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  1. I really love reading the lengthy discussions here on PM and BTM. It shows how each one of us are giving so much thought and analysis on their relationship and who they are as people. So much respect for you guys. If this is the intent of the writer, she certainly succeeded. Is there a way for us to write to her and just give her our appreciation? I hope she gets to read this too. As for my view on how they will end PM and BTM, its either: 1. They break up permanently 2. They are together but they have this feeling that they’ve forced the other one to compromise their belief (current situation) 3. They are together and they are perfectly content with the decisions and choices they made. (Whether its getting married or not getting married) To be honest, in whatever ending it may be, I will be fine with it because I think each ending makes sense. The one thing I hate about some drama endings is if it doesn’t make sense at all or it was so inconsistent. Here, the way it was written, I can believe either of the 3 scenarios happening. For number 1&2, if BTM will always feel guilty and will not trust PM when he says its more important for him to be with BTM rather than get married and he will not regret it in the future. For number 3, if she feels the opposite. I personally would like number 3 to happen and it is possible for them to get this ending. BTM has been presented as somebody who evolves. She is not inflexible as seen with her work actions (look at her Brian and Scarlett conversations). She is willing to be changed and is the better for it. I see PM as somebody who is so sure of his feelings with BTM and he is willing to risk a lot just to be with her. He has already experienced BTM slowly changing because of her growing feelings for him and I think he has enough faith in her for him to get this happy ending. So yes, I am rooting for number 3.
  2. I will definitely miss this drama when it ends next week. The intelligent dialogue and discourse, the strong and interesting characters, the relationships.... I hope the writer makes more dramas like this in the future. From the viewpoints presented in this forum, you can see that it succeeded in making us think and reflect on different issues and how we related and reacted to the different characters. I always find it interesting to read other people’s viewpoints because I want to learn and understand their thoughts besides my own and I hope that when I share my thoughts, that people will also feel the same way. Anyway, special shoutout on the work stories. I especially appreciate Brian, his leadership style. His being a mentor to Tammy and Tammy being a mentor to Ellie are so good to watch
  3. The BTM-PM pairing continues to be my favorite among the 3. I find their relationship to be the most realistic and most relatable. Some people don’t like the constant push-pull conflict that is being introduced in the story but isn't that what a relationship is all about? In the process of getting to know another person, you will agree on some issues but you will also differ in a lot more. I find their dialogue/conversations to be very interesting. I also believe that between the two, PM is presented as somebody who is already committed to BTM while BTM is still trying to reach that place of commitment. I also don’t necessarily think that BTM should be perceived as a loser if in the end, she marries PM. I found in life, that I may have certain beliefs that I held in the past but now have changed and those beliefs no longer holds true in the present. I also found that if I chose to hold on to old beliefs without giving the other side the benefit of the doubt, I can limit my own growth because I am unwilling to be changed. That is why I like BTM’s character because whether in work or love, she is open to change and be changed.
  4. That might be the best possible ending for her. Being an angel and spending paradise with KD. As for the others, Ru Na will end up being imprisoned. Her parents will end up repentant of their sins. Ni na will end up being the star ballerina while KW will find new meaning in being a human and work with Ni Na and Fantasia. Lastly, Miss Jung will inherit Fantasia.
  5. I couldn't help thinking that YS is supposed to die tragically and become an angel like KD.
  6. On the GG-JW relationship. Although it started as a marriage of convenience, JW started to fall in love with GG because they had a lot in common. They have horrible selfish parents, they are both under his mother’s thumb and they are only looked upon as something to be used. I also think he went out with other girls and is the one sending the photos in order to assess and provoke a reaction from GG. In episode 3, you can see that he wants to be seen by GG not as a part of the Oh family but as himself. GG on her part is putting a lot of barriers and does not want to owe him any favors so for every good thing he does, she tries to repay it. I think the first time she became aware of his feelings is when she learned that he was responsible for putting BTM in the real time rankings. You can see in the succeeding episodes that she became warmer towards him. I think JW was just waiting for GG to rebel against his mother on her own will before he acted to support her. Personally, he has nothing to lose as his mother already thinks on him as having no value. On CH-JW. I confess I am not yet on board with JH maybe because I don’t know if he is really that naive and innocent as he seems and I’m scared for Scarlett if he has a hidden agenda. Although Scarlett looks tough, she really is quite vulnerable. I would hate her to be taken advantage of. On BTM-PM. I like that PM is starting to show his vulnerable side as their relationship starts to get deeper. Because their relationship started as a one night stand, he was always trying to show his best side to win BTM over. He is insecure with BTM because he knows that she is not ready to fully commit to a relationship. Some might not like this storyline but I am interested on them because I feel it’s the most realistic and maybe because I relate more with BTM as a character.
  7. I enjoyed reading your views on marriage that it inspired me to write on my own take on marriage. I view marriage as that point in the relationship where people believe that this person is the “one”. The person to they believe they will have their happy ever after, but marriage is more than that. Marriage is when you bind yourself to another person legally and declare to the world that this person is “mine” and you are “his/hers”. That is why cheating is considered more serious in the case of married couples rather than dating couples. Because it is more serious, I believe that marriage requires more commitment and hard work than dating to make it work. It definitely requires more than love. It requires sacrifice. In life, we all go through good and difficult times, people can change and sadly, divorce also happens. Divorce is also a public declaration that you don’t want to be bound to that person anymore and its an act of freeing yourself from another person. Unfortunately, even if divorce can be liberating for the couple, there can be other people adversely affected by divorce like children. I think marriage is a concept that does not change over time, it’s the people who define it that makes it different. Other people may cheat on married couples, why? Maybe because they don’t perceive marriage as different from a dating relationship. Other people might be the “taker” in the marriage, why? Maybe because they don’t see marriage as an “us” relationship but more of a “you” or “me” relationship. That’s why I think if you are considering marriage, it is important to talk first about what your definition of what marriage is to your future spouse before you get married, it might save you a lot of heartache later in life
  8. The scenes between our couple are so good that I couldn’t help waching them over and over again. The lines of Park Morgan just kills me. Park Morgan was initially attracted to her because of her confidence, her competitiveness and how she looked after scoring a victory even though its only a game. He grew more attracted to her to the point of sharing his phone number because he found her to be insightful and he saw her vulnerability inspite of her tough exterior. I’m sure his night with her sealed the deal. As Ta Mi once asked, “was I that good? (She apparently was ) Despite his young age and based on his character, he likes a woman who challenges him. He is confident and is shown in his lines. He knows he is attractive and charming. Although, I read some comments that they felt he was too agressive, I don’t think that at all maybe because I see Ta Mi as a strong character as well. You definintely need some aggresiveness to win her over, and what more important is he knows she is attracted to her. I think if he feels that he doesn’t have a chance with her, he would cut his losses. Also, he doesn’t force his feelings, if the girl said stop, he does stop. He always wait for Ta Mi to make the first move. I like him because I think he is sure of his feelings and he is willing to gamble and work for it to get his girl. He never wanted it to stay as a one night stand. Even on the last episode, when Ta Mi was saying she’s developing feelings for her, he never wanted to just be someone you have fun at an amusement park but someone that is part of her everyday life.
  9. I wouldn’t love him either if he caused me to be a slave to my mother in law. He knows of the situation she’s place in right now and is not doing anything. That’s probably why she can’t respect him either.
  10. My thoughts: Kim Dan became YS’s guardian angel because when he was a boy, it was his wish to be a grown up so he can protect YS. Even though he was not able to fulfill that as a human because he died, he was given that chance to protect as an angel. Right now, Kim Dan is at the point where he has to choose between what he wants (desires) or what God wants him to do (mission) even if it doesn’t make sense to him. So in a sense, it’s a test of his faith and obedience to God. I think if he chooses the 1st option, he will end up like Kang Woo but if he chooses the 2nd option, he and YS will get his happy ending. I think the mistake of Kang woo is he tried to put his own desires before his mission (justifying his decision that God would want be to be happy) so he ended up losing what he wanted the most. I think if Kim Dan chooses to give up YS (in effect sacrificing what he wants the most) is how he will actually be rewarded and end up being with her.
  11. I agree. That was the word I was thinking of at the end of episode 6. That it was very very sensual. I also like the scene when they were recording the music for the game. It feels like Park Morgan was feeling the emotions of the game character who was at battle, trying to save the princess in the castle that he’s loved for a thousand years. I’m interested in the relationship beween Song Ga Kyung and her husband. It looks like she was forced to marry him because her family who used to be rich became bankrupt. Maybe he really love her but she didn’t return his feelings and the way he could have her is to blackmail her into marrying him?
  12. I saw that you are watching love in sadness.  How does it compare with Let me introduce her?  Is it worth watching?

