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  1. It's possible that PMY was disappointed with HPL not garnering high ratings. Maybe, that's why she disassociated herself from HPL as soon as possible. To the best of my knowledge, PMY did not post anything on IG with her QF7D costar as well. Needless to say, QF7D was also not a successful show ratings wise. WWWSK was hugely successful and uplifted PMY's brand tremendously. Maybe, that's why she posted farewell pictures on IG with her costar and director.
  2. One more: ML and FL did not bond over a bowl of instant ramen (its there in almost every k-drama I've seen till date)!
  3. Oh I see! I thought that the birds represented twitter! Also, wasn't PMY dressed like a rabbit? Time for a rewatch I guess! .
  4. No piggy back rides! No putting ointment on each other's cuts/scratches while starting intently into each other's eyes!
  5. I know this is not going to be a popular opinion and I mean no disrespect to anybody in this forum, but very rarely there is any smoke without any fire. If there was no truth to PMY dating PSJ, there is no way this rumor would have been going this strong for all this time. I despise the PPC shippers but I cannot completely disregard their claims. KJW and PMY did an amazing job and it would make me very happy if they were indeed more than friends, but I just wanted to put it out there....there is a reason PMY completely cut herself off from HPL right after it ended. She is a professional and she will do whatever is necessary to make the audience believe in her character. A lot of PPC believe that PSJ was also in LA and even have pictures to prove it. I have seen the pics and from behind it looks believable. So please fellow shippers, be hopeful but please prepare yourself for an undesired reality. There is nothing wrong with PMY dating PSJ, but after all their "denials", if it in fact turns out that they are together, I am going to lose respect for PMY. One of the main reasons I admire PMY is because she seems honest and straight-forward. Yes she is a very good actress, but so are many others. If she turns out to be just as dishonest and fake as most other actresses, I am going to cut my losses and invest my energy and attention on hopefully someone who is more worthy of it. I feel a little sad that KJW and LE is facing all this crap because PPC shippers want to PROVE that KJW is not available to date PMY. PMY and PSJ might as well admit it if its true, rather than allow more of their friends and fellow colleagues to bear the brunt of their shippers. At this rate, most leading men would think multiple times before signing on a project with PMY. She will again create incredible chemistry because she is so good at it, and god forbid if that guy is not in a public relationship, his name will be dragged through the mud for no good reason by the delusional PPC shippers.
  6. I really like and respect KJW because of his personality. He seems honest and really comfortable in his own skin. I really hope he has a long and healthy life.
  7. @lighthearted I get your point. I lost a very close friend to cancer and that’s why I get upset when people smoke despite knowing the risk. But anyways! To each his own.
  8. I know its none of my business but KJW smokes all the time!!! As cool as he looks, I still don't understand how people continue to smoke despite being aware of the potential health hazards!
  9. I think KJW has a blinking habit. Check the life bar clips on YouTube.
  10. @fauna Well said. PMY is indeed a very capable actress. I first saw her in City Hunter and have been a fan ever since. There is no doubt that KJW did an amazing job with Ryan Gold. But the reason we enjoyed the tandem so much is because both KJW and PMY are seasoned actors. It is a fact that KJW received the lion share of the attention and oftentimes credit for HPL and I get it. He is such a brilliant artist and has been overlooked for so long that it is only fair that he is receiving the much deserved accolades. But that cannot undermine the fact that PMY made Sung Deok Mi such a lovable fangirl. In the beginning there were a few scenes where PMY overacted, but I think it was what was expected of her. If you try to reason why as 33 year old woman is squealing in joy over meeting a 20 year old idol, it would seem ludicrous. But fangirling does not follow logic. As you said, the swing scene was heart-fluttering (even though none of us really wanted or even expected the outcome to be different) and it was a very thoughtful suggestion. So I'm not sure if KJW really steadied PMY's acting. they fed off each other's energy and created some memorable moments as Ryan-Deok Mi. Love them both to bits!!!
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