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  1. Someone on twitter spotted that Eric was wearing his hexagonal ring from wgm days at a recent event! Nice to see that he still has it https://twitter.com/springtenn/status/1108595554840268800?s=19
  2. Kinda sad to see that this thread has died out there's some great content! And I miss this couple I have a theory that solar and eric had a bit of a thing after wgm. It honestly feels a bit delusional but I'll explain why I think this way. I believe it started after they won best couple at the mbc awards (especially since that signified the end of their wgm stint and the start of their non-work relationship). According to this article: https://www.soompi.com/2017/02/02/eric-nam-surprises-everyone-last-time-kissed-someone/ Eric kissed someone soon after the awards and if my theory is correct, that someone was solar. Eric has mentioned that his first kiss was at 20. Through wgm we also got to know that hes only dated 2 other girls (that may have changed since this was 2 years ago). Either way, from that we can tell he's not the type of guy to jump from relationship to relationship/randomly kiss a stranger. That's what made me think his fellow kisee was solar. Then again, this is just an assumption maybe eric does kiss strangers or the whole kiss thing was just a joke who knows. Assuming they did date, I believe that ended during mamamoo's yes I am promotions (june/july 2017) for 2 reasons: 1. Solar had a sudden fashion change: she cut her hair short and dyed it pink. This was the biggest hair change we had ever seen from her. Also, her clothing choices became alot more bold and revealing (quite enjoyed seeing her become so much more confident with her body and looks! We love a woman that loves herself!). 2. They both got quite busy at this time; mamamoo with their comeback and eric with his first few concerts in the US. Reason 2 was probably the reason they ended things - they got too busy. However, I believe it was a mutual agreement and that they ended things on good terms, but they probably became awkward. Hence why solar changed her number without telling eric (mentioned in the article below). https://www.soompi.com/2018/03/24/eric-nam-shares-couldnt-get-touch-mamamoos-solar-got-married/ The reason why I think think it was mutual and ended on good terms is because eric still wished her happy bday in feb 2018 (metioned in article above). Also, they probably got back into contact after this since a vid of solar singing Eric's new song "Honestly" shortly after he released the song. This was posted on facebook somehwere but the vid was quickly taken down. But here's a tweet with the vid. Note that she had the lyrics somewhat memorised and this was literally just after eric released the song so he probably sent her the song before it was released (hence why she had it kinda memorised). I have a feeling this was more of a PR stunt but it gave a good indication that they had gotten back in contact and that eric got solars new number. Anyways. This is likely just me being delusional but I wanted to know if anyone else had the same suspicion? I really hope they can be friends or reunite for another show sometime I really enjoy their dynamic! Maybe one day we can get a duet from them fingers crossed.
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