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  1. @Ddongddong Thank you so much for keeping us all updated! Eric saying he can't talk about the sweetest thing a girl has done for him is incredibly suspicious. If he wasn't thinking about the 200th day event solar did, it makes me think that he's dating someone right now. Why else would you not be able to talk about something like that? The only other reason I can think of was that it was something scandalous but he quickly denied this. But the thing is, if he's dating something I definitely think it's solar because of Eddie's instagram post. Eddie got married recently and is clearly a righteous guy when it comes to relationships. The nam brothers are all very close and seem to respect eachother alot. If eric was dating someone else other than solar, I don't think eddie would've posted up that Instagram story. To tease your brother about a girl he was "married" to and clearly had some sort of feelings for before when he's dating someone else is kinda a crappy thing to do and something I doubt eddie would've done. Wait... so he wore his wgm ring twice this year? So it definitely wasn't an accident when he wore his wgm ring at that vui event and it all was around the same time period (the vui event was also in march). Ok this is weird now. Why was eric suddenly wearing his wgm ring in march... This is even WEIRDER. WHAT IS GOING ON DDONGI COUPLE??? Arty stopped commenting on their posts in Feb and then eric starts wearing his wgm ring in march. Maybe he found out they were dating and stopped commenting in case they got caught or something. I look forward to hearing your detailed theory @Ddongddong. Thanks once again for all the updates you've revived my ddongi heart People really discovered them through this thread that's so awesome! It seems like alot of people have only recently discovered them and are loving them. I hope we can keep this thread active!
  2. @Ddongddong If eric was speaking about solar to his song writer friends... then came out with a bunch of break up songs... I think there may be some substance to my previous theory of them having dated after wgm and then breaking up. Also, Eric had said that he's never dated anyone in korea when he was on wgm ( I odn't think this video has english subs, but it was in this scene that he confessed this. In a recent radio interview, he said he had dated a woman in korea! That means that between the end of wgm and now, he had a girlfriend. So I think him and solar may have actually dated after wgm. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/05/eric-nam-confesses-he-had-a-girlfriend-in-korea-asked-if-she-was-a-celebrity It also was confirmed that they are back in contact thanks to that one podcast! And, if my theory was correct that means they did get back in contact in 2018 which makes them wearing the same glasses int that year a bit suspicious. They also dyed their hair blonde around the same time! (let me be a bit delulu lol). Eric having the exact same guitar as solar (the guitar's look exactly the same, unless my eyes are playing tricks on me) in his bedroom when he doesn't even play guitar at all is realllly suspicious. Is that a common guitar? I don't know anything about guitars I also don't think I've ever seen that guitar in his house before and his house has been shown alot on I Live Alone and such. This news coupled with all the other things that we've noticed this year is making me a bit suspicious... Could eric nam and solar actually be more than friends?
  3. I've just deactivated my twitter account Life gets in the way sometimes. Praying that we get these two reuniting on a show or something sometime soon! I'll join you all when my life is a little less busy hopefully
  4. Hey guys I found this tweet and had to share it with you guys. Eric nam's mom and solar look so much alike what a coincidence! You know how they say you'll marry someone like your parents hahaha Here is the link:https://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/24156941.html if you want to only listen to where eric mentioned wgm and solar check this video on this tweet https://twitter.com/Ddongie2/status/1143631725949587456?s=19
  5. Hello welcome! Yes the bands look so similar I was almost 100% sure it was mamamoo concert band. I tried to find a better picture of the Ed sheeran bands they also look very similar. I think there is 2 lines of writing on the other side of the band. I'm not sure if anyone can find a better photo Also eric nam fans said that he was apparently spotted at the concert. I couldn't find any proof of this. Although I'm a huge fan of Eric nam, I don't keep up with every detail of him as I do with mamamoo and neither does my friend. We're both moomoos who got to know eric nam by wgm so we both decided to trust eric nam fans that said he was at ed sheeran.