    1. bebebisous33


      I like both.... but I prefer Let me introduce her because it is more mysterious. However, the acting of the husband in Love in sadness is terrific. Besides, I liked that they used paintings and flowers.  

    2. millicom


      I'll give it a try then.  Thanks

  13. It was shown in one of the earlier episodes that he was wearing contact lenses to change the color of his eyes. I think DHJ was not a product of artificial insemination because she wasn't a numbered child. Maybe her parents abandoned her? I think she was adopted when the daughter died. As such, KSY and DHJ are not related at all. KSY was "artificially manufactured" using the DNA of the dad because they need that so that he can donate his bone marrow to the daughter who has leukemia.
  14. This drama had so much potential but sadly failed to reach it. Considering that it was only 12 episodes, I was expecting each episodes to be tight but the episodes ended up being dragging. Nothing really happened until the last 2 episodes. No surprise at the ending as well. I kinda expected that in the end, when he is placed in a position to decide whether he will let his father live or not, he will choose to kill him and he will be killed for it. But the scene was a bit of an overkill for me. So many policemen shooting at him? I think the ending could have been more bittersweet if it was the female lead who had to kill him. What was sad for me is that KSY (88) never really got to live his life. He was born to be sacrificed and until the end, that's all what he saw his life to be. That's why it was easy for him to make the decision "to kill" and "be killed". No regrets in watching this however. I discovered Jang Ki Yong here and started watching Come and Hug Me because of him. I'm looking forward to watching more of his dramas in the future.
  15. Ending is quite disappointing. So many loose ends. 1) What happened to YG’s dad? 2) Was YG adopted? 3) What happened to the hard disk? 4) What happened to the gangster leader? Why was he not arrested? 5) What happened to SIW? What about his sponsor? Was he arrested??? 6) What happened to SIW’s dad? Did he die? 7) What happened between Yang and Choi in the past? How is SIW involved? 8) Why didn’t they show SY’s face in the end?
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