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  1. Again, thank you for these suggestions. I downloaded the app and I'll see If I can get past the registration stage using a spoof or temp number, but even so, I could only upload 50-55 I think. BTW, I uploaded those episodes to PCloud, are you able to get 55 from there? Let me know. I don't mind offering these episodes on any platform I can get on to, it's just a matter of managing the links and accounts once I start them and having enough space for all 55 episodes. When you mention splitting, do you mean splitting Ep 1-20 in half so they could be available on Telegram? I'm not sure how to do that myself. If you're really keen on it, I don't mind if you, or anybody for that matter, wants to host the episodes yourself. It's just that when I get to the end of editing, I will go back and tweak some of the earlier episodes for editing mistakes that I missed; which means all the those episodes have to be replaced. But I feel like very quickly, hosting these episodes will become burdensome; and asking too much of your generous offer. Also, wouldn't the subtitles be affected? I have to re-render all the episodes anyway so I can handbrake them into different sizes. I don't keep the original renders on my computer because the file size output is humongous once it comes out of Adobe Premiere Pro, like 11 to 12gbs each. I delete them once I handbrake the episodes to save space on my laptop. When I started this project, I had to settle on just one acceptable size that would still be great quality, and able to run on my laptop. They best comprise I could get after playing around with Handbrakes settings, reduced the files to about 1-2 gbs each in a 2K sizing. They're about the same size as the 4K episodes from the Blu-ray discs, but I couldn't seem to compress the size any smaller without losing quality, and I thought that would be shame since The Legends in 4K is gorgeous, much better than the 480p version I watched the first time around. But 1080 is more conservative on space, so I will definitely make 1080p available. But I want to create the 1080p ver. from the original HQ renders, (opposed to handbraking the 2K episodes I've created into 1080) which I don't have yet so I have to wait until I get to the end of the project to do that. It's a bit tricky juggling all the specifics in my head, but so far I've managed because I take it slow. Thank you for your input and suggestions. I personally cannot wait to get my new laptop so I can resume this project. Plus, a better laptop with a better graphics card will speed up my render times; a godsend compared to the speed I've been going at.
  2. Don't worry, I'm going to do it in such a way that I think can make both sides happy.
  3. Wow, thank you for all the information. I'm not sure what's wrong with episode 55, but if you can't get access to it, I might try uploading 50-55 to PCloud and Megadrive as well. It is kinda of a pain with links since they keep expiring. And trying to find new places that will allow me to upload the files for free. Hence, I very much appreciate your suggestion. I''ve heard about Line but I don't use it, but I've never heard of Telegram before. Do I need a phone # to start an account? That would be a problem for me since I don't use a cellular phone number, but I have a mobile device for other uses. The only other problem would be my file sizes, I'm afraid I don't have any episodes from the 1-20 batch under 1.5 gbs, they're all just slightly over the limit. I do have plans though to release all the episodes, when I'm finished editing, in three sizes: 4k, 2k and 1080. All the 1080 episodes should have reduced files sizes, and would most likely fit, but I don't want to do that until I get to the end, to save on space and lessen the amount of work rendering three versions at a time would take. I will look into it and see how far I can get. Thank you a bunch, and for your scanlation effort, I've enjoyed quite a few manga's because of it.
  4. Some of the voice actors are quite mysterious. I wish the voices as well as the actors were both attributed on mydramalist, then I could know who is who. But, maybe they are credited in the credits, I just can't read the language. *Someone else in this fourm mentioned this name, Yang Tianxiang. https://baike.baidu.com/item/杨天翔/7558907 This might be the man.
  5. Hello. Thank you so much for the feedback. I'm not an expert on C-Dramas, I've only seen a handful. I didn't notice they were dubbed until I started recognizing similar voices from other dramas. The voice for Li Chen Lan isn't from the actor Xu Kai, though it's convincing enough for me, (but I confess that at first I thought it was too deep for him, but I've since grown to love it.) I know it''s not his because I've heard it before, a handful of times. My favourite occurrence is recently after watching Eternal Love of Dream (The Pillow Book), it's the same voice as Feng Jiu's uncle, Bai Zhen. There's another character with the same voice too from that drama, but I can't remember who it was. But I thought that was cute because I'm almost 99% certain that Zhao Yao's voice and Feng Jiu's voice are the same as well, funnily enough. If you want to hear Xu Kai's real voice, you can hear him talk naturally in the videos from behind the scenes, interviews and some commercials. Arsenal Military Academy has quite a few commercials with him at the start of the episodes. His natural voice is softer sounding. One of the reasons why C-Drama tend to have dubs, as I heard one person put it, for ancient Chinese, they use a certain tone or way or speaking for the fantasy/historical dramas. I heard it's kinda like their equivalent to Shakespearean English, so the voices have to sound a certain way. I'm not sure how true this is, so don't take my word for it, just thought it was interesting and made some sense. Hope that answers your question, I'm not an expert in the slightest. I just enjoy the dramas and that's what I've learned from watching them.
  6. Just wanted to say that I've updated the gallery I've been keeping, filled with stills and posters for this drama. https://postimg.cc/gallery/nQKVbyH I've put in every still I could find, but I might have missed a few.
  7. Thank you for the compliments. That's just me looking at my first attempt like it was a first draft. I realized I can do even better with some of the minor details like the video and audio fade-in's and fade-outs I applied. And don't be sorry at all. This is the kind of problem I'm running into all the time while trying to re-edit this drama. It's even more of pain when attempting to fix out-of-sync audio but the clips I'm working with means all the subtitles on the video itself get thrown out of sync. It's tricky.
  8. It's no problem, I'm glad you found these edits. They are still a bit sloppy and will polish them up when I re-do them again in HQ.
  9. Very much so, I'm working on Ep. 18 as I write this. I love this drama too: the story, characters, all of it. It's a quality drama where it counts. If the flaws went beyond the editing, then there would be nothing I could do to fix it. Thankfully the flaws are only cosmetic. So, rest assured, I'm dedicated to finishing it to the end. Every Friday I will at least torrent what I have completed, even If I don't have a new episode ready. But there's also the links to download available at anytime.
  10. You're more than welcome. I rechecked the links quickly, the Gofile ones have gone bad but the others seem to be working. Does the UptoStream, Waaw.tv and Megaupload links not work for you either? If not, I can place EP 55 in my Dropbox temporarily for you to download.