  6. Hi guys turns out this was a false alarm. A twitter friend of mine created a twitter account for news on eric nam and solar. She wanted to try and unite eric nam and solar fandoms with the account by showing that they are friends. She asked me if she could post the concert thing I agreed but when she posted it eric nam fans clarified that the band was from the Ed sheeran concert he attended on not mamamoo. Here the tweet: Go follow my friend if you have twitter! Her account is just for news on eric and solar it's not a shipping account. It'd be nice if the fandoms supported eachother. I think eric and solar would like that too
  7. Hi guys I found something very interesting. I don't know how true this is I'm just speculating. I was watching all of Eric's old Vapps and in this one Vapp I saw him wearing a blue band that looked so familiar. Here's the vapp: https://www.vlive.tv/video/124816?channelCode=FD33F Then I realized that it looks exactly like the blue concert band for mamamoo's F/W concert from 19 April to 21st April!!! You can see someone with the blue concert band in this Instagram post. There are four colors of bands (red, white, yellow and blue) for the four seasons project mamamoo did. Seems like eric got the blue one aka solar's color. I thought there was no chance of him attending their concert because he was filming the Runaway MV in Japan But the vapp was uploaded at midnight on the last day of the concert which means eric came back from japan, went straight to mamamoo concert then went straight to practicing for his comeback what a guy. He's so supportive and this makes me so happy because it shows they have close relationship still. I wish I could upload the snippet of the vapp where you can see the blue band clearly(its near the beginning). Take a look and tell me that I'm not just dreaming things up. Don't the bands look similar?
  8. Oh my goodness I had no idea! I'm so happy to hear that they got back in contact after solar changed her number. And he speaks so fondly of the girls it's so nice to hear. I'm just so glad we got confirmation that they're still friends thank you for this update. He also hinted that he developed some feelings for solar during their stint on wgm (I mean who can blame him). He said he thought "oh this could potentially work" while he was on the show eeeep! I found this link to listen to the podcast! He mentions solar at about 40:50 https://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/24156941.html
  9. The Facebook link is saying "content not found" for me so that's why I thought it was deleted Hahaha both of them are such dorks this is why I loved them so much on wgm. They're both not afraid to make fun of themselves honestly couple goals right there @Yongyoon Oh my gosh he did that cheek squish thing solar always did!!
  10. Yeah you're right about them being wary of fans, especially how fans reacted to solar singing "honestly" on Facebook. The video got so much hate it was taken down which is really sad. So if they are friends or more I think they would try to hide it alot. Someone compiled all the moments of ddongie couple in 2018! https://youtu.be/DuC9BXEoALw
  11. @papamoo12 That is an interesting theory! But Im the same as @Yongyoonand can't really see the S engraving. I also got very curious when I saw that solar started wearing that necklace with the round pendant since I've never seen her wear it before but I didn't notice that eric had worn a similar one too on April 10. Where can I find the picture? I hope one day we'll know if they're still in contact I really liked their friendship (if they are more than friends even better lol). I have a secret wish for eric to guest star on solar's youtube Solarsido (she recently reached 600k subscribers yay!). Also have you guys checked out Eric's new podcast? It's so much fun the episode he did with tablo was hilarious. Maybe one day he'll review a mamamoo song too!
  12. Thanks guys! @zurah90 @Yongyoon That's a cool coincidence they always have had a similar fashion style. Though solar's fashion sense has changed quite a bit since 2016.
  13. @zurah90 Hello! Yes inserting pictures is very confusing on here.... Do you guys maybe remember the date when they wore the belts? I can search it up and try and post the links here
  14. Yes I love all of those moments !@Yongyoon Also some of my favourites: 1. When eric chased solar in the chestnut farm pretending to have a worm 2. THE proposal 3. When solar kissed Eric's cheek in the photobooth In solar's livestream today on youtube (check out her channel solarsido!), she said she a year she wanted to go back to the most was 2016. I also want to go back to 2016, solar!
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