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  1. @joke lanfoo hmm... Usually the top 5 best couple is from weekend and 16± eps dramas But, I hope the judges will be very fair with their choices for this category. This couple really deserve to get this award... I am 98% believe JJH is just lying when he said he hasn't dated for a year His last relationship was around 2016 with non-celebrity and on 2017, around October or November he rumored to be in a relationship until now (I think you know who is his rumored gf). Fans have found many evidences about them, from the pics on their IG and her IG story. Many fans are very disappointed after knowing about this Lol... I understand if he wants to lie to maintain his popularity but, well.. Fans not that fool to believe it. I said this not just about JJH, but for other celebrities too.
  2. @joke lanfoo for your information, In A said in one of her interviews she and Ju Hyung done many ad libs to make their scenes look like a real couple. As In A is not actually affectionate in real life when it comes to romantic relationship, Ju Hyung took initiative make a recommend to PD-nim to make ad libs and asked PD-nim to make HN♥HG scenes turn out beautifully. In A also said one of the ad lib they did was the scene when they fought over hp in the final eps. Another thing about them is when they met for the first time they were really really awkward and not comfortable when around each other. So, Ju Hyung also make the move first by trying to ask In A more about her personal things to know more about her. Ju Hyung also said in one of his interviews he and In A are really concerned if they did well during early month of filming. But, in the middle, they are relieved because their scenes and acting turned out well. Even both Ju Hyung and In A also know how much viewers really really really love their chemistry So, In A gain confidence after this drama and she said she wants to try in a fantasy romance drama for her upcoming project. Her favourite drama is 'Oh Haeyong Again' and for an action drama she likes 'Signal'. She also realized a romantic relationship in a drama could help an actor and actress to be more comfortable when around each other. Meanwhile, when reporter asks Ju Hyung if his character and his real life is similar when it comes to romantic relationship, he said 'Yes. I will always give support to her'. In conclusion, I just want to say their ad libs totally 100% success even though we don't which scenes are actually their ad libs. Even though there are some scenes their acting when they are together look a bit awkward, but overall I can say they did perfectly until we are immersed with their acting and sometimes forgot that this is just a drama Indeed, they are a very good couple and suddenly they remind me of SongSong couple. In A x JJH is a visual couple Many fans want them to be a couple in real life, but as for me I leave it to fate. They are still young and JJH also rumored has a gf. So, I believe in God's plan as He knows what is the best for them. I hope they will be a real couple too as I read a comment on IG that from JH's interview he said that SAT staff also said to him and In A that they are like a real lover because of their first kiss scene look very natural. They also hope this couple will be real in real life, but JH immediately answer he and Ina A just have a perfect harmony/professional in acting ACTUALLY, I AM NOT SATISFIED AS HG HASNT FULFILL TO COMPLETE HN's BUCKET LIST
  3. Some of them to Terius Behind Me, Love until The End and ........ Lol. I don't know about others. As for me, I stop join any discussion for any K-dramas that been airing now. I will join again if I really found a drama that could make me hooked when watching it like My Golden Life and Sunny Again Tomorrow. @joke lanfoo In A won Best Newcomer for 2017 MBC Entertainment Awards. Anyway, let's hope for Ju Hyung (HG) and In A (HN) and I want Ji Soo Won (SH) too to get an award on KBS Drama Award which will be held on 31/12/2018. If anybody here is a fan of Seol In A, please follow IG @ my_____f , @ dilymymoney for more update about her. If anybody here is a fan of Jin Ju Hyung, please follow @ official_pearls , @ whitepearls_id , @ blackpearls.sg .
