB, or TMOPB will always be superior. They are that close in qualities, it just comes down to the person watching.
  3. Just want to chime in and say that Love and Destiny is fantastic. It's such a good drama, and it's such a shame the subs are going at a snails pace. I would recommend it to any drama lover.
  4. For non-paying users, It's been two episodes a day, with three on Friday but I don't think any on the weekend. I checked and no new ones were available today.
  5. It is a nod to the tale of Mulan. It's been very entertaining so far, I'm so impressed with it.
  6. Ayyeee!! When it rains it pours. I just got over being ecstatic after finding English subs for Arsenal Military Academy, and then this! This is such a good day! Thank you!!!
  7. Thank you for the info. I searched the app store on my tablet and only got two iqiyi apps. I realized my problem was that it's on iphone only. I found the subs and it was on the google play store. My iphone was too outdated, this is great!
  8. There's an english version of Iqiyi? Is it searchable in the app store? Is it for android or apple? I would love to know, thanks for that info.
  9. I watched it raw, but the visual cues were enough to understand what was happening. I still want to watch it with Eng Subs though.
  10. I read somewhere that the Pillow Book was now aiming for a TV release, instead of web. But I don't how true that is. Maybe December? Could it be that we might get a Christmas release? Since right from the announcement of the Pillow Book, I was already figuring that It would be a whole year before we would get to see it, so 2020 was already what I had in mind. I can still wait, it's not like I have a choice.
  11. If someone took the time to add subtitles to the trailer, I'm betting it wont be long before we get the subs for the drama. My fingers are crossed too.
  12. I would take them with a grain of salt. Different people are going to like different things and make their opinions based on their tastes. Also, I found TMOPB hard to get into at first. I was almost going to drop it, until Feng Jiu showed up, and regained my interest. Some dramas just take a while to get those gears moving.
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