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  1. I was thinking of translating it fully but my patience ran out halfway. I wish there's a way for viewers to add subtitles to the video without re-posting. To give you a rough translation: basically they were asked to guess the text on 6 memes starring them. During the process it was obvious that Bai Yu was more familiar with their memes. Zhu Yilong was definitely not as knowledgeable in this aspect, so he sometimes tried to peak at Bai's answers but Bai refused to let him cheat. LOL Anyway of course in the end it was Bai's victory. Regarding the 6 memes: 1. "Mutual Disdain". Bai wrote "xianghu disdain" which is close enough to the answer "huxiang disdain" since xianghu=huxiang=mutual. Zhu wrote "you mango". 2. "Unbelievable". Technically nan yi zhi xin=unbelievable, but the fans changed nan to lan which is Zhao Yunlan's last character. Bai got it right, but Zhu wrote something along the lines of OMG or Holy Cow... 3. "This is the best class of Guardian girls I've taught". They both got it right. 4. “I'm sorry/I was wrong, but I'll do it again”. Bai wrote "You're really ugly". Zhu wrote "feeling like a wuss". 5. "Weiwei didn't know anything. It was none of weiwei's business‘’. Wei is from Shen Wei. Bai wrote "Leave me alone for a moment". Zhu wrote "Let me be alone for awhile". 6. "Kind of embarrassed". Nan wei qing = embarassed but again the fans changed nan to lan which is Zhao Yunlan's last character. Bai wrote: "You just farted". Zhu wrote: “There's nothing left to say”. Then Bai said "it's perfect then. 'You just farted' followed by 'there's nothing left to say'." Then Zhu said, "who's the one covering his nose?" Bai countered by reasoning, "but if I were the one who farted, then you wouldn't be leaning towards me, right?" LOL they're hilarious.
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