  4. In A is a good actress and her acting has improved day by day. The first time I watched her at Strong Woman..... and as JiSoo's partner, I wonder who is she... She is really beautiful. They also look good together, but I cannot feel the chemistry as much as I can feel from her and Ju Hyung. I believe she will select a romance fantasy drama for her upcoming project later as she really want to do that. I also believe she can look good together with her new partner. But, it just me, my heart knows if I will like and feel the chemistry or not. Anyway, I am big fan of SIA and glad to know you
  5. I know many people here have left this forum. Maybe I am a bit late. I just want to say thank you, thank you and thank you to all of you for making this forum become sooooooooooo much fun and hot The first daily drama forum page that reached 280+ pages. Congratulations!! I am satisfied with the ending. We get to see what we want from JH to get revenge on SH and JE, SH turning herself to the police station, JExDG get divorce, HG's mom to like HN before she finds out HN is JH's daughter, another deep kiss from HN♥HG. THE ONLY THING I DISAPPOINTED OF IS IT TOOK TOO MANY EPISODES FOR HN♥HG GET BACK AGAIN AFTER THEIR BREAK UP, SO THEIR SWEET MOMENTS ONLY STARTED AGAIN AROUND 5-6 EPS BEFORE THE FINAL..... Now, officially I stop awhile from spazzing any dramas as I am very very very selective of it. Sunny Again Tomorrow is the second drama after My Golden Life on 2018 that I watched from beginning till the end without skipping any scenes. Last but not least, THANK YOU FOR ANYBODY HERE WHOM HAVE NOTICED THAT THE MAIN COUPLE, JIN JU HYUNG (HG) ♥ SEOL IN A (HN) ARE LOOK ALIKE. The weeding picture is the prove.Someone mentioned about this at page 30/40 something if I am not mistaken. At first, I want to write about that as I didn't see anybody mentioned about that, but I am worried if I am the only one that have that thought. Luckily, that person mentioned about it first. So, I just want to say the director made a really good job by choosing them as the lead couple and although they meet for the first time through this drama without realizing they were from same high school, their chemistry are really really really over the top. They indeed like a real couple. I know it will be really hard for me to let go of this couple, but I just want to treasure their moments in SAT as my sweet memory later
  6. For me, SAT has the best ending out of all daily and weekend dramas I have ever watched
  7. Well... I dont mean to make you guys heartbroken with what I say, but I got feeling the proposal in the preview is just a troll for us. Yes, the proposal will happen, but HN will refused it if HN gladly accept HG's proposal, why would she make a 'shhhhh' to HG? Remember someone here had posted a pic of HG outside of SJ's house? I believe the real proposal will happen there. Basically, based on the preview Jihu will give a letter (maybe from SH) to the grandma, HN will visit SH at the police station after her meeting with both her mom, JE x DG make a decision to divorce and lastly the proposal. I predict we can get only around 10-12 minutes out of 35 minutes of HN♥HG scenes in final eps.
  9. Lists of the SAT casts' interviews : Jin Ju Hyung (HG) - https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=421&aid=0003669619 https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003894589 https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=108&aid=0002738861 Ha Seung Ri (JE) https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003894718 Shim Hye Jin (JH) - https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&aid=0000009137 http://www.economytalk.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=172239 http://www.stardailynews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=220322 I already corrected the link
  10. Yes, it is needed as still have 2 ep left (minus eps 121) for writer-nim to fill in HN/SJ x JH x EA scenes. I believe JH and EA will tell everything to HN later at a park. I predict we will see this scene in tomorrow's eps. I still have a little wish to see HN♥HG wedding scene, at least at the end of eps 120 @joke lanfoo who knows IF suddenly someone is calls HN and she needs to rush back to see that person... Lol it is just my weird prediction No SH's involvement here. Who knows if this scene will be the right scene for HG to make proposing?
  11. An actress with 19 years experience, she really really really deserves this compliment! @joke lanfoo she will confide in HG. Don't worry as you have seen from bts pic of SIA's in the park, there is HG too with her (Ignore the 1st pic and focus on the 2nd and 3rd pic as she was in filming mode. In 3rd pic there is HG beside her, but it cannot be seen clearly). I think in this scene she is waiting for HG and want to tell the truth to him and HG doesn't know anything about HN/SJ things probably want to propose her, but there must be something will happen that interfere HG's purpose. ANYWAY, I AM SO HAPPY FINALLY MY PREDICTION IS TRUE JUST FROM LOOKING AT JI SOOWON'S(SH) IG UPDATE WHEN SHE, JE AND MR. HWANG OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE
  12. It could be happened if JH decides to tell the truth about HN is SJ in eps 118 because do you guys remember Ji Suwoon (SH) did upload a pic of her with JE and Mr. Hwang outside of their house? Don't you guys think the grandma kick them from that house? SH's looks a bit miserable there. As expected the babies we see from bts pictures are not for HN♥HG it is okay, but I sincerely hope we could see their wedding scene Seems like they were having wrap up party again last night. From Ji Soowon's IG :
  13. @selen4ever thank you so much Beautiful Seol In A Lolololol is Ju Hyung (HG) really focus on In A (HN) when she drinks the water? The angle of the pic make it looks like he really focus on her Hopefully we get to see more bts pictures on the bloopers of the final eps. Robin also upload a throwback pic :
  14. Indeed true! HN♥HG scenes are really fun to watch from the first eps until before HN find out she is foundling. After that, everything went south. But, after that I like the scene when HN suggests to break up with HG. Watching her cry makes me cry too... Next, is when writer-nim gave us a surprise with a scene of them having 'a baby planning conversation before marriage'. Now, I only wait patiently for another sweet and cute moments from them, especially on the wedding day. I want to see how this couple look on their meaningful day and I also wonder if they will get twins on year later. Doesn't want to put high hopes for upcoming episodes, it just I hope the ending is not rush and the punishment I want to see for JE is she get divorce and remain as DG's step-cousin and for SH will be kicked from her house and JH and their mom not accept both SH and JE to live at that house again.
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